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  1. Benj is gay
  2. Welcome
  3. Hi fuckheads
  4. This site's "pit"
  5. This place needs
  6. I feel sick
  7. This place looks like another place I know, that isnt associated with this place.....
  8. Am I to understand
  9. Funny pics?
  10. The Woodshed
  11. Pit Leader
  12. how long will it take?
  13. spam
  14. Hands down
  15. I have one thing to say...
  16. Did that guy ever post those nudes of this black chick?!?
  17. Sup, brahs?
  18. rumor has it...
  19. All natural mooscles.....
  20. Sickknt Playlist
  21. Hey boys
  22. Do you guys....
  23. Howdy
  24. big dicks
  25. Saney's Mexican brother....
  26. S-F
  27. Hey Guys
  28. What is this?
  29. Which music vids fire you up to train?
  30. Iron mag
  31. Can i?
  32. Would you cut your penis off for 10 million dollars?
  33. Post to Post
  34. IVF = $14,000 .... are kids really the greatest gift or is it all overrated?
  35. Chicks in yoga pants
  36. Sundays
  37. Home away from home!
  38. Beautiful Boobs Thread
  39. what's up?
  40. Is AS Forum run by Jews?
  41. Highest/farthest you ever jizzed....
  42. EK and Z?!?
  43. ASF is hosted by LE
  44. Women of WTF
  45. Fuck off thread
  46. My Progress pics
  47. Looking for mods
  48. Octomom video
  49. Whach'all drinkin' tonight
  50. Finding Quality Women and "Keepers"
  51. dubstep vs curbstomp
  52. What happened to Sledgehammer?
  53. Kali Muscle
  54. Still waiting on Pars?
  55. Some Gear Porn for your Friday
  56. Crazy Ex Stories
  57. why are all my posts moderated?
  58. liquidmuscle1 and bostonpaul
  59. Lip to Lip
  60. Where's our boy Shrek?
  61. The Greats (and Terry Crews)
  62. Google Street View finds escaped Prisoner?
  63. Corporate Douchebags
  64. Man "accidentally" kills 70,000 chickens
  65. Off to enjoy Labor Day weekend!
  66. Anabolic steriod forum
  67. 1 in 5 US Adults now has a tattoo
  68. Casino Sues Gamblers who won...
  69. Omg sodom and gommorah "im"
  70. Shrooming Cage Fighter Rips Friend’s Heart Out and Face Off, Pleads Guilty
  71. New
  72. Should I grow a sense of humor and start posting gifs?
  73. Been away for 2 weeks and I'm.....
  74. Disturbed Old Man
  75. Titty and pussy shots only
  76. Your favorite weapon of choice
  77. And so it begins...
  78. For your viewing pleasure
  79. NO posts today ...did you sleep in at the Nursing home
  80. Attention!!!
  81. Come at me BRO!!!
  82. Help a fellow brother out
  83. BIZZAR???????? Time on screen How close to "REAL TIME"
  84. For your viewing pleasure.
  85. The Official ASF Banging Booty thread
  86. Well East Coast girls are hip...
  87. Help from the DIY peeps
  88. Cry baby of the year Justhav2p....go ahead bring him back
  89. New Mod abusing his power like a mall security cop ... whaaaaa Custom hahahhaha!!!
  90. Blast from the Past
  91. Someone send me an infraction please.
  92. Just Because
  93. Who won the OLYMPIA ???
  94. This just in....
  95. Ideal Woman
  96. New place
  97. It's about that time
  98. Injection location
  99. Miserable
  100. Anyone ever blackmailed by a source?
  101. Lets shakedown a sponsor for free gears!!!
  102. Hulk Hogan Sex Tape
  103. How safe is this?
  104. Carbs whats your opinion
  105. Horrible advise thread.
  106. Anyone ever heard of....
  107. Fell off the Wagon
  108. GSracer Versus Vicious 13
  109. This just in.......
  110. Superduck gay threat
  111. Hot Tranny Pics
  112. Do you prefer Pussy or Penis?
  113. An accident you walk away from?
  114. DRUNKEST you've ever been?
  115. Rainier High School music class project
  116. Once you see you CANNOT unsee.
  117. Well no leg workouts for a couple weeks
  118. Not in my fucking ear!!!
  119. Porn GIF thread
  120. How to post
  121. Hey!!!
  122. Aww
  123. "You get what you pay for"
  124. More chicks lifting
  125. Costumes!
  126. Motivation ITT
  127. Friday in Panama
  128. AYE girl!!
  129. Fireworks!!!
  130. Female Bodybuilders.
  131. Chicago style murder at galle
  132. Dear Fag-itos
  133. Gmail is calling "suspicious activity"
  134. Rainier?
  135. Colorado legalizes it!
  136. tommygunz banned
  137. Time to say EVERYBODY WAS RIGHT I WAS WRONG...........!!!!!
  138. Would you?
  139. Why Thai women cut of their husbands penis's?
  140. Fuck you guys
  141. Some please fucking help me
  142. Funny stories
  143. Is this real?
  144. So I guess this love affaire is real!
  145. This is pretty damn cool!!!
  146. NS4W: Celebrity photoshot, upskirt, nipslip, cameltoe, downblouse etc
  147. are you serious, look at this guy.
  148. Whats that one song that just pumps you up in the gym?
  149. So I borrowed that mutilated foot picture...
  150. Yum
  151. okcupid enemies
  152. Hey guys help me out
  153. newbie
  154. r u serious... This makes me sick.
  155. hmmmm
  156. Ar15
  157. That Idiots in your gym
  158. Cocaine
  159. SYNTHOL (you might puke in your mouth)
  160. What do you guys think. Too girly....
  161. DO NOT go to source?
  162. Graphics Guys? Need New Banners - TRADES :)
  163. Junior
  164. This guys is smart.
  165. protein farts?
  166. Are there any safe boards that still maintain a trading post?
  167. Bender
  168. What ya think about our christmas tree
  169. PMs???
  170. Wipe that drool off your screen
  171. What's going on in my life
  172. Rainier's Pelican Thread
  173. What's this called?
  174. Hungry
  175. Rubber man!
  176. Yes
  177. Haters gonna hate
  178. What grinds your gears.
  179. Stuffed snatch...go
  180. Wtf ?
  181. Ufc 156
  182. Nocdode vs noobs thread!!
  183. ThePitCrew VonEric
  184. Meth or E????
  185. D-Lats Im throwing away my camera after this one...
  186. pussy contest
  187. Arnold Predictions?
  188. Fellow Bretheren
  189. Hey, you stupid fuck!
  190. Being a Drunk and my road to recovery.
  191. Hard 2 Kill
  192. Public apology to tg
  193. What kind of dog?
  194. Crashing
  195. Anybody know where BodyBuilding Powders went?
  196. Just watch and laugh
  197. anabolic america log MRSKOS
  198. Man of Steel
  199. Altimate fucking gear porn!!
  200. Azza . . . .
  201. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grade Drop-Out?
  202. The Captn'
  203. Dieseljimmy for mod
  204. I had to choke the bitch!
  205. Who's the MODS in this shithole?
  206. dbol dose for a 10lb cat
  207. You know what is cool.....
  208. Robbiek426.....
  209. Vasectomy Story
  210. Why is the new member Excite asking me for product list?
  211. Best music video ever!
  212. Fuck all of you!!
  213. possibly scammed
  214. Quality Anabolics Should Be Voted Off ASF?
  215. A day off for a bunch of people who work with their hands, what a fucking joke
  216. fact or false? igf1 ?!!
  217. High test ( FAT WOMEN ARE SEXY)I'm a sick man
  218. Dirty jokes
  219. Best or worst fight story.
  220. Missed connection
  221. How to
  222. Critique the form please :)
  223. ***pct***
  224. Sweating like a mofo while laying pipe.
  225. Dumb move of the day
  226. Just for Fun
  227. Racist Ron
  228. Breaking bad, the story of a small business owner struggling under the Obama administ
  229. Hardcore gyms
  230. Latest female conquests.
  231. Best Pick Up Line
  232. Low prolactin and sex ?
  233. Pizza or drugs part 2
  234. The following people please go fuck yourselves
  235. Kill these motherfuckers
  236. Custom's custom diet....gains are promised
  237. 19 Year old LOSER...
  238. Ptren!!
  239. Making babies on the juice!
  240. I wonder what aziz is doing right now?
  241. Negging
  242. calling out the army, the vips and the dawgs
  243. recent vids
  244. I love you man!
  245. Did Anabolic5150 recover from his post-op tranny surgery?
  246. Neg Custom thread
  247. just spiled my goddamn protein shake all over keyboard/mouse/printer/computer UGH
  248. Wish me luck ASF, tomorrow is the big day
  249. Mentos
  250. Baby Custom update
  251. Anyone unfaithful?
  252. Baby Custom is home!
  253. Nocode Spotting!!!
  254. Colochine offers you free protein shot while spotting you
  255. condom history
  256. I need a hot man...
  257. Breakbones or Mentos?
  258. Male enhancement
  259. Anyone have a favorite shirt that smells ??
  260. Nocode8511 the wanker and super gay !!
  261. Is Mentos on the hit list?
  262. Custom and all mods can go fuck your self...
  263. tommygunz the grand father of steroids
  264. I used to love the Pit
  265. Mentos sets a new ASF record!
  266. Granfather of Vacations
  267. Frickin Blue Balls
  268. I just had the scariest night in my life
  269. Who is next?
  270. Anybody else notice NoCode ?
  271. A video of my girl.
  272. mentos is back! neg party!
  273. Nocode Nocode Nocode
  274. Have to say SORRY to tommygunz from Mentos
  275. What shits me about ASF
  276. After today's episode...
  277. Check out this video
  278. Please Like Us!
  279. Recut movie trailers
  280. Manti Te'o - old shit
  281. cannabis appreciation thread
  282. Little guy will be home tonight
  283. I'll get you bitch!!
  284. Back tattoo work in progress
  285. The like us thread. Vote to close it or leave it open
  286. Welcome...
  287. Why?
  288. Things I'm thankful for....
  289. Female Bodybuilder Arrested For Child Porn Offenses
  290. Who wants nudes of Featherfan
  291. The Pit
  292. Why isn't Featherfan a Moderator here?
  293. Bryce the biggest dipshit of the year
  294. Question for the straight guys
  295. Negative 1 Billion
  296. Beats by Dre
  297. I'm curious thread
  298. Hi
  299. What the....
  300. So... My wife dropped a bombshell on me yesterday
  301. More Curiosity.... Step Inside
  302. Pit PSA for your own safety
  303. ? Banned
  304. Lets welcome Machinehead to the ASF family
  305. Way to much drama in here lately
  306. cock pics!
  307. Who the fk is Featherfan?
  308. ASF is infested with IMF faggots
  309. Rep points
  310. can i jump into the pit??
  311. New initiation?
  312. Recommend of a place to buy?
  313. What really fucken erks me
  314. I can't even..
  315. too much religious freedom?
  316. Hot blondes thread
  317. Sexy Cleavage????
  318. im going to fuck my post-man
  319. Nsfw
  320. Employee of the month... congrats raptor
  321. Where is SIL?
  322. 98.8% of women won't message a man shorter than 5'10 on online dating
  323. celebs asstastic, cameltoelicious, nipslip, upskirt, mouth, etc
  324. Rofl of the day
  325. celebs asstastic, cameltoelicious, nipslip, upskirt, mouth
  326. Fucking Honey Boo Boo WTF?!
  327. 280 lb Mastiff
  328. Pictures of your pets
  329. Lets all show a lil love and positive thoughts to featherfan
  330. Ah yes, the spirit of Christmas
  331. Guess Blueprints Carrier oil and Win LHJO from Nocode!!!
  332. Find the Guy in the Picture and WIN!!
  333. dieseljimmy is giving out free RHJO sign up below
  334. In Detroit...even the cats are gangster as fuck...
  335. i'm not sorry . . .
  336. Sushi anyone?
  337. Newbery??
  338. UNITED to ASF translation guide.
  339. You guys ready??
  340. DRSE world domination continues
  341. Which sources promotes the most homosexual dealings and why?
  342. I''m gonna guess
  343. Grinder App
  344. Hey lets help out a member over at IM, we're all part of the same family
  345. At the bath house
  346. Aussie Xmas!
  347. Bluprint rep!!
  348. Bp = ay = rnm
  349. wow there is a book for everything!
  350. Colochine (The forum's "special" child)
  351. EXCLUSIVE: Interview with The Nocode8511
  352. Dilema
  353. **Video found - Majere1313**
  354. Brunettes!
  355. How to Dirty Bulk
  356. Sick on cycle
  357. Merry Christmas everyone
  358. *Controversial content*
  359. Fruits loops for breakfast!! fuck dieting!!!
  360. wtf
  361. Mass negging
  362. Merry Xmas...fags
  363. heymrwaters
  364. Merry Christmas DRSE
  365. Christmas Prayers for all. Please join in.
  366. all we can do
  367. Today's meals
  368. My girlfriend dumped me today :(
  369. We need to come together as a community...
  370. I need this.
  371. oh, Yeah!?
  372. Revamping 32-bit integer rep points
  373. Neo-Nazi Neg party!
  374. check out my new shirt!
