View Full Version : Nice Job!!!!!

08-22-2020, 11:09 AM
I just want to say to the whole SXript team really really nice job on my order! From communication on helping me along all the way up to TA and landing. Been doing this a long time and I gotta say one of the smoothest orders Iíve ever experienced. Props to Joker and Red Bird!!! Awesome job guys. Also I pinned Sust and Tren today and immediately tasted the Tren. Nice! Both oils were SUPER smooth out of the bottle and in to me. Dbol tabs are very well done as well. Professional all the way. Will be placing another order next week.......AR

08-22-2020, 11:52 AM
Congrats and welcome to BLEEDING PURPLE POSSE NATION [emoji48]

If you have questions or need a list hit up Red Bird at redsxript@ctemplar.com

08-24-2020, 03:29 AM
Thank you