View Full Version : Rate my next bulk cycle

11-24-2018, 08:52 AM
1g Test E 12 weeks
600mg Deca 12 weeks
500mg Masteron 12 weeks
25mg Dianabol 4-5 weeks
B&C, no PCT

I only have used Masteron once before. Any suggestion on dose there? The main reason for the Mast is I need a DHT like Mast or Proviron to make sure I don't get deca dick and keep the missus happy.

Meals generally:
730am: Granola cereal or raw oats as cold cereal and some eggs and quick protein shake
1030am: Bring a meal replacement shake to the office to drink before lunch (whole milk, PB, 1 banana, 2 scoops whey, 1-2 scoops waxy maize, ice, 4 tablespoons olive oil)
1130am: pasta and beef/turkey/chicken/tuna
3pm: another meal replacement shake as above
430pm: rice or pasta and meat as above
530pm (pre-workout): rice or pasta and meat as above
8pm: 2 scoops casein, 2 scoops maltodextrin shake and some cottage cheese