  375. How often do you lift?
  376. Motivated for the gym after a long day
  377. Sex enhancing drugs?
  378. cali ganj
  379. I wish!!
  380. Pit is not not creepy enough lately....
  381. Nfsw
  382. Spammers gonna' spam
  383. Which way is easier?
  384. Any Psychonauts here?
  385. For God's sake everyone
  386. 2013's voted most annoying words/phrases
  387. Creepy shit - part deux (extreme homo edition)
  388. Frozen?
  389. New Years debauchery
  390. Who's in the path of Winter storm Hercules?
  391. Post New Year Gym Crowd
  392. Beard!
  393. Chubby rule Violators !!!
  394. I have to try this
  395. dear warrior blaze and bushmaster...
  396. the soundtrack to your best workout!
  397. Leg press embarrassment
  398. Olympus pharm/Sponsor
  399. **Ice Ice Brimley**
  400. JUGS colo style
  401. c'mon heavy!
  402. coolest tattoo ever!
  403. Xanax
  404. Have you ever...
  405. Here's the BIG Olympus news. Hear it here 1st
  406. How do you make a dead baby float?
  407. Chemical Spill - Rant
  408. Dear DieselJimmy
  409. Aerobics
  410. Good Cop
  411. This is how D-Lats treats new guys
  412. Found this video of my buddy Jersey:-)
  413. lmy buddy leo
  414. ASF needs a "like" button like IMF used to have
  415. Pre-Workout my Ass!
  416. I miss my SAW
  417. You might be a gym asshole if...
  418. sexyest sex ever
  419. Colochine says.........
  420. D-Lats loses commercial ad to Tom Brady
  421. Hitler finds out
  422. How much HGH should I take?
  423. Girls, wanna feel safe??
  424. A priest and a rabbi
  425. Sick
  426. Fapping til the day I die.
  427. funny texting pranks
  428. Big D scamming?
  429. ghettoest music video ever
  430. The Harlem Struggle
  431. Redheads
  432. Female BodyBuilders
  433. not enought sex from wife.
  434. Whats the guy/girl ratio at your gym
  435. I'm ready to cut myself!!
  436. UGL vs PG
  437. Neg Party call out: Daimonos
  438. Thanks ASF & Congrats to Me
  439. Whats your favorite compound and why is it tren?
  440. Footage from my last hunting trip!!
  441. So I'm thinking
  442. Daimonos vs UNITED! UNITED!
  443. Clash of clans clan
  444. United!United! calls an American football game
  445. Broncos "D"
  446. Things you need to become a successful Persian night club owner
  447. feel like shit
  448. so who's got cancer now?
  449. Reporter would fuck missing woman
  450. So have you ever...
  451. theCaptn's apology
  452. White bullshit
  453. custom
  454. cancer
  455. sig 1911
  456. who's betting on the fight of the century?
  457. New ammo for your gun
  458. Lab rats
  459. Sorry GeoffSawyer:-/
  460. Drinking while on cycle....
  461. Mr. Symmetry
  462. Mr. Backne
  463. What food can do!!
  464. [SCIENCE] Tren vs Olive oil
  465. rolling
  466. Lolwut
  467. Selfies thread who's got em
  468. Damn insomnia
  469. Some forum rules I'd like people to adhere to from now on (TIA)
  470. Why???
  471. Bitch...rant
  472. Selling white iPhone 5s
  473. Old bitch / neon shirt fake outs...
  474. Fucking clomid
  475. May many of you suck glorious balls
  476. **Majere1313 came out to me in a PM last night**
  477. dick hurts from jerking off
  478. Happy V-Day DieselJimmy!
  479. I really want to fart again, yet so afraid.
  480. ASF vs IMF
  481. Inside look at Sochi!
  482. Thinksteroids???
  483. Wtf?!
  484. Attention Sponsors
  485. feelin' aggro bro
  486. can you get a girl pregnant while running test
  487. The Job Search
  488. does anybody else have incredibly unsupportive RL friends?
  489. I just placed an order.....
  490. Bloods came back greater than 3000
  491. Big news!
  492. another stupid boston loyd mistake
  493. 6 week labs
  494. Dear Ashoprep1
  495. I'm not sure which is worse
  496. hottest tranny contest!!
  497. Jewprint Gear (Slappy)
  498. strangest shit you've seen at the gym.
  499. Things needed to become a successful gang banger
  500. Trenbolone god of hormones
  501. 17 Year Old Girl...WOW
  502. I would like to apologize
  503. Unicorns
  504. ASF wishlist....
  505. I want huuuugge biceps like these natty
  506. WTF??? Drunk cousin came home and raped my cat?
  507. God damnit
  508. Why did so many pro wrestlers have heart attacks?
  509. Huge breasts, cute pussy
  510. I love gear
  511. Jewprint buy one get one!
  512. No glove, no love?! Wtf?
  513. NoCode11 "Gone Fishin"
  514. Attention Scammers . . .
  515. Porn
  516. wtf is going on here??!?!
  517. Where the fuck is that Tren Ace thread?!!!
  518. Another fun day at the office
  519. Things You’ll Never Hear A Woman Say?
  520. Hey SheriV!
  521. Results of the, "Where is the Fucking Tren Ace Post"
  522. Wrap up thread for the "wtf is going on here?!?!" thread
  523. Does caber increase the effects of THC?
  524. Learn your bitches snowflake
  525. Zyzz
  526. WTF is it with all the reps?!
  527. take your tampons out and vote
  528. check out this tool
  529. What's the craziest story you have told to get a test panels
  530. this is not baby gym
  531. I just became a Lakers fan!
  532. What the hell is going on lately!!???
  533. Anyone else do this?
  534. fuck yeah! merica!!
  535. Happy International Woman's Day!
  536. need legit source!
  537. one week notice... VERY IMPORTANT
  538. smokey is going not going to be charged... phew
  539. Is this too much powder?
  540. Headed back to Nocode11's fishing hole tomorrow
  541. Who else here thinks woman suck?
  542. Life without farms....
  543. DRSE diet coaching
  544. Need a scammer source and bunk gear
  545. Dear Admins
  546. First cycle with Dbol
  547. Stop your damn crying!
  548. The Dream Team!
  549. Aliens
  550. Ballz & stuff
  551. Who here has been blacklisted?
  552. Tim "sharky" Ward
  553. Psych ward/prison guard
  554. Dude are you kidding me?
  555. My new hero!!
  556. Something a lil fun...Dare i say..???
  557. Girl Problems
  558. Jesus thinks you're fat
  559. Ever come across a ....
  560. Paronychia
  561. Support Majere1313
  562. **custom love**
  563. Question
  564. Help!!!
  565. Nocode11's fishing hole finally produces
  566. F**K Miracle Whip
  567. Criticism Needed
  568. To my buddy custom
  569. LHJO investment
  570. Custom Why You So Mad Bro?/ Cat thread
  571. Look at this fucking cry baby lol
  572. Lets all welcome new Mod (dickhead) XYZ
  573. XYZ exposes Custom as a liar
  574. Why all the hate?
  575. while all you fags are bitchin'
  576. My response/commentary/summary of the Custom vs XYZ
  577. Eyebrows...lmao
  578. How big is everyones penis
  579. Ye olde shitith talkith thread
  580. I think I hurt XYZ feelings
  581. Should I do this tomorrow? 3/21 (Westboro Baptist)
  582. Fuck work!
  583. Brittney Palmer....just another reason to love the UFC
  584. What douche starting using the expression.....
  585. 3.99?!
  586. Anabolic5150 is having an unjustified meltdown
  587. Oh.... You're so big...
  588. Nocode11 soon to return
  589. What the fuck
  590. To custom
  591. Custom asks me to join him fishing...
  592. I'm going to get this tattooed over my
  593. I'm gonna think of SheriV
  594. I am 140lbs (63kg) at 6.2" (189cm) and I NEED steroids
  595. tell me about your foot fetishes
  596. If she's hot you don't have to worry about wearing a condom.
  597. Bostin Loyd not DRSE approved
  598. Do you ever dream...
  599. How many times a week
  600. You might think twice before pissing your women off
  601. stop and look. you will be happy you did
  602. BigMoe65
  603. I'm jealous of junkies
  604. How do you do it?
  605. Out of town working!
  606. Threads mysteriously disappearing from the pit
  607. Tell someone to FUCKOFF
  608. There you go Custom, mod board is all yours. enjoy
  609. Who is this guy Sil that claims he was a MOD here
  610. Mutagenic (Anabolic Nation)
  611. How can I be in the red , I hardly ever post...
  612. Neg train
  613. **Mod v. Mod: The Fight For Our Love**
  614. I hear there is some mod spots here
  615. Mod spot
  616. Sharing is Caring!!
  617. Custom Banned
  618. Guess the calories
  619. unwanted attention
  620. with power comes responsibility
  621. Inspiration for those cheat days
  622. Where the fuck is Slappy?
  623. Sportbike riders: a bit of clarity
  624. How the war on drugs started
  625. Stupid ppl at the gym
  626. The Custom Memorial Thread
  627. 60 percent of new members might be active LE agents
  628. Wut
  629. First annual ASF fight card
  630. Shit load of respect for NoCode
  631. Made me spit my dip clear across the room
  632. Taking Bets!
  633. Venezuelan Cinemax!
  634. Here's your big chance.......
  635. over board with the prohormones?? lol
  636. Negging is a passion of mine
  637. Im gone for a month and...
  638. Bostin "butt Fuck" lyod
  639. 3-some
  640. Kcbarbelljoe.......
  641. XYZ all trolls bow now
  642. Can someone give me cliffs on.....
  643. SheriV appreciation thread
  644. Apology to Heckler7
  645. Pinned my quad with 1/2 cc of test yesterday
  646. HeyMrWaters is an OSL Gimmick account
  647. Re: my profile-- this page has had 3,166 visits
  648. does this bitch age or what
  649. thong issue...
  650. I fucking miss GMO
  651. Blacklisted?
  652. The line forms behind the Captn
  653. Any Of You Fags..................
  654. HeyMrWaters nudez
  655. Eat a bowl of dicks
  656. To All Sponcors and Reps Beware Hamp46
  657. Pins
  658. Fuck Easter
  659. Happy easter!
  660. Does anyone stunt?
  661. Feelin' soft
  662. Opinion
  663. For xyz
  664. The Bestest Mod on the Interwebs
  665. any of you bitch-ass-niggaz wanna. . .
  666. Banned from POF
  667. Slappy has a beautiful penis
  668. I Have To Admit It.....
  669. free gear
  670. Warriorblaze
  671. Reddog: the people's choice
  672. Game of Thrones spoiler thread
  673. Did I kill myself from drinking the other night?
  674. bitches or gear?
  675. Why are women
  676. Whos the most racist member?
  677. ATTN: DieselJimmy
  678. The Pit = Mine
  679. Bath Salts
  680. This is by far the most impressive build I've ever seen.
  681. I'm jealous of monkeys
  682. Over 4,000 posts!
  683. Bianca Beauchamp - AKA BAsskillers wife
  684. Would you call the cop too?
  685. Stop Procrastinating!
  686. LMFAO ,, guess ive been doing it wrong the idea is 98 lb swag swole body lol enjoy
  687. Does anyone else like peanut butter as much as pussy?
  688. The Captn'
  689. Dark side of life
  690. Go flyers !!!!!!!!!!!!
  691. any shrinks in the house?
  692. Welcome our new Pit Moderator Warriorblaze!
  693. broken shit
  694. My Dog wants to run some gear! Any thoughts?
  695. Show.. (Inb4 donkey show)
  696. Gym Playlist
  697. Another sad day for LA fitness
  698. Larissa Reis is hot as fuck
  699. What is the weridest broscience you have heared?
  700. WANTED ( Graphic Designer ) Inquire with-in
  701. Time to piss of the senior members- first cycle test prop tren ace
  702. First cycle best porn in the history of porn.
  703. I fucking HATE MG
  704. Feliz cinco demayo
  705. SheriV is back...........
  706. Need T3
  707. Old Man Smokes Weed for the First Time (vid) (lulz)
  708. Now that's earning your wings
  709. PSA: Weekend Warrior Notice
  710. Picking up women
  711. Just another day at the office
  712. Cock blocked by 130lb stud....
  713. Asian Fever
  714. Luckiest Guy @ Strip Club
  715. tbjeff nudez - get them here!
  716. You're WEAK!
  717. Patricia Mello - would you plow her or is she a little "too big?"
  718. Doesn't Lift. Takes Trenbolone. Starts Lifting. Four weeks later...
  719. Pure lolz
  720. So I guess im racist. Lol
  721. Are you a dry guy?
  722. Its only smellz ....
  723. SheriV's first Mothers Day pic
  724. Nocode8511.... last of the free thinkers
  725. Wtf
  726. fucking epic!
