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08-30-2020, 08:17 AM
Per Red Bird...
This is a reminder. The new prices were dropped after the last promotion. And you have to understand I shy away from bulk discounts.

The idea is everyone is getting a deal. So no I can't give 20% whats already been lowered. And also understand I won't be having any major sales. Most orals were dropped $10. Some oils too. And some oils only $5.

*If its your first time I'll do no min no problem.

*If you need help with BTC let me know. However I am not an expert in all forms

*For an updated Auto Reply List email

This email response will answer most questions answered and give you the proper order format

*You must be ready to send donation when ordering

*in my list is a tracking policy

*Yes I have GH. They're purple caps of course. And I'll put on my list again now that I'm carrying more. $180 a kit. Free bac water

*Stranger Danger ! If your first email is to ask a bunch of questions with out announcing yourself you make me uncomfortable. Please tell me what forum you are from and screen/avatar name. For example I am RedBird for ASF.

*You may be asked to private message me after emailing me

*Response time is better then anyone else . Period . But be patient I do 10 things at once and or sleep here and there

*I'm on 7 forum boards. And my rep Joker is a fucking beast on all of them. When you private message him have patience

*well I guess thats it for now.....

If you have questions or need a list hit up Red Bird at redsxript@ctemplar.como

08-31-2020, 11:18 AM
Here to remind you of the reminders.

If you have questions or need a list hit up Red Bird at redsxript@ctemplar.com