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03-09-2015, 06:09 AM
Let me start offby saying I know everyone is different and Im just a looking for some adivce and pointers from all here cause I sure there are some smart people here.

Ive been lifting pretty much my entire adult life Im now in my 50s. Because of job requirements I am expected to stay fit. Probably like many here I have had ups n downs with training. This year for some crazy reason I am super motivated to get looking ood for summer. 198 lb.s prob 15% or so...unsure. I got a good cyle of tren n test in the closet and working on my diet with lowering carbs n upping protein. Not eating bon bons and gluzzing beer like a college kid. So....here is the question:

How much time doest it take or do you all allow to cut / get looking good or for summer or for your contest? I know ther are lotsa variable and levels training, diets....but maybe for once in my life I would like to see my ab.s ( a six pack or at least 2 tall boys ).

Ther is so much experience and knowledge here I would greatly appreciate anything you would care to share with me.

Thanks so much!

03-09-2015, 06:40 AM
Most people can reach reasonable fat loss goals in a cut of 8-15 weeks depending on how hard they hit the gas. 1-3 pounds of weight loss per week is the range you should be looking for, over 3 pounds a week is usually when you start losing lean tissue (unless starting off obese).

Big Ronnie
03-09-2015, 08:19 AM
Welcome FBird. If you have never run a cycle before you will see all over the boards reasons to run a test only cycle.
Based on you weight and bf% can we assume you are about 5'5" or 5'6" tall?
Do you do well with a low carb diet? You have to know what works best for you on diet. I keep my carbs up and keep fats low. Then I do a short cycle dropping carbs, then raise them up to where I am slowly losing fat, but everyone is different. I don't rush things because I don't like feeling like shit. Small tweaks to diet win the race, not roller coaster rides.
When you say you have a good cycle, can we assume that includes all AI and pct? Did you happen to get labs done?

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03-09-2015, 02:51 PM
Thanks for reply!!! So ..Im about 5'10' Ive used gear now for approx. 6 yr.s mostly test p n deca. I jumped on the tren wagon last summer for an experiment an it treated me quite well. I leaned up , gained some strenght,was able to work out like a beast.....but I feel that I didnt really have my diet where it should have been. I ve been usually runnin g 16 wk cycles n finishing up with somw adex n hcg. Sadly..shame on me I didnt or havent done labs. I guess that is truely the proof n the pudding...but I am a slacker in this area. Mr Waters I say....., the thread on your weight loss. That is amazing. You are a inspiration to me. Wow. 3lbs a week makes sense. I have never tried to manipulate fat intake. Mostly it is the carbs. i restrict. I suppose I should research this more.I was thinking the fats were your friend but i guess thats mostly in the keto cult. Thanks for the replys gentlemen. If thers any more hints or advice I welcome it. Thanks all.

03-09-2015, 03:48 PM
In the later part of 2014 I was on a Test/tren/masteron cycle . I was noticing excellent results , good lean gains. I did not lose weight . Just turned my dough hard . I had to bail for a surgery. I am close to your size and 43yrs. I have recently started a similar cycle actually 8 days in. I have full pct and Ai's. As the other guys said don't start without that on hand. If you want to drop a few you could do that with cardio and a tighter diet. This is just a cycle I like but many run it. Also on a long cycle you need to switch the tren out . I plan to switch to npp.