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11-08-2018, 07:44 AM
Hello friends,

HUPharmas injectable/oral/peptide lineup is %100 local source and Made in USA! It is NOT "reship", like we've seen with some other labs.

You can expect VERY fast turnaround times. Packs usually go out within 24 hours of payment, and get delivered in 2-3 days without frustrating custom issues!!Make sure your money safe!!!

Huge LOCAL peptide list ALSO gets delivered this fast. They are not coming internationally. So if you want peptides you can have them at your door step in just a couple days.

Hupharma also provide real local USA source of steroid raws.

The only products you're going to have to wait "international" delivery times for, are if you order bulk un-finished oils. For example, bulk un-finished oils are if you want to order 100ml, 500ml, or a full Liter of a product and filter and bottle it up yourself. (massive price savings this way)

Choose us we will be your reliable and delighted contacts for bulking resources.Place an order at alan@hupharma.com or PM me.

Free shipping for orders $300 and over!
No Minimum order

Thanks & Best Regards