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  1. Sticky: RULE: If you are a brand new user and post a review as one of your first posts

    You will be banned.

    Too many of these brand-new users (or shills or sources themselves depending on how you look at it) immediately write a glowing review for a source after they register,...
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    Sticky: >>How to test HGH: HGH Testing Protocol

    Originally by exphys88, all credit to him:

    Here is an easy way to not only test your hgh, but it's also a way for us to prevent fraud by sponsors selling bunk hgh.

    The Protocol:

    Inject 10...
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    Sticky: Cheap BLOODWORK - How to get it without Insurance

    These methods do not work in NY, NJ, MA, MD or RI. You'll have to ask your doctor for bloods if you live there, because of local laws. Or get an online doc to make the request for you, see...
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