  727. Katy Perry
  728. Real identity of maj inside thread. ....
  729. Bros, im bored
  730. Take my pole..........
  731. Trailer park boys
  732. Who's gay for Jeff?
  733. Guess who is having this meltdown?
  734. XYZ's "pole"
  735. This bitch....
  736. GeoffSawyer....................................... .
  737. Chunky tren loads
  738. Piglets and meerkats
  739. Velociraptor
  740. Twistedgto
  741. Rate my shirt /10
  742. Murf can suck my balls
  743. Moneypak
  744. strippers now adays....smh
  745. Any black people on this forum?
  746. basskiller wifey number 2
  747. Ultimate secret weapon:grapefruit!
  748. Just put in my new mailbox
  749. XYZ Appreciation Thread
  750. who said arabs arent funny fellas
  751. my life summed up in one pic
  752. Biggest alcoholic on the board?
  753. I Wanna Marry Harry ( tv show on Fox)
  754. Ifls
  755. Oh my gawd
  756. Why?
  757. Man sues stripper for a refund. Would you?
  758. Man Poses As A Teen Girl on Facebook To Collect Nude Teen Pics
  759. If i lose another proviron auction i gonna kill the cocksucker who out bids me
  760. Umm... Wow!
  761. Butt-Hurt Members One and All Please Enter
  762. How much to ban XYZ?
  763. I.M.'s rejects
  764. **Pics of SoCal's shoes**
  765. 145 hipster guy with beard at the gym be like....
  766. Heckler7 = Schmeckler7
  767. so im going to jail
  768. Petition for That_Tren_Life
  769. Got abs?
  770. Attn: IMF faggots - come at me bro!!
  771. DAPOXETINE - for premature ejaculation
  772. Hey Kyoshkin......
  773. Am I the only one that thinks these breasts are huge.
  774. Charlie... Fkg love you bro
  775. The pit has been getting too weak lately
  776. jeff sawyor
  777. Tren therapy: Bob Marley
  778. study reveals why Geoff and Kyoforskin love to eat McDonalds
  779. how much to ban Heavy Iron
  780. Take my new and improved pole (powered by cialis, and sponsored by viagra)
  781. Reddog n' Heckler7
  782. how much getting jacked increased your pussy getting ability
  783. Crossfit Fails
  784. Gayoff buttswinger needs a date for the weekend
  785. blazing and juicing
  786. Meanwhile
  787. Bwahahahahaha
  788. Neck day,bro!
  789. Go Fuck Yourself
  790. The Pit vs General Discussion
  791. Sarah Silverman: sexy jew?
  792. Why do people buy protein?
  793. Drugs are good mkay
  794. Im gonna get fuckin lit
  795. Is this rape?!
  796. The goods right here
  797. MLG Dog Pounders
  798. Plz help
  799. your all too late
  800. Just found out
  801. Im gonna get fuckin tit
  802. Geoff and Heckler's 2014 prom
  803. Half reppers
  804. Cleaning up the streets
  805. Sorry KOS
  806. REP position open
  807. It's not piss
  808. Evolution of the Lifting Man (VIDEO) (hilarious) (no, really)
  809. Just incase there was any confusion
  810. So I Had A Little Chat With HeavyIron...................
  811. XYZ's "chat" with Heavyiron
  812. fucking passion....if you hadnt seen it
  813. Viagra vs Cialis?
  814. Day 5
  815. Thought I would share this.
  816. faggots
  817. officer farva
  818. Tits with high nipples!!
  819. immortal?
  820. Boxing fans
  821. I am
  822. World Cup
  823. Farver
  824. Daimonos, The Italian Plumber.................
  825. How is this even possible....
  826. Is This Reality On This Board?
  827. I'm not gonna do what everyone thinks I'm gonna do
  828. Time to get weird
  829. All the rage in Milan!
  830. Rules on being a squatter in the gym? You know these shithead.
  831. Farver sent me a video
  832. This woman loves anal
  833. Paging Dr. Faggoot
  834. Fucked a black chick
  835. question
  836. Too Many Butt-Hurt Bitches In This Place........................
  837. Slappy is the hawtest
  838. Is Julia Eric's second personality?
  839. Griff, Azza, Reddog
  840. And for my 4000th post
  841. Azza
  842. Well i am here now what
  843. Faggotry
  844. Meso
  845. Beat me up..
  846. Mansir39
  847. Tim Sharky
  848. Celebrity Seethru Nipslip Upskirt Bikini Sideboobs and More
  849. JoeCarolBlowMe Vs. Dr. BroHomo
  850. Loving your work!
  851. Tr71 fucked his cousin!!!
  852. What the fuuu
  853. DrBroscience and Joecarol are XYZ gimmicks
  854. If you're bored
  855. Xyz...
  856. Big Time
  857. For All You Kickball Fans (Soccer)
  858. Who's ready?
  859. Drinking alcohol on cycle
  860. The truth as to where warriorblaze has been
  861. Who's dick does geoffsawyer have to suck to get some better smileys on this forum??
  862. BigTime sucked off an Indian
  863. Imf is def a shit site
  864. make this vid go viral!
  865. I hope I don't get banned or shitted on for saying this but here it is anyway...
  866. Tbjeff doing cardio
  867. I hope I don't get negged or shitted on for saying this but here it is anyway...
  868. Omgg
  869. ITT Confessions of Bromosexuality...
  870. Preworkout... JGR edition
  871. Jeffey
  872. Copycat threads
  873. Another butthurt member...
  874. Where the fuck has XYZ been???
  875. I have an annoucement
  876. What is it with these Mexican mother fuckers shooting off illegal fireworks
  877. Cuntz
  878. Soccer: for lame faggots
  879. Kronik finally got laid.. it wasnt good..
  880. thought I'd share
  881. Can a mod plz change my name for me?
  882. very important life changing news
  883. Uh is my dick bigger
  884. One in the same?
  885. Milk shake Abscess
  886. Imma fuck yo girl
  887. Bostin Loyd selling his own brand of synthol
  888. Negging HeavyIron
  889. If you don't smoke Tarrlytons.....
  890. So many FORUM WHORES on here....
  891. Serious questions: loose pussy and how many broads have you been with??
  892. How many REPS for Geoff to get back into the GREEN?
  893. Vacations are supposed to be fun
  894. Fave position or porn genre
  895. I'm an asshole, for sure....
  896. Mansir, I need your help!
  897. Drunk Russians fighting (sfe)
  898. looking for a specific tee shirt
  899. He shoulda been dual weilding..
  900. Imma...
  901. My Asian Massage Parlor Experience
  902. Where did the guy with the beard and tits go?
  903. Smokey in 1997...
  904. Omg
  905. Shits gettin real
  906. tips for getting shredded and getting the girls
  907. Apparently Justin Beiber uses AAS
  908. Joe Carol banned
  909. any tips for making picking up a last paycheck less awkward?
  910. basskiller's fishing partners
  911. Found a video of SoCal
  912. Uncut Hunks
  913. Is this a Gay bodybuilding site?
  914. If you could bang any celebrity who would it be?
  915. Flexed Out
  916. ArmyofOne
  917. Nocode...
  918. Breaks my heart (NSFW)
  919. Wanking and Driving
  920. Fucking splinter!!
  921. Roid rage see all
  922. things I find hot
  923. Only for heteros- brasilian wax
  924. Question for the pit.
  925. You guys want a sammich?
  926. Naps and blowjobs
  927. MLG reps
  928. Up to my eyeballs....
  929. someone bring me nubian dwarf goats
  930. You miss a lot when you go away for a bit
  931. You miss a lot when you go away for a bit
  932. Tierd of hearing about MLG yet?
  933. Michelle Bachmann noodz?
  934. I'm starting my own 'UGL'
  935. I'm turning into a bitch
  936. DieselJimmy
  937. curls for by the girl
  938. New Labs
  939. Old Ladies with Spray Glue
  940. Dark Meat
  941. Any tranny sammich fans in the house?
  942. MLG/bonezlabs TD porn
  943. Everyone that logs into this site....
  944. I'm boycotting my birthday next year
  945. Ya know what you never hear people talk about anymore?
  946. Cigars
  947. Just to clear up the confusion re: my approximate number of fucks given
  948. Inked Pussssay
  949. Bachelor pad essentials
  950. NS4W : Celeb shows something that they don't want you to see
  951. For your viewing pleasure: Nekane
  952. Trade
  953. So I had this dream
  954. camera crew
  955. Teenage mutant n**** turtles
  956. I made a friend :)
  957. suicide
  958. Deisel Jimmer
  959. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh
  960. pic of the day...
  961. For people who wanted a pic of my Pussy
  962. Milf
  963. me doing cardio
  964. Crossfitchic
  965. Who has FAP'd to CFC's Avatar?
  966. Who has FAP'd to BigTime's avatar?
  967. My wife drug me into planet fitness...
  968. I know some people are into this but....
  969. mrskos....fark
  970. drunk
  971. Official Fuck You Thread
  972. **The official ASF love fest thread**
  973. Some serious knowledge here!
  974. Is there any cool people left here?
  975. Orange is the New Bunk
  976. How gross is this? Smiley face
  977. I am
  978. AsianDave
  979. Black Jesus with a fanny pack
  980. Hey Heavyiron
  981. Peace offering to OfficerFarva
  982. porn star love
  983. The hottest lab since Helios....
  984. The bone man!!!ruff! Ruff! Dawgs....
  985. everyone come welcome back bone man
  986. Fuck BigTime
  987. Denied!
  988. she could kick your ass ;)
  989. It's my birthday today
  990. Naps Gear too good to be true?
  991. Dbol only cycle?
  992. why does a door handle from china arrive
  993. she does laundry
  994. I don't understand research chemicals?
  995. Need help understanding RESEARCH CHEMICALS?
  996. Tri-Test 400?
  997. Favorite Position
  998. Watch "#JusticeForAaron" on YouTube
  999. this comes as no surprise to those in the know, but just FYI...
  1000. Anyone try abaxens test E or sust?
  1001. What size needle for first INJECTABLE cycle?
  1002. SFY Scammer
  1003. With all the scammers coming out of the closet recently...
  1004. Who likes my new shoes?
  1005. so after some consideration..and discussion with a man in charge
  1006. Is an AI absolutely necessary?
  1007. Research Chemicals?
  1008. If SERMS can be sold as"Research Chems" legally, why can't steroids be sold the same?
  1009. I've never fucked a 10...
  1010. Reps jumping ship the day after
  1011. First steroid injection!!
  1012. Should mods become reps?
  1013. Should theCaptn' get all the free cock he wants?
  1014. Should a requirement of femal mods....
  1015. Should we celebrate Family Heritage Month by giving our loved ones gonorrhea?
  1016. WTF ever happened to Standard Donkey?
  1017. How are you not dead with all the gear!!?
  1018. What gym do you currently work out at?
  1019. theCaptn's TD thread
  1020. getting hungry late at night
  1021. Help with my PCT??
  1022. Steroids/Prohormones affect on libido?
  1023. TD PORN GTG NGL's Review
  1024. Nappy headed hoes
  1025. I find it funny that many of the older guys...
  1026. I burnt my tongue
  1027. Tbj
  1028. Ice Bucket Challenge goes horribly wrong for BTC
  1029. That high test feel.
  1030. Bully Beat Down Thread.
  1031. Fuck my bank
  1032. Here Comes Dr. Tran
  1033. So POF must stand for
  1034. tonyas back day
  1035. Sup nuttz51
  1036. 33 years ago
  1037. Check in
  1038. Confused about ASPIRATING?
  1039. Found a new Whiskey
  1040. The anxiety waiting for the Test to kick in......
  1041. Ice bucket challenge - kneegrow wig
  1042. powered by AMA!
  1043. Horny as a mother fucker!!
  1044. TheCaptn comes to America
  1045. Free Kisses and Hugs!
  1046. UGLfitness
  1047. Anger probs and irritability?
  1048. Fox's greatest interview!
  1049. There hasn't been a new thread in the pit for a while...
  1050. bathroom etiquette
  1051. Little man syndrome
  1052. Funker350
  1053. ISIS: horrible..will make for a bad day. read with caution
  1054. Post Injection pain!?!?
  1055. Naked ninja
  1056. Fuckin ASL challenge
  1057. Body heat from tren
  1058. Crossfit
  1059. 6-Magnitude Earthquake in China vs. California (be thankful you don't live in China)
  1060. How deep is the muscle??
  1061. Just a quick question
  1062. you know anyone ..family, acquaintance whatever...
  1063. small tonyas blob vid
  1064. Sick in bed
  1065. Kid on tren?
  1066. Tit for Tat
  1067. selling this shit
  1068. This shit's cringe-worthy: Psychic failing miserably on television...
  1069. Caught myself mean-mugging someone else on gearzz today
  1070. Steroids, An Arcade Style Video-Game Shows Injections can be fun too!!
  1071. stiff deads
  1072. wats up wit dat?
