My experience with Balkan Pharma Dianabol

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    My experience with Balkan Pharma Dianabol

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to give a quick review of my experience with one of the products expopharm just started carrying a few months ago. I was eager to get my sample to test out and I received Balkan Dianabol @ 50mg and I was ready to go.

    I never run Dianabol for longer than four weeks so my experiences are over a four week period. Side note: I was also running testosterone enanthate but as we all know that takes 3-4 weeks to kick in so this review is focused on the dianabol.

    I have to be honest and say that this was far and away the most potent dbol that I have ever used. The pumps I got in the gym were absolutely astounding. Whenever I would do biceps or shoulders I would have the absolute hardest time washing my hair after I got home from the gym because I could barely touch my head. The strength gains were absolutely phenomenal as well. For the first 2 weeks I was setting new personal records every time I walked into the gym on some of the hardest exercises that we, as bodybuilders, do. My squat went up by almost 100lbs and this is a big deal because squats have always been an extremely hard exercise for me and it is especially difficult for me to raise the weight on a regular basis. My bench max went from 315x6 to 365x6 and that too almost brought me to tears just out of excitement.

    In terms of the scale and weight gain I gained about 10lbs of muscle from the dbol alone. I had gained an additional 6-7lbs of water weight that dissipated once I discontinued the use of the dbol but I can assuredly say I gained 10lbs of quality muscle from this compound and most of it showed on my quads and hams and it was a BEAUTIFUL site to behold because I'd consider my legs the least developed portion of my body (bad genetics, I believe).

    I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone that likes to incorporate dbol into a bulking cycle. The gains are phenomenal, the pumps are absolutely amazing, and the strength difference is undeniable. Definitely an excellent buy.

    Thanks for reading guys!
    - Goat

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    I would have to second your review. I ran BP dbol for the first time as a kick start for my fall bulk. I was able to move a shit load of weight during my deadlifts and the pumps were so intense I could barely walk to my fucking car afterward. Going to finish my bulk in thr next several weeks with BP.

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