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10-26-2018, 03:33 PM
these are some of the nicest Vials out there imho.
Tabs come scored , no need to buy pill cutters

1 , what carrier oil do we use in our oils?
Migylol 840 and grape seed oil, we have two batches oils in usa.

2, what filler do we use for our orals?
Magnesium stearate, Microcrystalline cellulose

10-26-2018, 04:27 PM
How would one know which oil they'll receive their gear in?
I love Mig840.

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10-26-2018, 04:45 PM
Damn that shit looks sexy. I love mig myself compoundlifts so easy to do frequent injections and no pip at all.

10-26-2018, 04:46 PM
If itís half as good as it looks itís a winner. Shit I canít stop looking at that pic

10-26-2018, 04:57 PM
The twice scored tabs are nice for breaking down dosing on things like AIs. Makes quartering then much easier than tabs that are scored once. Looks good guys