  1073. Dealer search
  1074. Yoga vid....yoga pants
  1075. Necessary to inject AIR into VIAL before drawing??
  1076. Sust 400 or Test C
  1077. Taking a big risk ordering online
  1078. Have a New Love for Corn
  1079. Tren users be like....
  1080. People are dicks on these forums
  1081. She could be your one true love
  1082. Why people really quit exercising
  1083. Melanotan 2
  1084. T-shirt idea
  1085. some guy keeps PMing me about selling bunk gearz
  1086. All of Jennifer Lawrence's leaked nude/NSFW shots (Full album)
  1087. Should I get my black girlfriend pregnant ?
  1088. Why do you think IMF is a better board than ASF ?
  1089. Cawk straightener
  1090. Who has never been a rep???
  1091. Bro rape
  1092. Watch "Oral Herpes" on YouTube
  1093. Brother and sister arrested for incest after fucking in a tractor trailer
  1094. Farts
  1095. 5 pm's in a day
  1096. Mirin....
  1097. Any sponsors customer service piss you off?
  1098. Cat and kid sucking on some titties.
  1099. Sometimes I try to impress Sheri. It goes a little something like this.
  1100. Piece of shit dad cooks his own little boy to death in a hot car
  1101. Manscaping - Fall/Winter
  1102. Awesom-o
  1103. Do you hit on women at your gym?
  1104. Honesty time. Have you ever hit a girl?
  1105. X - Lady pics.
  1106. How high will I get tonight?
  1107. This one's for you Jerseydevil and Mansir
  1108. thank me later
  1109. Most dominating source on the boards.
  1110. Squeaky
  1111. Baby Name Help
  1112. Should I turn HeavyIron over to LE to secure my place as the next AGELESS MALE
  1113. ASF eternal poop thread
  1114. a suggested group from facebook......
  1115. what a retard lol....watch !
  1116. The coach is def on a Tren cycle "Buff N' Stuff
  1117. torn hood skin
  1118. RC....who are you really?
  1119. Man holds child hostage, then learns he really shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight
  1120. This is what an excruciatingly painful 83-day-long death looks like. (GRAPHIC)
  1121. Anal Bleaching?
  1122. Do you hide your gear from your girlfriend or wifey?
  1123. Air Force denies airman reenlistment unless he swears oath to "God"
  1124. Cut my thumb
  1125. Hey commissioner!
  1126. Brazilian wax?
  1127. Chicken livers
  1128. Reps Trying Too Hard?
  1129. have you guys...
  1130. Don Draper
  1131. Have you ever let a girl finger your ass?
  1132. Let's have a moment of silence
  1133. Truth be told... How many of you guy's...
  1134. ....what is that in the sky, is it a bird ?????
  1135. U damned junkies
  1136. I should have pinned her ass!
  1137. Crimson got the boot!
  1138. Is it weird to want people to see your wife naked?
  1139. ...Have you ever let your dog lick your ass ????? ....
  1140. so I'm sitting here pinching my nips thinking
  1141. new celeb pics, where they at?
  1142. 2nd round nude leaks who
  1143. Rule #1..
  1144. POF chicks
  1145. more motivation music
  1146. Dnp
  1147. What do you think about when your estro is high?
  1148. Comp Day. Updates and pics
  1149. Seems legit
  1150. Geoffsawyer
  1151. at this moment...
  1152. It Never Gets OLD ENJOY!
  1153. Captn'
  1154. Going to try out my Masteron cawk for the first time.
  1155. Free Jodi Arias
  1156. What happened to MLG?
  1157. Instagram Selling steroids?
  1158. Lab results via protocol done by a rep?
  1159. Strip Clubs
  1160. New gear
  1161. for all that's holy
  1162. Gimmick Accounts...
  1163. Poll: Customer provides wrong address over and over, who's at fault here?
  1164. Neg train for Jamessingh
  1165. I love me some ASS...
  1166. Jamessingh - neg party call out.
  1167. woman's college volleyball
  1168. what a pathetic pit
  1169. How to kill several hogs with one bullet.
  1170. Ncaa
  1171. Strange sides?
  1172. isis what do we need to do as a world community?
  1173. I think my balls were just too big?
  1174. for all nighters
  1175. Testosterone numbers question.
  1176. I can't believe I'm asking this but...
  1177. Where's Ms. V.
  1178. Kash monies neg train! Great pic inside!
  1179. Older broads swallow...
  1180. You guys ever watch this guys videos?
  1181. Kash Monies is a DRSE gimmick
  1182. This kid wins
  1183. Don't Fuck with this Ref
  1184. GavinMcGraw Neg Train
  1185. experiences
  1186. Im depressed
  1187. Seven Feathers
  1188. Is it me, or....?
  1189. Jerseydevil's real identity
  1190. Taking forever to release
  1191. Why is there always "that guy" in the gym?
  1192. ........... Gym slice .............
  1193. kash monies crib
  1194. late 70's early 80's panties
  1195. The nerve of this woman!!!
  1196. watch out...
  1197. These kids...
  1198. AY gear
  1199. theboneman is married to his sister and...
  1200. Fuck you
  1201. ways in which life is awesome this week
  1202. Fuck it. Not worth the time/effort
  1203. Uploading pics error message?
  1204. HeyMrWaters, DieselJimmy cawk challenge
  1205. Support for JerseyGymRats mom
  1206. Profile pic
  1207. Board Record
  1208. Your stats then and now..
  1209. Fuck
  1210. Just me?
  1211. Fuck yea thinking new Halloween costume
  1212. Some people just amaze me
  1213. discuss
  1214. whatcha doin?
  1215. Sympathy Sex
  1216. i cant believe what just happened
  1217. Freaking banner
  1218. Fun little website
  1219. when I win a million dollars
  1220. Happy Halloween
  1221. Female powerlifting champion jailed after covering up death of bodybuilder
  1222. They never call him a bridgebuilder
  1223. No Shave November
  1224. I love you guys!
  1225. Couples in the gym
  1226. semen volume
  1227. Women on Steroids
  1228. Election Day
  1229. Would You Hit It? Commercial Girls Edition
  1230. Admin or Vet ???
  1231. Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight
  1232. Tadalafil is in my home
  1233. Palumboism
  1234. Go shit your gumboot
  1235. Molly
  1236. Holy nightsweats!
  1237. Hey velociraptor44
  1238. Docking... you have all been doing it wrong
  1239. lets hear your favorite or least favorite conspiracy theories
  1240. why do meso trolls come here
  1241. Took a great selfie pic with my cawk in my hand!
  1242. 130 lb admin at Evo banned me today
  1243. Jlaw new pics
  1244. Chelsea Handler
  1245. Things Sheri loves beyond her family; A pictorial.
  1246. Mass Spec results
  1247. I gots pinz for days.. or maybe a year...
  1248. Are all women liars?
  1249. Seriously, no homo
  1250. World Record 725 Bench Press
  1251. Wellp, there goes that mattress.
  1252. Just got X-ray back for my knee. Doesn't look good
  1253. Potential reasons why having a vagina makes you a bad driver?
  1254. Saints Fan steals ball
  1255. Feminist bitch
  1256. Velociraptor44
  1257. Sexy pic of my wife- NSFW
  1258. Very tough week! Need some hookers and some blow!
  1259. a 220 pound aussie super mod scammed me into buying 4 pallets of h4h
  1260. your opinions...
  1261. All4Dicks sacrificed to the neg gawds
  1262. °☆Paxton - Test E: test results (legit and uncut)☆°
  1263. This made me smile
  1264. Hgh?????
  1265. DieselJimmy
  1266. for your viewing pleasure
  1267. Haha coincidence? I think not..
  1268. GD Shortage of Drol?!
  1269. Reps working for two sources? Whores!!
  1270. Drugs
  1271. is it just me
  1272. On cycle and I just ate a little Debbie Swiss roll. HELP!
  1273. Cardarine
  1274. furguson
  1275. New record for E2 levels?
  1276. Anyone else notice....
  1277. mods that moderate 2 forums, whores!
  1278. Chicken Shit Gimmicks
  1279. Backseat Brewing _ XXX Pharma?
  1280. give her cawk?
  1281. sponsor scouts...
  1282. Cant stop being a douche... :(
  1283. MP3 Player
  1284. IronMagLabs
  1285. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
  1286. PCT and Sex
  1287. Many epic battles today with turkey
  1288. Happy Thanksgiving all! Sexy girls inside to go along with the holiday!
  1289. Sheriv IMF supermod
  1290. ....... How about those birds .......
  1291. Cjc 1295 with ghrp 6
  1292. Farva's on a roll handing out negs
  1293. Pinning cjc and ghrp.. how?
  1294. Gamecocks lost to Clemson fuck time to buy a new tv
  1295. you are not the father
  1296. strangest boner
  1297. Olympus/Anabolic Warehouse/Dynami
  1298. Christmas cameltoe
  1299. because yall keep asking heres a pic of GLUUUTES!!
  1300. Drug test today..
  1301. Tada and Christmas birthdays
  1302. Happy birthday jeffy
  1303. Musclebears?
  1304. sexual tips for ASF pit followers
  1305. Merry Christmas
  1306. Couple friends from last weekend
  1307. Douche at my gym
  1308. Shut up does not mean standup.
  1309. How many times can you guys get your nut off in a day?
  1310. I have deca dick... :'(
  1311. recommendations for exotic beach getaways
  1312. Funny GIFS... Hahahaha
  1313. Who's the coolest person on this forum?
  1314. Terminator Genisys Movie - Trailer Tease
  1315. opiate addiction
  1316. Sweet deal on protein bars on eBay
  1317. Happy Friday!
  1318. BDSM Ideas?
  1319. Urgent cjc and ghrp question
  1320. Buying a new phone tomorrow advise I what to get
  1321. The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.
  1322. Twerking
  1323. Dynami pharma
  1324. I need help!!! Cant find jack shit on my peps
  1325. This is sad.
  1326. Freeballing Workouts
  1327. Custom come back
  1328. ASF twerking comp!
  1329. Arse grapes - who has them?
  1330. Why Prince won't return your calls
  1331. Beta alanine addiction hotline
  1332. Monday is clamday!
  1333. Why am I shitting so much!!!!
  1334. Life/Marriage question. Looking for help
  1335. NoCode's NOLA hunting trip
  1336. Jingle Boobs
  1337. Bad boyfriends
  1338. Boxer shorts
  1339. if my inbox doesn't start filling up with...
  1340. Tyson pranks Dana White
  1341. What if.....
  1342. Ammo question. 45acp and 308 winmag
  1343. BIGGS secret #32
  1344. Picture Sharing:):)
  1345. Tbj
  1346. is chicks that smoke weed really hawt?
  1347. Fuck Christmas
  1348. How bout dem Cowboys!!!!!!!
  1349. hail satan
  1350. Im gonna need some
  1351. What's with this new Tapatalk shit?
  1352. Hot or Not?
  1353. I just remembered
  1354. Minimum Wage Increases
  1355. Raptor
  1356. raptor is buying me
  1357. Reverse scammer among us!!!
  1358. Do you get super needy when you're sick?
  1359. doing fat girls while on a dry spell
  1360. Is Santa Clause Juicing?
  1361. so theres this guy... we'll call him "Steve"
  1362. So, this older guy interupts my convo in the gym.
  1363. SoCalJC
  1364. Hey SoCalJC
  1365. Top 3 bands for gym time
  1366. can an ADMIN please pm me
  1367. Do you think
  1368. happy sunday!
  1369. Is it wrong that I push my gf to go to the gym?
  1370. Twas the night before Christmas ASF style...
  1371. Mr waters and I
  1372. Merry X me ass...
  1373. girls rocking metallica
  1374. So...Christmas....
  1375. Santa stole your gains?
  1376. happy holidays
  1377. well its official made the misses a honest women for Christmas santa sprung for ring
  1378. Girls who have cats
  1379. Top 3 sponsors
  1380. will suck dick for free stuff
  1381. I'm fucked up and thinking
  1382. Figured it out
  1383. Tren got me tripping
  1384. Growing weed
  1385. Ms. V. support group and detox
  1386. waxing stuff up
  1387. Another outstanding weekend to have high test levels
  1388. Natty or not?
  1389. Chelsea Handler
  1390. Fuck MESO
  1391. So Frau Krampus is gone...totally safe for work
  1392. New Years
  1393. i no everyone has got 1 new years resolution lets here it
  1394. Jan 2 gym zoo fest
  1395. ... Happy nudz year ...
  1396. lets hear the stories
  1397. Genuine WATSON Testosterone Cypionate! from domestic-supply.com
  1398. Mufukin B*******, I swear to god...
  1399. Message to the Mods.
  1400. Raysd21
  1401. How to leave a needy bitch?? Seriously need advice guys!!
  1402. Uncle Z rep
  1403. For RAMBO
  1404. Helping a friend with some dieting
  1405. Wife, GF, Ex's - Browneye PICS
  1406. Philly fans rejoice!
  1407. Heavy fucking metal thread
  1408. Im Back from the depths of hell
  1409. Tapatalk
  1410. .. Another republican politician off to jail ..
  1411. Do you know anybody like this guy?
  1412. A post for the 99%
  1413. Hide and seek with my coffee emoticon
  1414. Dsl
  1415. Not easy being Progress....
  1416. Michelle Jenneke Olympic track girl..WOW WOW WOW new video?
  1417. Doc told me to stop cycle for surgery.. fucker
  1418. Quality ECA?
  1419. Bumping old threads in the new members section
  1420. Reward !!!
  1421. Why do some black peoples faces closely resemble primates?
  1422. Thoughts?
  1423. My weekend progress
  1424. More Football Discussion
  1425. Who's cock do I have to suck
  1426. So I play hockey
  1427. Get rid of ants...
  1428. 2 faced bitches
  1429. How do you become a rep?
  1430. me and my drse 6th grade humor
  1431. Fuck Thursday.
  1432. let's be honest
  1433. so..this guy "steve" ...
