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  1. I'm using LMC raws, my friend introduced it to me. My first order was 3 kits of hcg and this time 300g of test e and 100g of tren acetate. My friend has been ordering from them for 2 years, he's a beast. lol I deal with Lucky, you can contact her: She's easy to work, very interesting girl, you'll see. lol Hmmm...I'm considering asking her for some discount with my next order for hooking you up with her. lol
  2. Hi Babur. I was wondering if you could help me out. I recently lost my source for Raws. It was HGHPOWER. They got busted. So I'm looking for a new reliable source. Can you hook me up with yours? Also, have you used this source before to know if they are legit? Thanks bro
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