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IGF 1-LR3 1mg - Natural Peptides

Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is a polypeptide protein hormone that is one of the primary substances that is responsible for tissue growth in humans, including muscle growth. IGF-1 is primarily secreted by the liver, with a small minority of the circulating amount of the hormone being produced and delivered by other tissues. The basic function of the hormone is to induce cellular activities. For bodybuilders and strength athletes this compound could produce good results when used due to the ability of the compound to potentially enhance muscle hyperplasia, the actual increase in number of muscle cells in the body or particular muscle. Among the other anabolic effects that IGF1 can produce in the body are things such as increasing protein synthesis, increasing nitrogen retention, as well as inducing the growth of more muscle fibers. When an appropriate amount of amino acids (protein) is available, all of these actions within the body are able to be completed. It has been demonstrated that IGF1 can help to improve collagen production as well as the reproduction of cartilage in joints.


For LR3 IGF1, because of the longer active life of the drug in comparison to huIGF1, users will not have to administer the drug as frequently. Twice daily injections should be sufficient, although a single injection daily should also be able to produce significant results for the majority of users. Again, users will want to inject the drug post-workout in the muscle(s) that were worked. However, a second injection should be done elsewhere in the day. If not, a single injection time post-workout should be used. On off days from the gym, as with huIGF1, an injection can be made and may best be administered in the morning as to best fight off muscle catabolism. Barring this, any convenient time in the day can be used. However there are those users who simply opt not to administer any IGF1 on non-training days. It is at the discretion of the user.

Due to the possible local site growth that IGF1 may induce in users, many will split their doses and inject bilaterally. That is to say inject half of the dose into the muscle on the left side of their body and the other half of the dose in the right side of their body. Alternatively the user can simply inject the entire dose of IGF1 in one muscle on one day while making sure to inject the other muscle with the entire dose the next time that that muscle group falls in the injection rotation of the user.
As the use of IGF1 continues, these receptors will begin to downgrade and the effects of the hormone will begin to lessen. For this reason consistent breaks from use of IGF1 need to be taken by users. Anecdotally the majority of users report seeing their gains from IGF1 begin to diminish after using the drug for about four to six weeks.
In terms of dosing for IGF-1, users have reported seen good results when administering dosing ranging from 100 to 160 mcg per day. This total dose would be split into several injections, most of which would likely be administered post-workout.


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I need me some.....my growth is going in the wrong direction currently

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I need a some.....my growth is going in the wrong direction currently

Things need to go back to normal ASAP!! I hear that bro

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