  1434. FORDs 2017 GT one BAD MOFO
  1435. SoCal sent me his latest pic
  1436. MLK day get your welfare checks motherfuckers
  1437. Old fat bitches
  1438. Tren E Homebrew
  1439. Do you feel that your dick isn't big enough?
  1440. Rapror's new pix
  1441. Whining Bitches
  1442. Feet go numb on the shitter?
  1443. 1st time in years i finally get a descent tax return anyone else ?
  1444. Paige fcking Hathaway
  1445. Blood work!!! GDI
  1446. To the ladies of ASF
  1447. how to post before pics
  1448. I'm dating a 20 year old virgin
  1449. Best AR-15 Optics?
  1450. Compilation of pick up lines
  1451. Who are your "must read what he posted" posters?
  1452. Those multi purpose ATM's
  1453. Best replies when asked "what are you on?"
  1454. Knockout Game
  1455. Which breed of dog should I get?
  1456. Meso's MS tester wasnt legit? lol
  1457. Would you be angry if I farted on your mailman?
  1458. Snow day!!
  1459. My intriging life as an addict...
  1460. I've got good news!
  1461. Daimonos......
  1462. XYZ n' Diamonos
  1463. Hey how to get these abs??
  1464. Sheriv's titty spotting
  1465. This guy is funny....
  1466. Worst Lay
  1467. Dog ate my Hellfire sample
  1468. Go Pats...Tom Brady is too wicked good for deflategate
  1469. omg... bit off more than i could chew
  1470. What you've all been waiting for. The Riff Raff diet
  1471. Sexy Gifs
  1472. Pats Coach - Ode to Belichick
  1473. issues with delivery??
  1474. I have to go shovel the driveway
  1475. Gyno removal in 8 days!! Plus other news :)
  1476. Dick pic etiquette...
  1477. Girlie Parts
  1478. HTFU discount
  1479. Silva caught juicing
  1480. 2001 called....
  1481. Jordanian Pilot
  1482. Sierra2500HD, a perfect snack
  1483. Where did that Jax Teller gimmick go?
  1484. Another Asian airplane goes down
  1485. Ice Bucket Challenge
  1486. God warrior!!!
  1487. This pre workout is legit as it gets!!!
  1488. Listening to two guys talk in the gym
  1489. That's what I call an evening snack
  1490. Pranks
  1491. Muscle Barbie
  1492. My ass hurts!!
  1493. Working out with GS1
  1494. Mex Gear = Scammer
  1495. All new training video.
  1496. The bread game.....read at your own risk
  1497. PSA: Damgar is recently single
  1498. They call this plus size?
  1499. How to get your girl to lift with you?
  1500. Who the fuck are all these sponsors?
  1501. wifey number 7
  1502. Pretty Boy Pharma
  1503. Gyno surgery went great
  1504. The OfficerFarva is a Faggot Sticky
  1505. What are ya pushing up for for chest
  1506. Powerball
  1507. Madison Morgan
  1508. Love these transformations
  1509. Movie: Train Wreck
  1510. Admin please remove my rep status
  1511. lil female motivation
  1512. Why thread closed
  1513. My eyes are up here!
  1514. Fcuk Valentine's Day
  1515. Heavy Iron
  1516. Lab errors bro
  1517. Where are you from?
  1518. Fuck fatty
  1519. ran out of sterile swaps...
  1520. Night of no sleep & pissing all over myself
  1521. so...think i tore my hamstring
  1522. Interesting lab
  1523. no..really..getting to the gym has been an almost impossibility
  1524. The moral quandary advice thread
  1525. Bar fight
  1526. Aap is OPEN mfkers
  1527. advice needed, not what you think
  1528. I know one of you have done this.....
  1529. Fucking ISIS
  1530. Why I hate some international shippers....
  1531. Favorite Body Part to Train?
  1532. Facebook trainers
  1533. bodybuilding
  1534. Sub q half life
  1535. Lol anyone know about this crap
  1536. Mansir39's new avi
  1537. Women and Money
  1538. I think I caught something...really burns
  1539. Slept shitty last night. Skipped morning workout and missed the train.
  1540. Gym Rants
  1541. Am I the only one....
  1542. So what ya guys think?
  1543. Sorry folks Alabama is closed
  1544. Members that go M.I.A.
  1545. Do sources get mad if......
  1546. FUCK !!!!! I wanna be big and lean.
  1547. Fit girl Tren Thursday Pics
  1548. Asians Rejoice
  1549. At dr and freakjng the fuck out
  1550. What fucking color is this dress??
  1551. Elbow inflammation. Gout?
  1552. racism
  1553. are chemo patients hot?
  1554. Mail trucks!!!!
  1555. How has ROID inspired you ?
  1556. Gyno surgery before, after and now pics
  1557. Can You Tell If Someone Uses AAS On Sight?
  1558. Question
  1559. If I had a slave...
  1560. Please help omg
  1561. Account Deactivated on EVO?!?!?!
  1562. Dnp
  1563. Brunettes, Blondes or Redheads?
  1564. 14 seconds
  1565. percocet and viagra
  1566. Fiancee took raw kratom powder lol
  1567. Some lingo on here that annoys me
  1568. panty fetish, deleted too many being a nice guy but here's something
  1569. Why isn't my avatar showing up?
  1570. I would like to make a confession
  1571. HAES & fat acceptance, fuck this world
  1572. Hey Farva...
  1573. Tren with no sides from Gluten free diet
  1574. who has been fired?
  1575. Damn that was strange huh ? WP Rep
  1576. anyone have compartment syndrom?
  1577. Eagles trade McCoy! WTF????
  1578. How many guys on here have given this advice to someone?
  1579. Need tips for traps and bi's like this guy
  1580. Nurse @ the clinic
  1581. Meanwhile in the ghetto....
  1582. Enlarged prostate
  1583. Mother Nature you dirty fucking cunt
  1584. Should I tell my parents I use steroids?
  1585. this board has the largest collection
  1586. SHERIV gave me an infraction
  1587. have you been negged by farva lately
  1588. Picture of OfficerFarva's wife
  1589. Should I tell my parents I have hemorrhoids?
  1590. MaxHead Lab Results
  1591. Should I tell my parents I am a man whore
  1592. Sat night wank night
  1593. Should I tell my parents that I'm a virgin?
  1594. *This* is what the youth of America thinks. WTF people?!
  1595. Should I tell you guys that I diddled your parents?
  1596. Should I Tell My Parents I'm a Board Rep for AY???
  1597. Shipping prices
  1598. Additional pictures of OfficerFarva's wifey
  1599. Arnold Classic - Dana Linn Bailey
  1600. should I tell my mom that frau Krampus wont let me fuck her in the ass?
  1601. Should I Tell My Parents?? episode 9
  1602. Should I tell my parents I want a big wheel
  1603. Free BMW offer!
  1604. Lab results
  1605. Thanks Farva. You're such an inspiration.
  1606. I need to up my AI.....
  1607. Public service announcement
  1608. Damgar
  1609. So I like to wank in the tanning bed....
  1610. So I like to wank in the tanning bed....
  1611. Next Blast
  1612. J-e-t-s jets jets jets
  1613. Greatest movie scenes ever
  1614. you have strong hands, capable of wood working
  1615. Ripped Off...Some help please
  1616. Hey Dj
  1617. FUCK YOU Waters!
  1618. So...where do you guys acquire strange?
  1619. found GS1's Mom! dinners ready!
  1620. What is considered "cheating" on your wife/girlfriend. .???
  1621. True web legend!
  1622. Which source are you most embarrassed to have supported/purchased from?
  1623. Bent my wife over this morning.
  1624. Send me all your Xannies....
  1625. May the 2nd mayweather vs manny pacquiao.
  1626. Farva's wife - it's supper time!
  1627. MotherF*%$#@* Taxes!
  1628. Who has the best PIP?
  1629. How has REDDOG inspired you?
  1630. to use aml or to not? anyone here of this brand
  1631. How low can you go?
  1632. Fat-tarded kids on spring break
  1633. How many guys put up with cats to get pussy?
  1634. Who are the gimmicks these days?
  1635. Working on tanning
  1636. shes already back at it....
  1637. Why Haven't My Testicles Got Bigger?
  1638. shazzle mail reviews?
  1639. Cousin Nikos wants to power fuck his cousin
  1640. It's my birthday bitches...
  1641. Annoying fucks at the gym
  1642. "suppliers?"
  1643. Hey, Dynami...
  1644. F@*# this Job
  1645. Huge PIP sale!
  1646. Blow Purity in the UK
  1647. Request
  1648. In case I get banned...
  1649. Opinions on Pinning Masteron directly into my taint
  1650. Show your form off!
  1651. I just finished
  1652. Ladies, Big Ronnie has been learning from the best! Champanya?
  1653. Observations
  1654. Mrs. Robinson
  1655. Who amongst ye has sent Sheri thy cockage?
  1656. post your dick head rants here!!!!!!!
  1657. Ex's: Is it ok?
  1658. Big Ronnie's cawk pic. Not for the faint of heart.
  1659. You know what I love?
  1660. Terrible customer service
  1661. Terrible Customer Service part 2
  1662. open relationships
  1663. Bitch Fiance
  1664. Bigmoe65
  1665. remember this when you post pics
  1666. Calling officerFarva, OfficerFarva you copy?
  1667. Ready for free olive oil???
  1668. This will Disgust you or Entertain you Your choice lol
  1669. music you play on a first date..
  1670. Ass licking??? Who likes it???
  1671. The Beautiful Ladies of POF
  1672. Since im the most hated now- here you go!!
  1673. Barbell curl 165lbs bodyweight 185 video!!!
  1674. I spent the day
  1675. Sup fellas
  1676. Tren base as a his and hers sexual PED
  1677. Update pic
  1678. the fuck did i just see.. post the most disturbed people you find on the internet
  1679. bulking
  1680. My phone. ..your phone..
  1681. bollywood
  1682. Does it mean I'm gay if
  1683. How Spot a Cop on ASF
  1684. Hangovers
  1685. When cops come on ASF?
  1686. Holy SHIT it's been a while! Boys im BACK!!!!
  1687. spam callers
  1688. Loss of a best friend.
  1689. BREAKING: 7 people shot at Spring Break party in Florida (blacks gone wild!)
  1690. Barbell curl 165lbs bodyweight 185 video!!!
  1691. proper lifting form is important
  1692. Daimonos ..why are you such a fucking baby
  1693. was so cool
  1694. Bodybuilder walks into a bar......
  1695. Fuck Hoes....
  1696. Wipe front to back or back to front?
  1697. Kiestering oils
  1698. Halo 4 Her comeback thread.
  1699. I'm high on tramadol and feel awesome. Safe?
  1700. 10/10 still bang?
  1701. priapism
  1702. How much $$ do you make per year?
  1703. So..what's the most fucked up shit you done on April 1?
  1704. Seriously worst fucking april fools day ever
  1705. Question for those of you in serious relationships...
  1706. 10k Club
  1707. Soiled panties: A gift of love?
  1708. Bitches -I be back.
  1709. Attention Christ Killers
  1710. kash monies love thread
  1711. I don't like Easter
  1712. cant update profile
  1713. is my sister in law inappropriate?
  1714. Dumbest fight you've ever had with a spouse/gf?
  1715. Starting a new job
  1716. This morning for breakfast
  1717. inappropriate waitress
  1718. Gear kicked in
  1719. Waitin for his calves to grow
  1720. All too common
  1721. our maid was a bit inappropriate today
  1722. smash or pass?
  1723. Is basskiller being inappropriate?
  1724. Am I gay???
  1725. wifeys inappropriate bedside manor
  1726. Do you ever feel like smacking people?
  1727. Cops.... Filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement.
  1728. check your e2, stop crying like a bitch
  1729. For you dog lovers......
  1730. how long would you have to be locked up..
  1731. pprofile pics?
  1732. Xanx'es
  1733. Why do you go to the bingo parlor?
  1734. mother in law over the top inappropriate
  1735. let me make something abundantly clear
  1736. story time : the most ridiculous stupid bitch you have ever encountered?
  1737. Dynami is gone?
  1738. 'Merica
  1739. Steroids are bad mmmkaaay.
  1740. Fuckin shit
  1741. Dear Raptor
  1742. Bodybuilding stereotype
  1743. Terminator 2 on syfy
  1744. Loss of Libido
  1745. Oh the agony..
  1746. Update from levram
  1747. Sow your own
  1748. Is Progress still making progress?
  1749. am I being a bitch
  1750. creepiest part of this pic
  1751. Blowjob Porn GIFs
  1752. 4 days out from bikini show- FAVORITE CHEAT
  1753. Ballerinas at the gym
  1754. Wtf???
  1755. It's my birthday tomorrah guys!
  1756. dodgers
  1757. 10yrs and were done!!!
  1758. Life of some chicken? Funny video!!!!
  1759. Froggy Fresh getting ripped!
  1760. Would you deposit this in your spank bank?
  1761. Almost 34 years and it's over :'(
  1762. Most Annoying Cunt at ASF?
  1763. cannabis and anabolics
  1764. Kendra sutherland video
  1765. Funny shit
  1766. Dannie's diet at 2 weeks out
  1767. you know when romance has left the relationship
  1768. how long does a passport take?
