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03-11-2019, 03:11 AM
We take bitcoin, western union, cash in mail (USA to USA only), Paypal and bank transfer now, will accept Cashapp soon! We have bulk hgh, hcg, peptides, steroid raws, finished oils and tabs on stock in USA/Poland/EU. Please let me know if we can help with anything.


- - - Updated - - -

Here is the latest USA stock list,

USA inventory
Test A 500g
Test P 250g
Test E 6300g
Test C 8800g
Test no ester 200g
Sustanon 2750g
Tren A 1900g
Tren E 1600g
Deca 1000g
Npp 500g
Boldenone undecanoate 550g
Mast P 400g
Mast E 1050g
Primo A 50g
Primo E 315g
Anavar 100g
Dianabol 50g
Stanozolol 200g
Anadrol 1850g
Sildenafil 6300g
Clomid 50g
Nolvadex 1000g
Anastrozole/ Arimidex 110g
GW 501516 50g
1-Test cyp/DHB

Hgh black tops 870 vials
Hgh blue tops 220 vials
Hcg 5000iu 585 vials
TB 500 (5mg) 129 vials
Ipamorelin (2mg) 252 vials
Ipamorelin (5mg) 84 vials
GHRP-2 (5mg) 19 vials
GHRP-6 (5mg) 19 vials
BPC 157 (5mg) 101 vials
PT141 (10mg) 27 vials
DISP 5 mg 20 vials
Melanotan 2 (10mg) 36 vials
Cjc with dac 5mg 12 vials
CJC 1259 without dac 5mg 10 vials

In transit to the US
Test E 6700g
Test C 6700g
Test Decanoate 1000g
Test Base 800g
1-Test C/DHB 200g
Mast P 200g
Anavar 1000g
Stanozolol 500g
Tren A 2400g
Tren E 2000g
Deca 1000g
Npp 700g
Boldenone undecanoate 4600g
Clomid 300g
Exemestane 300g
Dianabol 1200g
Stanozolol 1000g
Hgh black tops 950 vials
Hgh blue tops 120 vials


03-12-2019, 04:10 PM
Cashapp work now!

03-14-2019, 10:36 PM
Venmo works now, then we take Bitcoin, Paypal, western union, venmo, cash app, cash in mail and bank transfer payment methods now!

03-25-2019, 08:00 PM
When you prefer Paypal, cashapp, venmo or cash in mail, just check out and submit your order in website, we will send you a confirmation email with payment instructions.