View Full Version : German volume training

09-05-2016, 05:04 AM
Keen to give it a shot, seen a few different variations.

Some routines have auxiliary exercises (3x12-15), some don't.

Thoughts and recommendations?

09-05-2016, 05:46 AM
Im doing the 8x8 version.Alot of variations.I allways see the most hypertrophy and fat burning from volume training with short rest.The style gives visually pleasing results faster than any other method for me atleast.

09-05-2016, 06:24 AM
I started the GVT last week. Man its killing me . I'm using the layout on BB.COM. The beginner is 10x10 then more advanced is 10x6 with 3x6 then it keeps advancing. I'll be switching over to 5x5 routines in about 2 weeks
All in all I'm liking it. It didn't seem like much till the next day lol

09-06-2016, 01:52 PM
I throw in what i like to call a GVT hybrid from time to time to change things up. I do 10x10 w/60 second rest in between sets. I pick one compound movement, sometimes two, out of my routine such as assisted pull-ups, squats, flat bench press, etc. and do it GVT style. The other movements in my routine stay the same. Shit's brutal. Always leaves me with nasty DOMS for several days after.