  1769. Would you get it with Sophie?
  1770. Failed my drug test for work
  1771. Would you hit it with Gal?
  1772. Good news for Captn'
  1773. well this is different
  1774. Mani's and Pedi's and Tada,Oh My......
  1775. Bad news, from theCaptn'
  1776. Going to Rehab
  1777. Perturbing Tren Dreams
  1778. Sheriff: 9 Indicted In Pappy Van Winkle Heist - LEX18.com | Continuous News and Storm
  1779. ESPN new site
  1780. Have you ever?
  1781. Advocare and the people who sell it.
  1782. I am a whiny little bitch
  1783. Dog shaming
  1784. Which sponser?????
  1785. Got me a part time job
  1786. Gotta love that!
  1787. Where does your avy name come from?
  1788. Mayweather or Pacquiao
  1789. Cheer me up ??
  1790. Are you able to workout w/your spouse/mate?
  1791. ....that's the end of that!!
  1792. Blasting and Cruising Versus Cycling Steroids
  1793. My girl is a dead woman tonight.!!!!
  1794. should we start having
  1795. Finally!! Got my home defense pistol!
  1796. Freddie Gray
  1797. your tattoos
  1798. Failed attempt at a new 1RM, I almost had it.
  1799. Why is the Hulk green?
  1800. Fuckin Traffic!
  1801. If you can't find BD rigs, blame me
  1802. Barman rant.
  1803. Raptor's sexual adventures
  1804. TheCptn: The Truth be Told
  1805. Anyone ever try a Vibrating Cock Ring?
  1806. Ironmaglabs Porn XXX
  1807. The gloating thread
  1808. RatatKrat
  1809. Do you think UGL raws are any different?
  1810. Td td td td
  1811. How to Treat this Situation. Relationship Problems.
  1812. Good porn
  1813. Man nearly loses arms after muscles turn to rock due to toxic injections | FOX5 San D
  1814. Wanted Now: Sponsors
  1815. so I was just wondering
  1816. ESPN - Streak for the Cash
  1817. so Im selling this motorcycle
  1818. Drawings of Muhammad contest
  1819. Tips for a lasting relationship? Avoid if you're boring.
  1820. Would you leave your woman if she became Virilized?
  1821. the vacuum , my fav demo so far..
  1822. Props to this guy
  1823. What up fam
  1824. pavlok- a shock collar for people
  1825. unarmed white teen shot by black cop
  1826. have you ever really loved someone or something even...
  1827. Imaginary Lat Syndrome.
  1828. Taking your shirt off means shit
  1829. Will Trade Nudez for Base.
  1830. New workout we should all be doing
  1831. Put the Superman cape in the dresser....
  1832. What happens during your weekly massage?
  1833. So let's say you know someone is a scammer...
  1834. have you ever really kinda liked someone who is....
  1835. This dad bod shit has to stop
  1836. Banned
  1837. Mod forum
  1838. The real reason thugs die...
  1839. Shill for hire!
  1840. Fuck you cancer!!
  1841. Who here uses Bitcoin?
  1842. Would you rather....
  1843. bangaroo's : the bitch you DONT tell your friends about
  1844. Public service announcement:
  1845. New technique
  1846. ️️️️️
  1847. HAHA Dylan Gemelli at it again
  1848. Baltimore riots CVS
  1849. 61 y/o white man beaten nearly to death be black teens
  1850. Team fighting a new sport
  1851. Coming Out
  1852. 2 Baltimore corrections officers arrested for looting
  1853. SaneSloot's Journal
  1854. Sponsors deleting posts before they even launch
  1855. Meanwhile, at AnabolicMinds ...
  1856. Ironmag's dirty laundry: a hamper full of soiled secrets
  1857. So anyways
  1858. ☆☆°Picture of Trapstar°☆☆
  1859. restaurant in Nigeria sells human meat
  1860. my new outlook on life
  1861. boob apron
  1862. Are they on the same level?
  1863. My new addiction
  1864. Some days, like today, I'm like fuck it!
  1865. So I have a warrant for my arrest.....
  1866. Just in case you bitches forgot...
  1867. Moving sale! New list sometime soon. Everything 20 Shekels
  1868. New doggie for the wife... And me ah shucks
  1869. Received Customs letter/seizure. Dame it was a good run.
  1870. Levram//Marvel
  1871. These damn rules of mine....
  1872. Warriorblaze
  1873. kmartone
  1874. can i get prop tested in a third party lab
  1875. Base Off Face Off
  1876. What's Kratom? Parents Claim the Drug Drove Son to Suicide
  1877. Krazy Kratom Sale this weekend!
  1878. This is how it all starts
  1879. New Supermods: SFW and Saney!
  1881. Bronsons 2015 fuck off and farewell tour..
  1882. Free mustache rides
  1883. Dad destroys vette in 321...
  1884. Project: New Mod
  1885. Ufc 187
  1886. Dear BassKiller
  1887. IMF troll invasion will kill ASF
  1888. Funny shit
  1889. ISIS threatening America
  1890. Source asking for ID and Signature.
  1891. Do u like it wet? Houston does
  1892. So I was getting beat up by some aZns
  1893. Tommygunz!
  1894. Dear Prince,
  1895. Lmao
  1896. Mad Max?
  1897. dear gluuutes
  1898. Steak Lovers Question
  1899. looking for a new lawn mower
  1900. Dave will f*ck you up
  1901. Hot Crazy Matrix - A Man's Guide to Women
  1902. buying wife a gun for anniversary, suggestions
  1903. The Universes Greatest Ultimate Power Champion of All Time : Bronson Rises...
  1904. Black Twitter
  1905. 16 and using steroids! Question about man milk
  1906. I have 1vl test e 1vl sust 270 1vl tren and privoron can anyone help me how can
  1907. Picture of Trapstar 2
  1908. my new personal trainer
  1909. Raptor asked me to come over for tea and crumpets...
  1910. Noticeable arms size difference.
  1911. 170lb rep, 2g o' gears.....
  1912. School's out for summer. Noob alert! Prepare your pucker.
  1913. Does this mean she loves me????
  1914. Welcum to the world Caitlyn
  1915. 27 day LHJO fast
  1916. Magic Pills
  1917. Project Super Mod
  1918. The great pube debate
  1919. Diesel Jimmy
  1920. How to go about sponsorship?
  1921. Life insurance and suicide. The rule?
  1922. Fatties and tren?
  1923. My New *LOVE*! 😃
  1924. i just told a total stranger to..
  1925. So I have tachycardia...
  1926. Why I'm a supermoderator
  1927. My beautiful granddaughter!
  1928. Cawkston Family Unite!
  1929. insecurity...and how do you deal with it
  1930. Aaron Singerman bans heavyiron and Prince at BSL
  1931. July 4th???
  1932. Dieseljimmy for supreme ruler
  1933. RC labs
  1934. Announcing Pacman76: ASF forum pedo
  1935. I'm going to be........
  1936. Selfies!
  1937. My dumb-ass move of the month.
  1938. DieselJimmy! This is so awkward...
  1939. $2.96 Gear Sale Review
  1940. RC customers. What I know atm.
  1941. Undwear Suggestions?
  1942. I think I need some synthol
  1943. Shout out to sponsors who.....
  1944. Rc pack came
  1945. Got gear but can't walk
  1946. The ultimate engine....or motor...
  1947. JRotten go big or GTFO!
  1948. Attention: ROID
  1949. Rc td!!!!!
  1950. OMG!!!! Look at this!!!!
  1951. Wasted time on the job...
  1952. Popular fund transfering service asking for ID now?
  1953. What happened to Pharmalogic/Bushmaster?
  1954. What happened?
  1955. I hope it's ok to post boobie pics....
  1956. "I HATE CAMEL TOES" said no man ever....
  1957. Noobs post in the New Member section! It's not that hard.
  1958. meanwhile what has heavy been up to? big true
  1959. I don't even know..
  1960. Semen de Colochine
  1961. Haven't had any in over a month. Am I gay now?
  1962. 10's across the board
  1963. Pic of my ass with no PIP
  1964. Broken tibia plateau
  1965. Source Pictionary Thread
  1966. Just one pic partial shave
  1967. Quote notifications
  1968. How's your progress been this year?
  1969. game time....
  1970. who's got legit rHGH??
  1971. Good Morning Jews
  1972. As promised, more pixs
  1973. Show off your Wife, Ex, Gf part 2!
  1974. Painful in grown toe nail pics
  1975. Semen de Colochine
  1976. Six pack and damn sexy....
  1977. So other than the gym, what do you FF's like to do?
  1978. banned from wu !!
  1979. First time pinning
  1980. This shit is something else
  1981. After 25 years
  1982. TD
  1983. Double anal fisting
  1984. 2,100mg Tren a weekly
  1985. Date raped by HeavyIron
  1986. Why am I not married with kids ?
  1987. Bactrim and tanning
  1988. Jurassic World *spoiler alert!*
  1989. Finally! Big Ronnie's Chub pic and a scary ass dog!
  1990. Happy Father's Day!
  1991. Vacation: Dairy Queen 6 days in a row
  1992. Chub pic - no B.S.
  1993. Anybody tried this link?
  1994. Where mvp's at?
  1995. Hot tubs
  1996. The word Ni**er
  1997. Golden state anthem
  1998. selfies during sex with dog
  1999. Where the white women at?
  2000. south side headed north
  2001. Need some help
  2002. How do you meet certain women?
  2003. Sponsor's Union , local 333
  2004. Stick your finger in the end of my cock
  2005. 31 Pro Wrestlers Dead. Steroids, Cocaine, Alcohol, and Accidents
  2006. The best preworkout
  2007. You know you're juicy when. .......
  2008. Anyone ever hook up with their gm?
  2009. it takes balls to drive this
  2010. Another one gone....
  2011. I am a
  2012. What gets your motor running
  2013. Oz winter, cunts ....
  2014. WTF US Supreme Court
  2015. Fuck it... I will say it.
  2016. I'm Pregnant
  2017. Gdawg 44 years
  2018. Quad injection
  2019. new confederate flag.
  2020. i find your flag offensive
  2021. traumatized!
  2022. Dear God
  2023. STDs and me
  2024. Crossfit women
  2025. Best idea ever?
  2026. The Perfect Pussy
  2027. Primo cough
  2028. Can't cum
  2029. I need more avatar room.
  2030. Question about customs
  2031. Credit card information stolen
  2032. I pissed in the shower
  2033. Message from Officer Farva
  2034. What would you keep in here?
  2035. post up your tattoos
  2036. It's the first of the month and you know what that means!
  2037. Gear junkie
  2038. Farva was banned????
  2039. 4th of July fun!
  2040. Rich P GH INSULIN IGF1 extended use.
  2041. What's your favorite Pod Cast?
  2042. U.S. customs seized a pack
  2043. How to have fun in the emergency room
  2044. One day im going to make HeavyIron melt..
  2045. So one of my girls sent me pics....
  2046. Who's ready for their respective NFL teams
  2047. Puppy love by a smaller Bane.
  2048. HeavyIron Melts
  2049. Jurassic World or the new Terminator??
  2050. International Anabolics - shitty and dumb answer
  2051. Jerking off with Androgel
  2052. So HeavyIron sends me a PM..
  2053. Heavyiron takes it like a man
  2054. For HeavyIron's eyes only
  2055. I'm an All American
  2056. Why Progress should be banned
  2057. Its official, Prince is in full blown mid life crisis mode
  2058. Big Ronnies secret
  2059. what age did you become a man ?
  2060. dear Xanax
  2061. Straya
  2062. I love summer
  2063. No more swearing...
  2064. I ran out of Tren Base....
  2065. Tanning
  2066. Red dog for mod/god status
  2067. IA Touchdown
  2068. Happy Birthday Roid
  2069. I need Cialis and some XXX magic pills.
  2070. Rock hard, hang a beach towel on it, throbbing erection
  2071. HeavyIron is a cheating whore
  2072. Fake gun?
  2073. AY
  2074. ROID needs a new name...
  2075. You wanted the black cock
  2076. and to all; A Goodnight
  2077. Eddie Hall - 462 KG / 1018.5 lbs Deadlift - World Record
  2078. Diesel Jimmy and Captn
  2079. Which side of Heavys ass should i kiss today
  2080. ever feel all " murdery" ?
  2081. Post whore
  2082. Where do you change
  2083. In search of
  2084. Woman and getting ready....
  2085. Home brew.. Wtf..
  2086. This is an unmoderated forum...
  2087. Internet Whore
  2088. Agent sí
  2089. Military Robots
  2090. I reign SUPREME
  2091. Any mod positions open ?
  2092. Anyone seen this guy!
  2093. another useless thread
  2094. So im on this older woman kick..
  2095. Should ROID be banned from making new threads?
  2096. Fuck you Novak Djokavic
  2097. WATCH: McGregor vs Mendes
  2098. I have decided to settle down with Glutes and LL
  2099. Crazy shit
  2100. GoFundHim Alert
  2101. A great moment in history. ..
  2102. If you want to make a difference....
  2103. Happy birthday, Mrs. R
  2104. Busted in a prostitution sting
  2105. Seriously what I am doing with my life
  2106. Trump's Comments right or wrong
  2107. can you transfer music from an Andriod phone to a ipod ?
