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The Dopamine and Testosterone Connection

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    Post The Dopamine and Testosterone Connection

    by Josh Hodnik Just a few decades ago, depression was a condition that people were reluctant to talk about. People diagnosed with depression were sometimes viewed as weak, being unable to handle the tough times in life. That has all changed. It seems that every time I turn on the television I see a commercial


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    Before starting TRT when I would take my ADHD meds, my depression would go away due to the dopamine increase but the comedowns were horrendous. However the libido increase from amphetamine was insane.

    Now that I am on TRT when I take my adhd meds, I don't notice the effects of the amphetamine as much but I am also not depressed anymore since getting my hormones in check. Therefore eliminating much of the need for the meds in the first place. Also, my libido doesn't really increase from the ADHD meds as much now that I am on TRT, and I don't suffer any comedown now either.

    Since finding this out about myself it only makes sense that one should always have bloodwork done FIRST if they are experiencing depression for an unknown reason. I have been preaching that for a while, and from what I have seen SSRIs have helped some people I know in the short term, long term it has really damaged some friends brains and now they are reliant on it living with a nonexistent sex drive, diminished personality, etc.. the list goes on. When there's a good chance all that they needed was hormone therapy.
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