View Full Version : Mtren/Mdeca

12-27-2019, 09:10 PM
I ran 2 vials of Mtren/mdeca @ 1 cc PWO and 1 cc morning on rest days. JP, please set aside first 10 vials for me, its an incredible compound to add to DHB cycle!

12-28-2019, 10:52 AM
May I asked what made it so incredible?

I do love me some mtren- just curious as to what the mDeca adds

12-28-2019, 11:40 AM
I was running mtren pwo at low dosages. I learned it works great @ 1.5 - 3 mg pwo. the Mdeca, MOHN, has like a 1,300 anabolic rating. after 2 weeks, I stepped into the jacuzzi @ my condos, little brunette almost came herself bragging on my hard physique capped with grey hair (no boyfriend but I don't shit in my own nest). The combo provides fast solid keepable gains and veins evertwhere.... no water bloat.