  2108. Best mod candidate: ROID or REDDOG?
  2109. My avatar today....
  2110. Ray Bans Bitches
  2111. Thank you for your vote of confidence..
  2112. El Chapo Guzman Escape
  2113. My fucking mail box has been robbed
  2114. Thank you for your vote of confidence
  2115. cunts for mods
  2116. Too much sun?
  2117. CCW anyone?
  2118. 120k television by Samsung on amazon
  2119. Any good FB groups...
  2120. Who's the fattest fuck at ASF?
  2121. What to do?
  2122. ROID for a day...
  2123. Anavar
  2124. HeavyIron confesses.....
  2125. Nudes for PROP
  2126. Done with women. Grinder, here I cum!
  2127. Please help, my penis is orange.....
  2128. Oy.....
  2129. I'm here
  2130. Why is Asf dead as imf
  2131. Dat ass tho
  2132. so I have an ironmag specific fb account....
  2133. Dark Geared God is coming!
  2134. Yummy for my tummy
  2135. Made up with the girlfriend. No more Grindr for now!
  2136. Post Your Kitty.
  2137. Trensomnia: need advice
  2138. kali muscle, best rapper of all time... ct fletcher, best giggler of all time
  2139. Dick length / height trade-off
  2140. FX Work and Horror movies. Anyone love them as much as i do? Any Collectors ?
  2141. favorite workout jizzams...
  2142. Funny shit
  2143. Another black on white hate crime ignored
  2144. Serious Question On BLACK People
  2145. A reckoning is coming..
  2146. Who would win in a fight?
  2147. Head shot!
  2148. Psychowhite
  2149. 1099 and overtime
  2150. basskiller???
  2151. Hey roid
  2152. agent yes takes loads to face
  2153. My D-dimer test came back at a 1.1..
  2154. Sheri is having my baby: story inside
  2155. OTC teeth whitening products
  2156. What Type Of Career/Job Do You Guys Have?
  2157. Am I lean enough to fully benefit from masteron?
  2158. This is my life every day on the boards
  2159. Really? Great mediator
  2160. Welcome your new pit mod Progress
  2161. The truth about blacks/niggers/coons/etc.
  2162. Happy Birthday Big Ronnie !
  2163. Hughjassol
  2164. My injury experience
  2165. Got Balls?
  2166. The biggest side effect I get from Anabolic Steroids
  2167. It's been a while
  2168. Being faithful on test
  2169. Anyone Interested In Doing Fantasy Football For $$$?
  2170. rant. alpha beta omega.. manhood is becoming extinct
  2171. A peace offering to Davidr79 & cody123
  2172. Post your kitty..... The Pit style
  2173. A pic of me
  2174. Which member said.......?
  2175. adding pictures
  2176. So serious
  2177. Is this what tren is like for the first time?
  2178. Guess who turned 50 today?
  2179. Watch "Wife Zone Chart [OFFICIAL] Find a Girlfriend Or Pick the Perfect Wife- The Wif
  2180. Spider bite=Erection till death.
  2181. Goliath Falls
  2182. WTF does your "handle" mean?
  2183. Son of a whore.
  2184. BPL & ANOTHER Disappearance....
  2185. Huge bitches
  2186. Wut?
  2187. Matt Kroc, wtf are you doing??
  2188. Matt Kroc - Transgender Bodybuilder
  2189. Cheat dinner, show it!
  2190. Rowdy Roddy Piper
  2191. how did you meet your wife/ gf..
  2192. Who is at work right now?
  2193. old gregg
  2194. Met my girls Ex guy
  2195. Laser Lipo?
  2196. My coverage of the USA'S... Pool side
  2197. guise, Im drunk
  2198. Teach them how to hit back...
  2199. Sheriv - Honorary Negress for a day
  2200. Does This Happen to Anyone Else?
  2201. AAS advice and hypocrites
  2202. Wisconsin State Fair Foods!
  2203. Violence and women?
  2204. Poor poor whitey....should have stayed out of THEIR park!
  2205. Holy crap
  2206. DO NOT try to cut a 3yr olds hair!!!!
  2207. For TBJ
  2208. Respect
  2209. recommend sex toys 4 wife/GF
  2210. Heavy Drunk Dialed Me Tonight
  2211. looks no sex again tonight!!!!
  2212. My first time..
  2213. Is 18 to young..
  2214. Another black teen killied by LE
  2215. Wait what?
  2216. First time out in a month and i end up in jail
  2217. Bored AF
  2218. Joel Osteen
  2219. Why all of a sudden...
  2220. Raptors Trippin Tranny Taco Truck
  2221. Whores
  2222. What happens when a big man runs?
  2223. There is hope!
  2224. The Greatest Story Never Told
  2225. Donald Trump
  2226. I haven't seen anything this BAD in awhile...
  2227. #blacklivesmatter
  2228. Sometimes I think to myself...
  2229. ClintEasterwood is a Yella Belly Terd..
  2230. Progress????
  2231. penniless and unmotivated
  2232. I dont know what to do, serious
  2233. Roid15 and the Nod
  2234. Mrs. Robinson and Sheriv
  2235. I fucking hate gyno
  2236. How much do y'all pay for your cell phones
  2237. Pretty cool
  2238. Boxing / MMA / Etc. and manslaughter
  2239. On Deck..
  2240. How fucked up is KOS right now?
  2241. Wtf
  2242. Umbilical Hernia!!!!
  2243. Rode wet and put away hard!
  2244. The GREATEST always has a plan B.
  2245. My day
  2246. squirters
  2247. Getting swole with suspension
  2248. the occult...and topics along those lines
  2249. Hoodie up in the gym: how ghey?
  2250. IMR Chems
  2251. how do you clear search history on samsung note
  2252. Shirt is better like this...
  2253. the man whos arms exploded.
  2254. A brotha from the gym set me up on a date tonight....
  2255. it dont matter how big you are.
  2256. Skin Hoodie Pulled Over Dickhead In Gym: Ghey Or Not?
  2257. Jared Fogle total pedo
  2258. Ashley Madison Hack...
  2259. I'm ordering a hooker...
  2260. Interesting!
  2261. How stupid would you feel....
  2262. Krampus
  2263. lunesta
  2264. My doc is a cunt....
  2265. Royalties
  2266. Me in bed...
  2267. Date #2: The concert....
  2268. I'll tell you what, I would in a heart beat!
  2269. Who wants to come Crossfit? ️️️
  2270. http://truthvoice.com/2015/08/are-steroids-responsible-for-police-brutality/
  2271. Your Nickname and Why?
  2272. meanwhile ex ravens cheerleader gets 2 your probation for same shit as Jared
  2273. WU not accepting credit card?!
  2274. Natural test booster for m letro run
  2275. Mass is my name!
  2276. How you know you're gay as fuck...
  2277. Sober
  2278. Anniversary!
  2279. What do you like about Big Ronnie?
  2280. free drugs
  2281. Nwa
  2282. Happy Birthday to me!
  2283. Basskiller you BASTARD
  2284. 2ml tren A a day!
  2285. Movie websites
  2286. Man down, man down!!!! Need advice
  2287. Big Ronnie got busted by the man....
  2288. serious not here... WTF is wrong with my shit?
  2289. Obvious for this place...
  2290. Moving too fast..
  2291. Im back mother fuckers!!!!!
  2292. Hey there retard
  2293. Shoot Massive Loads
  2294. Rot in hell!
  2295. Asking for things....
  2296. Hell on earth
  2297. You know what's awesome?
  2298. Girl friend on vacation?
  2299. Global Anabolic Purity Analysis
  2300. Surgery Day....
  2301. Do you like it when your SO...
  2302. Looking for a gayer forum
  2303. I just snorted a couple rails of Kratom
  2304. Workout jamz reloaded
  2305. Spanking her?
  2306. What the hell happened to the pics?
  2307. Prince and HeavyIron feud..
  2308. 2000 worthless posts yeeeeeesssssss
  2309. Words don't do Cawxston justice... they're a life saver
  2310. 1000 worthless post
  2311. Stabbing
  2312. didnt get myt gearzz
  2313. Bad razor burn
  2314. So I'm reading the internets last night
  2315. Short people
  2316. just not feeling it today
  2317. Cruising, still kinda lean but....
  2318. First cycle...help
  2319. First cycle... Help
  2320. OP remember them?
  2321. Yes I buy my girls cards....
  2322. certain members need to pay up 👊
  2323. whos the best now
  2324. Which source?
  2325. ever eaten a meal through a straw?
  2326. Certain Sponsors need to pay up..
  2327. My name is Poirot, and I have an addiction....
  2328. Bunchman is mean... :'(
  2329. DO NOT loan friends money! fuckin bastards
  2330. We're all Human
  2331. Eating, Bulking, Eating! Fat Ronnie!
  2332. How much money had David Slaton made
  2333. So i decided to ask doc for xanex yesterday
  2334. Just another night out! Haha
  2335. God
  2336. Wreckem ....can we talk?
  2337. HeavyIron PM'd me a video of the Captn, yall gotta see this
  2338. Combat Vets, chime in!
  2339. Is there a penis hiding under that skirt?
  2340. -5,200,000 reputation points for making a positive comment
  2341. Why does Cawkston?
  2342. Should Raptor trim his toenails?
  2343. Sleeping dog smell?....
  2344. Tren E is there a time on rule?
  2345. Looking for new avatar suggestions
  2346. PIP question for Raptor
  2347. Destin, Fl. here I come....
  2348. Im celebrating labor day
  2349. How many Reps here work for the FBI?
  2350. We're all fucking drug addicts
  2351. Does it really fucking matter?
  2352. Picking up women on dating sites while at another hookups house
  2353. Anytime Fitness
  2354. How many of you act like this when pinning
  2355. I am.... a mother fucker
  2356. Are you successful ?
  2357. Colorado
  2358. Do you think different if youve been missing the gym?
  2359. LMAO at people eating organic
  2360. I am a VIP
  2361. Transformation Tuesday.
  2362. Kroniks road to massive gainz
  2363. Mother issues
  2364. Has anyone ever fucked a bitch with herpes and came away unscathed?
  2365. Trump/Progress
  2366. I thought I was the only one who did this..
  2367. Ran out of gas today
  2368. Your thoughts?
  2369. If you had a vagina?
  2370. do you think Alaska or Canada could be invaded?
  2371. For Mr. Intense
  2372. IronMag Labs Penis pumps..
  2373. This place is dead as shit..
  2374. what are some good veteran programs
  2375. Ashley Madison shakedown
  2376. “Breakfast its the most important meal of the day”
  2377. Joel Osteen does it again..
  2378. any one dabble in the sports world
  2379. Johnny Cash American rebel documentary
  2380. Check my log brosefs!!!
  2381. Silk Road alternatives
  2382. Do you even range, bro?
  2383. The blood of the infidels shall flow like a river
  2384. How have you risen up and over come when life has knocked you down ?
  2385. Did We Run Off The Entertainment by Banning all the Trolls?
  2386. Kick Ass sale Bros.
  2387. Well I guess I am going to let a woman start working out with me..
  2388. I hate people day.
  2389. Well im at Anytime Fitness without the chick..
  2390. Jersey Gym Rat is a scamming bitch.
  2391. Big Ass Titties!
  2392. Dancing with the Devil (The Tren Chronicals)
  2393. Women you see and think "I HIT THAT"
  2394. Tren ace and masterone prop same pin
  2395. What are your "must see" movies
  2396. First cycle help
  2397. Just admit it...
  2398. Tits or GTFO avatars...
  2399. Lat pin... not again...
  2400. Nfl pick of the week
  2401. So I guess I'm a nipple now
  2402. AAP & MFL.....It's time.
  2403. Gotta love dogs....this guy is an animal lover too
  2404. Donald Trump
  2405. Hero
  2406. Prices
  2407. Coffee?
  2408. Steroid Combo Vials Make No Sense, Big Rich
  2409. I'm outta here....
  2410. When did everyone jump on the tren train?
  2411. Do you think they should revive the Colosseum?
  2412. Kroniks very first meatloaf
  2413. 2015 Mr. Olympia
  2414. Cocaine and AAS
  2415. Dust and Aromasin.
  2416. pussy hands
  2417. Kmartone310
  2418. Jeans for the big legged
  2419. Eagles suck
  2420. Torn bicep tendon
  2421. Friendly Reminder.
  2422. Big Ronnie leaning out with chub!!!!!
  2423. Deleting posts
  2424. halloween in vegas........
  2425. Asking for blow jobs
  2426. Trying to get as big as Big Ronald
  2427. The tell your woman I want a BJ thread
  2428. WTF!!! Really?
  2429. Did this today. Don't know how to feel about it
  2430. How to get the best gear for free and titts
  2431. Who wants a knuckle sandwich?
  2432. Negs... Unless you're vaginaballz
  2433. Joel Osteen
  2434. What color is your tren?
  2435. These kids fucking amaze me!
  2436. So Son, "How was your day today at school?"
  2437. is it unusual?
