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10-02-2014, 05:47 AM
Kyle’s Orbit Nutrition Supplement Line-Up

Preworkout #1 SuperPump Max… Yeah I said it! This product is like never used, left behind in favor of other lines which I won’t comment on. Lets focus on why I personally love Super Pump…
The L-Taurine / Citruline blend I love when combined with Caffeine. I just love this product and will always use it (though I do experiment with other preworkouts)

Ancillary preworkout MHP Anadrox. Why I love it… great pumps, fat burning stims… without the loss of appetite. This product is a win-win in my books. Also contains 200mg of caffeine.

Intra-Workout Gaspari Size On this is essential for me for between my workouts. On our intense lifting days we could have at the gym 2-3 hours. Fuelling really long workouts, with a lot of sets and volume it is important to replenish the body. Size On blasts you with 40grams of carbs and 7grams of protein… Fuel that body!

ProHormones… Okay I wasn’t going to touch on these but I know people are going to ask… What prohormones would I prefer if I were to use them…
Okay well first I have a personal preference for IML products over others. Why? Because I have repeatedly used them in the past, without disappointment. Period. It is a brand I trust.

Halo Extreme Is always a good product to me, I hate combining a bunch of products that Aromatize and Halo is safe in that department. It helps me with my goal of strength and is great for stacking. So this product always deserves a spot in my PH Regime
Combining Halo Extreme with something a bit more anabolically active I would go with Super DMX 3.0

Oh lord we just combined a bunch of PHs…  If you want to keep it a bit more simple I would go with M-Sten RX

This is about the extend of my pH advice.. don’t forget your anti-estrogen’s and cycle support. Also carried by Orbit.

Happy Lifting


11-18-2014, 07:14 PM