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  1. Here is the exact message.....
    Snookslayer05 said:
    Today 02:39 PM
    I have a question. Iím new to this page and I saw u said in. Post that you have been using gym gear. I am so lost on this page and trying to find a good lab to get gear from. I donít know where to look. Iíve been all over looking on here.
  2. His name is snookslayer05 if it matters.
  3. No he was not talking about anything he had, said he was lost on the site and didnít know who to ask
  4. If its not someone who is a rep or associated with one of our sponsors then that could be a problem. Was he just asking where you got yours or did he offer you his source?
  5. Hey brother, thanks for the input in my posts recently. I have a question about giving out my source via pm on this site. Some brand new member just messaged me asking where I get my gear. I kinda think itís odd this person would ask me rather than someone else. I donít trust it and was wondering how you guys handle it.
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