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    Awesome to see all the great results. Have to try a few things soon. Now, if torem ever makes it s way in, I wanna be first in line!

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    heavyiron15 for 15% OFF!

    Top shelf products here!

    IronMag Research - High Quality Chems

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    All posts are for entertainment and may contain fiction. Consult a medical doctor before using any medication. heavyiron does not advocate readers engage in any illegal activity. Do not contact me about sources or advertisers as I know nothing about their business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavyiron View Post
    IronMag Research Chems provides top of the line liquid research chemicals. All chemicals have been verified using mass spectrometry, HPLC testing and COA's.

    IMR will not sell any product until we review the testing reports on every single batch.

    These are the finest of research chemicals.

    IMR will have a limited line of products in the beginning but will expand as demand dictates when genuine chemicals can be sourced.

    Beta products will be 60ml bottles of the following research chemicals

    You can expect high quality research chemicals with excellent customer service from IronMag Research Chems.
    Bro, what does it mean research chem?
    Do you ship from within EU to EU?
    I need a bunch of PCT and cycle support stuff like HCG and Nolva etc, do you have anything like that?

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    research chems means not meant for human consumption..pls read between the lines
    it does not ship from within EU and I'd have to dbl check but I believe the website has a list at this point of which countries IMR will ship to
    there is no HCG on the menu but Nolva is...

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