View Full Version : Any of you guys try HST?

03-30-2014, 07:05 PM
I tried it briefly a few years ago but was off AAS at the time so it sucked and It was a pain to dial in right so I said piss on it. Since my long bicep head tendons and coracoid process bilaterally have been tight as hell and giving me issues (have 14 bottles of BPC 157 on the way and I get ART and deep tissue weekly) when I hit chest. I thought I would switch it up for a month or so. I have read that guys with joint and or connective tissue issues get much relief from HST if done right. My chest days now are Intense and about 75-90 minutes when AAS is involved. Moderate weight and lots of volume. I destroy one body part every 5-6 days as of now.