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08-08-2017, 04:55 PM
****Just for background info, she is 37, we have 2 kids, she had two C sections (11 and 10 yrs ago) and her tubes tied 10 years ago with the last pregnancy because she was 5' about 98 lbs when she got prego, and had our second kid 1 year from the first (both ten pound baby's). So her OB said tubes are getting tied because womb can't handle another...so the plumbing is there, but no worry about long term fertility or anything...***

Ok, so the wife went to her Doc awhile back, and was tested and came up hypothyroid prob, she had low test, and she had high estrogen (estrogen dominant).

So she gets on test (cream from compounding pharmacy applied ED), T3/T4 (38mgs), dhea (15mgs daily) and progesterone (100mgs). Levels all come back nicely for a few months, so since she was already on test and training so she decided to jump on a small var/windy cycle to help cutting down some. Cycle was 10mgs var(split twice daily) and 10mgs winny also split daily. She ran this for about 10-12 weeks with decent results. A little voice deepening and some fun button enlargement (which she was fine with, given that she would laugh every time she danced or even shifted in her seat...lol) but anyway, now we roll forward about a full year and still no period?

she he has had regular bloods...and some results were....red indicates high/out of range

09/2015 test showed
estrogen was: 166
Test total: 28
free test: 3.8
DHEA: 163
progesterone: 10.4

01/2016 test showed
estrogen was: 82
Test total: 22
free test: 2.9
DHEA: 329
progesterone: 14

(Var/Winny Cycle completed 05/2016) Period stopped while on the car/windy cycle...

06/2017 showed
estrogen was: 46
Total test: 82
free test: 14.6
DHEA: 370
progesterone: 6.6

So of course her test is high, as is dhea (which we expected because she takes those suppps) but her estrogen is finally normal?
So the question is why her periods haven't returned??? Obviously we told her Doc, and he gave us the tilted head look and upped her progesterone to 200mgs per day, but still no period....... wondering if any ladies have experienced this? Or anything similar?

not that she is complaining, saves on trips to Walgreens and laundering towels...lol...but it seems kinda weird, no???

10-07-2017, 10:06 AM
I cannot answer all of your questions, but in my many years of experience I find that women greatly underestimate the impact of Winstrol.

10-07-2017, 03:49 PM
I ran whinny for about 8 weeks at 10mg. Along with 15g of var. I start3d to get my period back about 3 weeks after I stopped. It wants a full one more spotting. But I am guessing next monthly will be back. This usually is how it goes when I am just on 20mg of var too.

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Hard Puff
12-31-2017, 11:42 AM
I havenít tried Winstrol but my period is all kinds of crazy on var, much lighter and less frequent.

01-02-2018, 03:58 PM
Maybe drop the test down and it will come back but from the sound of it she doesn't need one if you guys don't want anymore kids.