Summer 2017 Cutter

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    Summer 2017 Cutter

    So after a successful bulking season and a few months off everything its time to get shredded for summer. Id like this cycle to get me down to about 6-7% bf so I can be basically 6-8 weeks out if I want to compete this fall. I have a tren a tren e blend 100mgs of each so im gonna run 3/4ml eod so 75 ace 75 enath for a weekly total of 525mgs of tren. test will be low, mast and var will come in later in the cycle when im lean enough. Gear wise its gonna look something like this

    weeks 1-14 prop 50-75mgs eod
    weeks 1-14 150mgs tren blend eod
    weeks 8-14 100-150mgs mast p eod
    weeks 8-14 30-50mgs var ed
    weeks 1-14 25-50mgs provi ed
    .25mgs adex tapering up towards the end when im really lean and want to dry out.

    HGH and thyroid and other fat burners
    Jintropin at 6-10ius ed, think im gonna go all out for this one and run 10ius ed, maybe 2ius 5 times ed, small freqent dosing always is best for fat loss, but 2ius 3 times ed never fails me. But for this one i think ill bump it to 10.

    tren has a tendancy to crash my t3 levels so i supplementing with t3 is necessary, but t4 is better with gh. so maybe ill use a combo of both, 100mcg t4 25mcg t3, or possibly just straight t4 will see. Bloodwork will dictate the need for thyroid supplmentation,

    I really hate stimulants but i like how ephedrine makes me dry and gives me energy, just hate the crash, clen gives me bad headachds in the past but i might give it a shot again will see. Ill only use these if i need them. I think gh and tren should do the trick,

    Its getting late so ill get back on tomorrow and update with my diet and training, But im basically starting to follow the diets from the golden era but a bit higher protein, probably 300g pro, 150g carbs mostly focused around training and 70ish grams of fat. Ill go into ore detail tomorrow. If you have any qustions or suggestions ask away,

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    Any cardio?

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    Yessir, M-f, maybe saturday also alternating between 30 mins of low intensity long duration building up to 45-60mins and HIIT start at 20 mins building up to 30-40. Maybe even going on some runs this spring summer as i would really like to improve my cardiovascular health.

    Training will be one muscle group ed, monday-friday weekends off then maybe ill switch to a split wherei hit everything twice ew. High volume one the one muscle a day split, all rep ranges, then when i move to hitting everything twice a week ill split the volume between two weeks. as always my arms need bringing up, will be focusing on them and my delts and calves alot this cycle. They will forever lag behind. But thats life.

    Diet, Im learning these massive carb diets that have been pushed on us have been done so by the 275lb mass monsters who can eat 600g ed and 400g be moderate. It works for them because first they have so much muscle mass and second the amount of gh and insulin they use. Im not into that look, i like the 70s look, so im following theyre type of diet but higher protein as i need more calories. So itll be moderate protein, moderate fat and lowish carb.
    macros will be ~2500 cals.
    ~315g protein
    150g carbs
    85g fat

    probably try and get 3 40 g carb meals 40 with breakfast, 40 pre workout and 40 with my post workout shake for a total of 120, and the otehr 30 will come from indirect sources. I workout late, and i kinda wanted to implement a carb cutoff of like 3pm but then i couldnt have my postworkout carbs. Theyre not that important but its my daily cheat, for my fast acting carbs i drink a soda. it replenishes glycogen, increases blood sugar which spikes insulin to transport all the post workout nutrients into the muscle. Thats my rational, rather my coke vs expensive cyto carb, which is just maltodextrin or dextrose.
    eggs and egg whites
    whole grain bread (minimal)
    chicken breast
    brown rice
    all cuts of steak for my post workout meal
    some whey shakes
    bcaa drinks before morning cardio as and between meals
    greek yogurt
    lots of veggies
    ry and get my vitamins and minerals from whole foods, then my supps are my insurance policty
    probably forgetting some stuff

    started this 7 day cleanse last night and will finish it next weekend, supposed to clean out all organs, blood, digestive track etc etc etc, maybe it helps a bit, its more of a laxative and diuretic with a little extra kick,Clean out my system after 6 months of bulking and pounding massive amounts of food. Cleanse my system before my cycle.

    starting my gh now, a week before the cycle. Debating on if i should use t4 or not. 100mcg t4 ed? or a small dose of t3 also as tren does crash my t3 levels, but t4 is superior on gh, but i havent felt much difference. let me know what you think about the thyroid hormones

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    so im 9 days into the cycle, so far so good. running this tren blend 100mg ace 100mg tren e, but im only pinning 3/4ml so 75mgs of each eod for a total of 262mgs tren e, and 262 tren a but im also adding an extra 25mgs tren a from another vial as a kicker since its gonna take a bit for the tren e to build up and full reach the 525mgs ew, right now its basically just the ace so im getting around 350mgs of ace ew and ill do this for about 4 weeks until the enanthate is kicking in. also decided to add var now, this is a 14 week cycle and my plan was to add the var the last 6 weeks when im leaner and shit but im going on a cruise in 6 weeks and I wanna look my best so need some fast acting stuff in there and var does has some science in its abilibty to burn abdominal fat and thats where i keep most of mine. Diet is clean, following 70s style diet and will continue this even into bulking seaoson, its the best way to just build muscle consistney and not get stuck doing 4 month cuts like im doing now. So its high protein roughly 350g, moderate fats, 100g or so, and low carb anywere from 100-200 depending on which muscle im working that day, legs chest and back get the higher carb days, delts and arms get and off days get the lower carb days. doing 30 mins of cardio evrery morning fasted after taking 3.33ius of gh, 100mcg t4 and 12.5mcg t3 25mgs proviron and sometimes and eca stack but i hate stims really. Gh wise im running 3.33ius 3 times ed, morning, pre workout and right before bed.
    so cycle looks like this
    75mgs prop eod
    350mgs tren a ew (drop to 262 after 4 weeks)
    262mgs tren e ew
    some times tren base or test base pre workout
    40mgs var, 10mgs am 20mgs pre workout 10mgs after dinner
    100mcg t4 and 12,5mcg t3
    25mg proviron
    10ius jintropin ed

    Results so far have been great, gained some weight glycogen and shit, look really full and veins are coming back out again, only about 10 days in so its early. No strenght gains yet, just started the var sunday so 3 days. definitely lost some fat. Snce i starting cutting, i started off cycle before starting so i been at it for 5 weeks now and im down 12lbs, no loss in muscle size. So far so good. Will keep this updated.

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