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Improved customer service! (Please read)

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    Improved customer service! (Please read)

    Dear customers

    First and foremost I would like to extend myself here and thank all of our valued customers and friends alike for the amazing relationship that we've built over time with a trusting, nurturing business relationship, it comes with great pleasure to provide you with the service that you need and expect..

    I'm glad to inform everyone here that our customer service will now have extended services for your questions and concerns..I personally will be 100% available full-time around the clock for any questions,concerns or issue that you may have..As the teams head rep it's not only my position but it's my understanding and moral obligation when it pertains to YOU, to deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction and synergy between our services and clients..

    We have a well rounded staff in which I'm extremely proud of, and a great Representative sales team that is always eagerly awaiting to assist you with your needs, but to go above and beyond has always been my capital intense endeavor to provide my customers and clients with the experience that goes unmatched..It's my moral obligation to demonstrate the exceptional products and services that we offer here at team PSL..

    Here at team PSL, we understand your needs and we're listening to everything you have to say..This is purely motivated to better assist you with the level of customer care that we're committed to providing you with, as our promise and unwavering dedication to YOU..

    I will be fully available Mon-Fri US/EST 7am-5pm (and throughout the evenings for those in different time zones,hrs will vary) and Saturday 8am-5pm (evening hrs will vary)..Sundays I will be off, however our team representatives will be available to convey any messages or urgent concerns almost instantaneously to me VIA messaging (You're in good hands)..

    Here at PSL we want our services to be synonymous in your mind with quality..More than synonymous--we want them to be one and the same. In fact, when you think "quality," "reliability," "versatility," or "power," we want you to think TEAM PSL...

    Warmest regards,


    When contacting me about an order or simple questions/concerns please do the following.

    • Include detail in PM heading (example) Order issue and include order ID number..If it's unrelated with simple product questions please state "Product question" (list product)
    • Always contact Customer service first http://puritysourcelabs.com/contact-us, then contact me with same inquiry this way all parties have a copy to better assist you
    • Do NOT send multi messages with same concern (I will ignore them because of the mass confusion), please utilize the same message with a copy of our chat history, responding with REPLY,this is to better assist you and provide you with a copy of our conversations so all parties are on the same page with no missing information..
    • DO NOT use Hey,sup bro or Yo in your PM heading as that displays no urgency to your matter
    • Please allow me ample time to read and respond appropriately to your matter

    Below are some commonly asked questions that we receive..We've posted (Questions & Answers) on our sales site under FAQ, yet people fail to read these and overwhelm us with inquiries, delaying/hindering our sale associates with their duties...

    We see and recognize each and every-single one of your questions and concerns, however, please read the FAQ before contacting us, because you may find all of your answers there, at the same time allowing us to better server you and others by preforming our duties to be best of our abilities with out unnecessary interference!




    1.I can't login to my account , why ?

    1.Seems like I'm not receiving Emails from your shop , Why ?

    1.What is the difference between domestic and international euro-pharmacies products ?
    2.What is the difference between enorm pharma and euro-pharmacies prodcut lines ?
    3.How to use genotropin hgh ?


    1.I sent money using correct payment method , so why my PSL order status says "awaiting payment" ?
    2.How to get bitcoins ?


    1.Where can i find more INFO about "ORDER STATUSES" ?
    2.Your order STATUS Descriptions:


    1.Why can't i put an order at this time ?
    2.Can i put another Order when the current one is still in transit ?
    3.What if i CAN'T arrange an additional shipping address and still want to put a New Order?


    1.What is the delivery time ?
    2.My order/parcel USPS tracking status is not working.
    3.Where is my tracking# ?


    1.How much are Loyalty Points worth ?
    2.Turning Loyalty Points into Vouchers.
    3.When i can use my voucher ?
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

    Also, please read Payment FAQ
    (sensitive information)


    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    Kind regards, Team supervisor

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    Staying above and beyond. The superior business way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vision View Post
    I don't know whats nicer, your response or you ass...
    We can give both a little cred!

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    Everything I say is for entertainment and is neither serious nor true as a statement.

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    Awesome! Keep up the great work Vision
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