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  1. Dude have I pissed you of why won't you help me with a diet plan and excersises plan I done everything you asked???
  2. Hey tgrady I don't mean to be a pain but please could you have a look at my questions about my diet and macros I also uploaded the pics you requested I start cycle tomorrow.
  3. Hey tgrady sorry I took longer then expected uploading pictures in planning to start cycle Friday could you look at my pictures and go through the diet with me. Your a saviour man thanks for everything so far
  4. Tgrady thank you very much for sharing your experience and your recomendations on my cycle I'm going to follow your advise man. I replied to your post would you mind taking a look at what Im asking you when you get some spare time. That was a great response with my than I'd hoped to receive as a response.

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