View Full Version : is it possible too take to many supps/vitamins?

01-27-2015, 11:02 PM
I am currently on 750mg test a week while taking 0.25 Arimadex eod
(Estrogen is fine). I am taking these supps/vitamins spaced throughout the day
Multi vitamin
5g fish oil
2g garlic
Cel cycle assist 6 pills
200mg coq10
I'm predisposed to high BP so this is more of a precaution
Is this too much?

01-28-2015, 01:13 AM
Excess fish oil can dampen your bodies immune system cascade as well as predispose you th bleed easier......3g is USUALLY an upper level intake of a good HIGH QUALITY fish oil....and that depends on the EPA/DHA content in relation to the overall mg content....other than that the list looks stellar

01-28-2015, 05:36 AM

01-28-2015, 11:19 AM
Long-term supplemental intakes of EPA and DHA combined up to about 5 g/day do not increase the risk of spontaneous bleeding episodes or bleeding complications even in subjects at high risk of bleeding (e.g. taking acetylsalicylic acid or anti-coagulants).
Supplemental intakes of EPA and DHA combined at doses up to 5 g/day consumed for up to 12 weeks do not significantly affect glucose homeostasis in healthy or diabetic subjects, nor do they induce changes in immune functions which might raise concern in relation to the risk of infections or inappropriate activation of inflammatory responses. The data available are insufficient to conclude on whether the same doses administered mostly as EPA or mostly as DHA would have different effects on these outcomes.
Supplemental intakes of EPA and DHA consumed either alone or in combination at doses up to about 5 g/day for up to 16 weeks do not induce changes in lipid peroxidation which might raise concern in relation to cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk as long as the oxidative stability of these n-3 LCPUFA is guaranteed.
realistically you should be fine. if you are working out and eating healthy all thats fine