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01-19-2016, 06:03 PM
I just posted about an acute elbow injury...you guys are going to think I'm falling apart. It's not to that point yet and I want to keep it that way!

Background: 15 years ago when I was in college, I went on a date with a guy I barely knew who wasn't in college but was in the Army, based close to where I was in school. Not unusual to not know someone well on a first date, right? Well, this guy ended up being a psychopath. All was going well and with no warning he turned into a monster and tried to kill me, and he almost succeeded. Anyway, I remember taking several blows to the face and side of the head before I was knocked out. I came to when he was taking a break from killing me, I guess, and escaped from the house.

Anyway, over the years I've really dealt with some serious neck/upper back injuries resulting from the attack. Five years later after seeing chiropractors, doctors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and undergoing everything you can imagine (minus surgery), I finally found Atlas Orthogonal, a specialty chiropractor, and soon afterwards I was finally mostly pain free and was able to work out again. I still go every 4-6 weeks and probably will forever so that I never end up like I was then.

When I do upper body work, I have to be very careful when I do anything that involves lifting/holding even light weight at/above shoulder level (for example, I even have to be very careful pouring milk in my cereal bowl!). Pushups are hit or miss - sometimes they cause my C2/C5/C6 vertebrae to slip out - but not always so I still do them but not as many as I'd like. I also have to be very careful leaning back like when I do sit-ups...I have to support my head with my hands or it's game over.

Does anyone else on here deal with a chronic neck injury? And if so, what exercises have you found that work muscle groups that normally affect your neck (shoulders/trapezius/etc)? Thanks in advance for any input! :)

01-20-2016, 06:48 AM
Did you have him arrested??

01-20-2016, 02:46 PM
Nope...as bad as it sounds I didn't know his last name...and how many Chris's are in Fayetteville NC in the army at any given time with a blonde buzzcut? I had met him the day before running in the park and we had agreed to meet the next evening for dinner. So there were no phone calls or any other contact prior. And when I drove after dinner following him I didn't pay enough attention...can't even remember how I drove home once I ran and made it to my car. I was seriously messed up...not just my neck but he did all sorts of things that I don't even want to remember. I was in the bed for 4 days afterwards...I lived by myself. I should have gone to the hospital, but at the time I felt embarrassed for following a guy home who I didn't know. Stupid to worry about that when I was in such bad shape. But in college we don't make the best decisions, I guess. And not that it excuses anything, but I should have been a lot less na´ve and more cautious so that at least I could have turned him in once I was coherent again. But it's in the past... I just wish I could find him so I could break his neck and see how he likes it for the rest of his life. Of course I would probably kill him, though that would be more compassion than he deserved.