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  1. Dr. B I need some assistance / guidance
    Iím 48 yr old thatís been Rx test Cyp. 200 week for 8 yrs. My blood work started out under 100 but then has been as high as 1500 but the script was continued all this time.
    Last month my Dr informed me my insurance Co was requiring him to confirm itís medically necessary & he hasnít
    I have an appoint w/ a new pcp in 4 weeks but no clue what sheíll want to do.
    Iím really feeling like crap & wanted to get a complete blood work done BEFORE going to new Dr so then Iíd have my #ís in front of me & also to forward to my Ins co.
    How can I go about getting the CORRECT blood work done??? What all should I have tested?? I do believe my E was too high

    What do you recommend my next steps be??
    I canít see how after 8yrs of this it Shouldíve been just Stopped... Sure doesnít feel healthy or smart to me.
    Thanks for your time
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