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Thread: Equipoise

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironguruera View Post
    I ran bold cyp aka eq with shorter ester at 800-1200 for 20+ weeks.
    Lame as hell. Won't ever bother with it again. I made far better gain off 6 weeks of tren.
    Got some cool veins. Not much else. Maybe some endurance.
    I had a short run with bold in the past and seemed to like it it really hardened me up and brought my endurence up and thats what im looking for right now. I'm 6 ft 3 and at at about 240 now im flucuating between 230-250 a lot im looking to drop as much fat as i can and stay at a lower weight to keep my athletic performance up. I really really really want be at 225 this summer around the end of my 20+ weeker of this test mast and EQ. I love mast and test of course but this is my last run with EQ if it doesnt give me the results im looking for. Its really a hit or miss with a lot of people.

    I'm def big enough right now so all im focusing on in the coming months is muscle hardness/definition and athletic performance. I'm skydiving in 2 months and i gata weigh about 225 the day of the jump because they have a fucking weight limit... weighed 250 when i made the call to reserve a spot to jump. This test and masteron has been treating me great, I'm all about feel good cycles now and damn im feeling amazing on this combo and looking even better. So if over the next half year or so i can just use these compounds with little or no sides and get slow steady lean hard gains all while really boosting my athletic performance ill be more then happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warriorblaze View Post
    Test and Deca is still a favorite

    Ive never done deca ever. Next year for my bulking cycle im thinking im going to do a d bol deca test cycle. Pretty excited really its one of the only compounds i havent run

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    I am still a relative newbie to the AAS game, so keep that in mind for what it's worth, but I am nearing the end of my current test/EQ run and I couldn't be more pleased. I haven't run tren yet (that's on deck for this summer), so I can't say how it will be in comparison to that, but I can't really imagine gaining much faster than I am now. Started at 750 test/750 eq and bumped to 875/875 for these last 4 weeks. New veins coming in every week it seems and I'm staying very lean considering the amount of fast food and dirty calories that I'm consuming. Literally 4,000 plus calories of half fast food, half bodybuilding food and not an ounce of noticeable fat gain. Actually some really good recomp. This is only my 3rd cycle though, so like I said, I am just learning the power of the gears. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

    Edit: Also, I am hitting lifetime PR's on every lift basically every week at this point. I am in a significant caloric surplus though. With a clean diet I think it would be perfect for your goals.

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    I am gonna try
    - test e 500 mg per week 16 weeks
    - eq 600 mg per week 15 weeks
    - tbol 40 mg pre day for the first 4 weeks

    This will my first time using eq so I will have to see how I reacted to it

    Looking for lean gains that will stay
    Plus I love the vascularity! Haha

    Let me know if u have different opinions

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    From the people that love EQ they seem to say to run it high. 800mg-1.2 g. I will be stockin up and running it at 1 g a week for several months. There is a reason people like Louie Simmons have literally ran it for years straight at like 2G's

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