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11-14-2016, 08:57 AM
Muscle Research Weekly Sale!!!

Check out this weeks sale of BOGO FREE offers on TNT PM Fat Burners, Premium Powders Creatine, and discounts on other products like Yo-Whey and X-Abol!!!

http://i1318.photobucket.com/albums/t655/hmbmuscle/unnamed%203_zpsli8lip1l.jpg (https://www.mrsupps.com/products/365/tnt-am/)
http://i1318.photobucket.com/albums/t655/hmbmuscle/unnamed%204_zpscttqft3f.jpg (https://www.mrsupps.com/productcategories/11/clearance-promotions/)
http://i1318.photobucket.com/albums/t655/hmbmuscle/unnamed%205_zpssnand7gd.jpg (https://www.mrsupps.com/products/48/creatine-monohydrate-400g/)
http://i1318.photobucket.com/albums/t655/hmbmuscle/unnamed%2012_zpsrpjujtpi.jpg (https://www.mrsupps.com/products/631/buildify/)
http://i1318.photobucket.com/albums/t655/hmbmuscle/unnamed%209_zpsgk4ij1pk.jpg (https://www.mrsupps.com/productmanufacturer/80/360cut/)

And don't forget...ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!!!

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MA and the Muscle Research Team

11-16-2016, 10:26 AM
Here are my thoughts on this week's sale items:


I've yet to use either of these, but I'm a big fan of Iron Champ's formulas and open labels. So with this stack, you're getting both the AM and PM products that each last a full 30 days at normal use. Even the AM formula isn't a heavy hitter, so it could easily be stacked with a stim-based fat burner (or your pre-workout) with no issue. But across both products, you're getting a handful of ingredients that work via multiple pathways for fat loss. Never a better time than now to roll the dice on a new product and try this out!

Gen-X-Labs X-abol:

This is another I haven't used. I'm not a fan of the prop. blends, but at least it's broken down into several matrices. The first is giving you longjack, trib, and arimistane. The next is AI, including 3,4 divan. Then you've got a detox matrix which has milk thistle and dandelion root in it. Lastly, it actually has 100mg CoQ10 in there. In my eyes, we have SO many great products that I would rank ahead of this. But on sale and with everything that's in here, it would be a decent addition to your PCT or to run on cycle.

Double Dragon Labs PCT 350:

Again, another one I haven't used. But just like Iron Champ, I'm a pretty big fan of Double Dragons' formulas and the open label. So with this, you're getting some test boosting action primarily from fenugreek, and then arimistane in there to handle the E2. Then you've got your milk thistle and white mushroom to help for the supports. So it really is a solid add to PCT to cover a handful of angles. I'd look to stack it with another test-boosting product. Their TST 750 is a similar label to this and I wouldn't stack those two, personally, as it's a lot of overlap.

Muscle Research Yo-Whey:

What can I say about Yo-Whey? I absolutely love it. So far I’ve only tried the chocolate thin mint and pumpkin spice flavors (none of the 3 “regular” flavors) and they’re both phenomenal. They’re even better if you live near a Kroger and can mix them with CarbMaster milk (chocolate for the thin mint and vanilla for the pumpkin spice) – that is an easy way to get an extra 11g protein (per 8 oz.) in only 60 or 80 extra calories (vanilla and chocolate, respectively). The thing you obviously have to keep an eye on is the macros; it’s not just protein. There are definitely some carbs in there and a little bit of fat. Yo-Whey makes for an excellent meal replacement and also great for bulking…and baking! Grab the pumpkin spice ahead of the Fall season –you’ll be happy (it’s a very light flavor; not overly pumpkin at all). And now is the perfect time to grab the bag of Thin Mint and get all the delicious taste you want without those little girl scouts hounding you and all the extra hours on the treadmill you'd have to log :) lol

Power Chews Creatine BOGO:

I have professed my love of Power Chews many, many times. They are super convenient and very tasty. The BCAA and Glutamine chews are solid for travel snacks. The creatine chews help break up the routine of always having a powder (which I generally love, but a break is nice on occasion). Same goes for the pre-workout chews. Now, D-Test is just an awesome combo of DAA and LCLT. And not just that, but they have a special “bull berry” flavor that is the best of all of them. Seriously. A great PCT or just natural strength product. But in general, Power Chews are great if you’re in contest prep or cutting and still want something sweet. When you travel, it’s just one small tub you toss in instead of bigger ones or measuring out powders in bags, extra pills, etc. And the BCAA chews are fantastic for at-work snacks or when you’re driving. The BOGO on these is awesome, and it's a really nice price to indulge in something different when it comes to getting your creatine in.