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02-22-2015, 04:00 AM
Hey guys been out of the gym for 2 years as been traveling. Anyways back in the gym next week and just out a bulk order on a few supps.

please can you see if the dosages and times taken are all good?

Whey protein- morning, midday and post workout (40g each serving)
creatine creapure mono- loading for 6 days at 28g ED split into 4 servings then maintaining at 5g ED after Postwork out meal.
Bcaas- morning, pre workout, post workout 5g each serving
Dextrose- post work out will decide on dosage to suit macros
l glutamine- pre workout, post workout, before bed 5g each serving

So Post work out shake will consist of: whey, dextrose and l glutamine. Will take creatine on it's own as will dissolve powder. And Bcaas on there own as they taste good!

Diet will be 4000 calories with macros 40/40/20 bumping calories if no weight gain after 2 weeks.

02-22-2015, 04:57 AM
sounds like a very good supp plan to me except one item i think is very important . A good vit/min supp . few if any of us get a well balanced diet every day so a good vit/min supp would make sure we're not missing any important nutrients . Also for your post wo carbs there are much better newer sources available such as HBCD's now . I use them . We all know you can over do the supps and the money , Yikes ! So to save money you could take out the Bcaa's in the am and post wo since you are already using whey protein . Good luck with getting back to work !

02-22-2015, 05:51 AM
Cheers l68lou, I held back from ordering any vitamins and minerals as I know a nutritionist back home who will be sorting those out. Was thinking a good Multi, cod liver oil, b12 and maybe zma.. I'll look Into the HBCD's for post work out carbs for my next order, might be a while though as I ordered a 11lb bag of dextrose. Good to hear about dropping the Bcaas maybe I'll cut them out Postwork out and have 5g when I wake up in the night for 1 of the 4 pisses I go for. Cheers bro