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10-08-2013, 03:40 PM
Disclosure-"All statements in the first person are in reference to my research animal" up to and including ; I, I'm, My

So early Sept 13 "my rat" ran Clen for roughly 3.5 weeks due to the fact it was given to me by a buddy whos rat couldn't handle it. Needless to say my tolerance for all stims is through the roof. By the end of the first week I was taking 160mg in the a.m. with minimal sides. There was only like 2 weeks worth of T3, so my guess is the ramp up/ramp down didnt even take because I highly doubt my blood levels changed at all. Throughout Sept I dropped around 25lbs. All admitting I was fat and put on weight due to a lower back surgery that it fine now, however I was laid up for quite some time on my stomach and I'm still overweight. So here's what I'm doing now, please any help is appreciated, supplement recommendations and don't hesitate to tell me Im a f*ckin idiot...I won't be offended and appreciate the honesty...

Stats- Age-26 Ht- 5'7" Wt- 251 BF- 28%
Diet- I'm taking in around 365g protein(all lean meat/Isopure carb free), 60g carbs, 60g Fat
Workout- 5 days a week, isolating groups, alternating heavy/light weeks
Cardio- 5 days a week (30 mins- 1 hour) medium intenstity HR between 118-130...higher post workout and when I was running Clen
Supps- VITAMINS lol...Multi, B comp, C, D3, Flax Oil and Liver Support with Milk Thistle

Just ordered Clen and T3 from EP...I'm considering running a cycle of Test cyp along side of this? (Yay/Nay?)(Dosage?)

So whats the best way to run this? Do you guys recommend adding anything else along with it? Better supp suggestion? Any and all tips and advice greatly appreciated.What kind of results can I expect?


10-08-2013, 07:31 PM
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