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Dr. Tox
05-22-2016, 05:53 PM
I have been running the grey tops at 2iu ED for 3 months now. Sleep has been better and muscle recovery outstanding! PSL is always on target. Hopefully I will see the fat burning benefits as well.
My hands have tingled and have gotten a bit numb on occasion. Today my left hand feels like I can not grip and feels bloated with water. These are all symptoms of good gh but my question is why does gh impact the hands like this? Decreased bloodflow, vasoconstriction?

Dr. Tox
05-23-2016, 05:26 PM
Bump. Any feedback as to why the hands get numb on gh?

05-23-2016, 07:03 PM
I believe it's because the extra water retained in the joints press against the carpal nerves.

05-23-2016, 07:12 PM
Because growth hormone has the ability to increase muscle and tissue mass, it frequently causes compression of the nerves. It can also cause water retention. The most common nerve compression syndrome induced by growth hormone is the carpal tunnel syndrome. The major nerve in the hand (median nerve) which travels down the arm is squeezed between the fibrous bands and the muscles in the hand. This painful condition causes tingling, numbness and weakness of the fingers and the hand.

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05-23-2016, 07:13 PM
Hope this helps

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05-23-2016, 07:40 PM
Get some vitamin b6 and take 100 mg TID. It's helped me out with some sides related to numbness and tingling

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