  2438. The first rule of fight club
  2439. T500
  2440. Who is the IML chick with the tattoo on her chest ?
  2441. Let's see your center console...
  2442. lets see a baby pic of you
  2443. Bad dreams
  2444. 450$
  2445. Captn' nudes
  2446. Fuck... my wife is so difficult
  2447. This fortune cookie
  2448. Tren train bitches!!
  2449. I am pissing out my ass
  2450. I hate being an addict "recovering"
  2451. look what I found!
  2452. Ken Griffey jr base ball card??? Look please
  2453. The best advice...
  2454. Blue Lives Matter
  2455. A Reps Loalty
  2456. How long have you stayed on?
  2457. Heavyiron please
  2458. Since the RussianScammer has disappeared Im the new answer
  2459. Hookers are classy!
  2460. Any one from HTown?
  2461. Crossfit girls
  2462. Whose got back??
  2463. WTF happened?!?!!?
  2464. Puffy pussy?
  2465. how is this thing not made into a sex toy yet
  2466. Kratom has caused a log jam.....
  2467. MHK dropped today!
  2468. Its difficult being a leader..
  2469. CIM and it was empty!!!
  2470. Why I'm still fat
  2471. Russian scammer blah blah yawn.
  2472. Farm Girl- Youtube
  2473. Fuck you, yahoo!!!
  2474. Kombatarts
  2475. Welcome.New Sponsor...Empty Labs
  2476. Empty labs didn't come through as promised
  2477. I just do not know why..
  2478. I think HI avi is better than mine....
  2479. Crazy spider almost killed me
  2480. Meang Da MHK TD
  2481. Gimmicks
  2482. Crossfit
  2483. Paxton beware....
  2484. Hey Dema
  2485. Cawkston.... Plz dont go
  2486. HughJassol!!
  2487. Muscle Bitch..
  2488. 2 Broke Whores....
  2489. Amy Winehouse
  2490. Reddog 😞
  2491. Traveling to Minnesota today
  2492. I'm still Jenny from the block
  2493. Trapsters new cawk...
  2494. Dogs and guns
  2495. Classy
  2496. Dynapus needs a new rep!
  2497. Heavyiron blasts quads and hamstrings!
  2498. Internet life vs. Personal life
  2499. Medlabs 33% off....haha
  2500. Reps / whores
  2501. The latest from Cindy...
  2502. Trapstar
  2503. IMF is lives Again!
  2504. Forearm Injection sites.
  2505. #Newbie #Test-E #FirstCycle
  2506. #PissForEquality
  2507. What. The. Fuck.
  2508. Thoughts?
  2509. Fake supplements
  2510. Oh shit!
  2511. MI1972 is a gimmik
  2512. Rich Piana
  2513. True Love
  2514. Paxton/All4muscle failed
  2515. Heckler has been found..
  2516. The official who's gear actually works thread
  2517. This is 2000 post where's the free gears gdi
  2518. ASF Moderators meeting. New Order
  2519. The Neverending Wipe
  2520. Never Quite Understood This One.....
  2521. Fucking pin cushion...
  2522. Now what,halp!
  2523. What email do you use?
  2524. Melanotan
  2525. Bored as fuck.....
  2526. Rich at it again..
  2527. Is it a goddamn full moon...or somethin'?
  2528. If you are not jacking it to the Express thread,you are.....
  2529. Lets talk about our feelings
  2530. Thoughts on a self Phlebotomy?
  2531. ***New Mod*** Vote Your Choice Here!
  2532. Daktari
  2533. What Happened Here??
  2534. Who runs this place?
  2535. Lol
  2536. PW
  2537. Some parents of kids in sports. F them!
  2538. How the fuck am I getting pms from someone with no posts?
  2539. Labmax help
  2540. When a new girl joins the board
  2541. jake luck
  2542. Fuck you Dodgers!!!
  2543. Come Off with the Bullshit!
  2544. Other hobbies!!!
  2545. Stop the presses! !!
  2546. Getting married this weekend!
  2547. 1000 Post FINALLY
  2548. Squatfaggy and Iconclit
  2549. I wrote a haiku today
  2550. ROID... It's time
  2551. New Product Name
  2552. Denise Rutkowski - WTF.... is this for real?
  2553. boner pillz almost kill Lamar Odom
  2554. General Discussion
  2555. Meanwhile, at IMF....
  2556. I call bullshit! What women really like....
  2557. What's up with all these bullshit threads?
  2558. Broken slin syringe
  2559. when going on vacation and flying what do you guys do?
  2560. Mr Bulky Bulk McBulkerton..
  2561. What Do Raptor and Lamar Odom Have in Common?
  2562. It's a party!
  2563. Good or great idea
  2564. Bitcoin drawing interest
  2565. Silk Road wannabe
  2566. Told the little woman that I'm using and she said....
  2567. When did you find your purpose ?
  2568. Introducing the People's Choice for MOD!
  2569. to keep or sell
  2570. Wife is gone till thursday....
  2571. Cell phone boosters
  2572. Velociraptor45
  2573. 5/8 pin
  2574. PM Hall of Shame Sponsors
  2575. A whiny kid..
  2576. Urban ice organics
  2577. "where is your fucking chin"
  2578. why do people lie about military service?
  2579. Take your index finger. ...
  2580. Labs..... All gear from ASF....
  2581. Big Ronnie and the Little woman..
  2582. N00bs
  2583. Advertising on here without paying board fees hack
  2584. Soooo, I was.....
  2585. 2000+ posts and no reward?
  2586. So there I was...
  2587. Faggots...
  2588. I saw a female bodybuilder/ idk tonight
  2589. Paxton banner
  2590. ;)
  2591. Did goatse have AIDS?
  2592. Bad idea or fantastic idea?
  2593. Who's lab
  2594. G2g
  2595. Sponsor chasing..
  2596. Latest testing in!!! Results here!
  2597. Birthday!!!
  2598. Due to recent events!!!
  2599. Cold Weather Gym Wear
  2600. Fuck you Prami
  2601. yeah abs
  2602. 10 yo girl kidnapped and raped testifies at trial
  2603. What would she name it???
  2604. I love to ____________ pumpkins!!!
  2605. My new protein powder ...
  2606. Need help deciding. ....
  2607. Sorry REDDOG <sadface>
  2608. If you were Prince for one day...
  2609. Want to fuck a hippie chick but not sure
  2610. How big is her cawk?
  2611. WTF of the day.......
  2612. Anabolic5150
  2613. Tren is a mutha fucca
  2614. What does your wife/girl/life partner say...
  2615. The real reason my library has over 600 books....
  2616. TrackingPoint Precision Guided Semi-Auto
  2617. ^^^ that sneaky Jew
  2618. Bro's give me some advice
  2619. Ben Carson
  2620. Want to get rid of my cable so need advice...
  2621. For those who are involved in the screening/ hiring process for a company ..
  2622. Big Ronnie Raped!!!
  2623. How much is too much?
  2624. Oil field
  2625. Fucking Score!!
  2626. Well guys it's time
  2627. A week without CPAP...
  2628. Hey Farva
  2629. Neg train... all aboard
  2630. Headed to Boston....
  2631. testastrone powered
  2632. RC hallucinogens
  2633. How long before...
  2634. What do you do?
  2635. Beard maintenance...
  2636. Guess the members
  2637. It's almost that time....HAPPY KWANZAA CHARLIE BROWN!!!
  2638. Prior Drug Users
  2639. Anybody else...
  2640. Why? why bitch?
  2641. Ugh!!
  2642. MoneyGram shenanigans
  2643. Ever fuck a fat girl?
  2644. Hemorrhoids?
  2645. Seizure letter
  2646. Does it offend you that DJ closed a thread in the Pit ?
  2647. Best AAP TD thread to date....
  2648. For The Artistic Ones Out There
  2649. This Cop Fucked UP...& got away with it.
  2650. Shaving....
  2651. Fuck it, I'm on my way....
  2652. Is it gay??
  2653. Guns!
  2654. Fuck the clippers
  2655. Lazy mother fuckers!!!
  2656. Gym Pet Peves
  2657. Fuck you rain
  2658. Shit is going off tonight....
  2659. Too much clen
  2660. Why?
  2661. When it's obvious you're a chronic masterbater
  2662. Drink of choice
  2663. Post your word abbreviations here
  2664. Shit is going off tonight...
  2665. Rich Piana @ It Again.....
  2666. Secure email?
  2667. Happy Halloween
  2668. Nightmares!
  2669. I'm a Masterpiece
  2670. Different kinds of sex....
  2671. This is what I hear when my wife speaks...
  2672. Xsobber
  2673. Coinsidence or LE shutting down servers for labs
  2674. Is it just me??
  2675. americant test
  2676. You know what i miss..
  2677. Finally doc prescription xanax
  2678. Bluehearts <3
  2679. last song you listened to
  2680. new Dynami TD
  2681. Prayers & Flowers for a lying cunt
  2682. USPS can't track package?
  2683. What grounds can a attorney withdraw from a case
  2684. Facebook
  2685. Sex drive decline?
  2686. I will..
  2687. Tren A + E together
  2688. Heated leather seats FTW
  2689. FBI moneypak scam
  2690. You silly Asians
  2691. am I being tricked into drawing a penis
  2692. poor spotters? or bad luck?
  2693. I will
  2694. Beards....Whos sporting the patch McGee??
  2695. Questions on BPC-157..
  2696. Memphis Sunday bitches ..
  2697. Eat pussy, live longer. ..
  2698. The awful truth
  2699. Cheat drink....
  2700. My morning ritual...
  2701. Any HVAC experts in the house?
  2702. When did you first bareback?
  2703. Is that MLG or Paxton
  2704. Stupid Argument
  2705. You must be the real deal!
  2706. ROID- prince won't answer my PMs!
  2707. Used tren alone... By myself.. Afraid
  2708. are people really this stupid?
  2709. anyone seen this yet
  2710. Do you have a good relationship with your parents ?
  2711. My new workout/weight bench....
  2712. up all night sleep all day
  2713. son of a bitch!
  2714. Who's the first person you'd ban
  2715. I found my purpose in life
  2716. Happy Birthday Marines
  2717. Raw knucks....
  2718. Your brush with fame....
  2719. How to properly become a Welcome gear whore at ASF...
  2720. Dip Runners
  2721. Im repping MedLabs now...
  2722. It's that time again. ...
  2723. What headphones , earbuds do you use?
  2724. russian doping scandal
  2725. Equal rights and lefts
  2726. Found a pic of TheCaptn
  2727. What do you believe??
  2728. Woe when the millennials run the world.
  2729. Cool, one more...
  2730. Million Student March Activist lacks basic math skills but demamnds free stuff
  2731. The religion of peace murders and injures a few hundred people in Paris today
  2732. How many are ready?
  2733. Love letters to red...
  2734. Looking for biased testing newbies
  2735. help me finish tonight lol
  2736. Starting point....
  2737. Holly Holm....
  2738. Back to making sandwiches ronda rousey
  2739. who won mma female fight?
  2740. Trump!!
  2741. Expired
  2742. Eyes acting funny...
  2743. New cat bed!
  2744. Fuck Yall I'm here
  2745. The real Diesel Jimmy
  2746. Orlando with LIl Dawg ...Suggestions
  2747. Just pinned tren base...
  2748. Gearz abuse part 2
  2749. The sheen is HIV+
  2750. Let them in or shut them out?
  2751. I think I counted 77 of them...
  2752. muzzie jokes
  2753. Girlfriends
  2754. I want to be the boards newest gear whore
  2755. Car guys. Gotta question for ya
  2756. "It was at this moment Mohammed knew that he fucked up."
  2757. ROID has AIDS
  2758. This Guy Just Landed 7 Fucking Virgins
  2759. New Labz and Noobz
  2760. Whiskey
  2761. Progress is a whore
  2762. I think I love drol
  2763. Can't get hard laying on my back
  2764. Hi im a rep
  2765. Mts
  2766. Is this crashed? Or.....
  2767. Hi I am rep 2
  2768. Honest criticism
  2769. So I was gone for a day....
  2770. is it bashing or vetting
  2771. ISO accutane / trade
  2772. AR-15 Handgun - anyone have one of these?
  2773. Anyone dated a Mormon gal?
  2774. People need to watch these
  2775. Take a few minutes, it gets better every minute
  2776. I wish more people were like this...including me.
  2777. Curious how much can you flat bench over your current body weight?
  2778. The PreContest Bible
  2779. I love a fair fight too!
  2780. Who is the biggest gear whore?
  2781. Im drunk
  2782. Mfl?
  2783. All4m
  2784. Anyone else sick of hearing this shit
  2785. Breaking the guy code / the point of no return
  2786. all4muscle/paxton setting up shop again on steroid-forums
  2787. ASF you are ruining my life.
  2788. Been drinking fuck it
  2789. Dear God..
  2790. Thanksgiving Southern Style
  2791. This cop is pretty fucked IMO
  2792. anonymous wages cyber war on ISIS
  2793. Who's your college football team?
  2794. Bronson Rises 2016 : beaten broke divorced... and bulking
  2795. Bastard Stole My Gear.
  2796. Fact
  2797. Thanksgiving...!
  2798. BoP Recruiter
  2799. REPS needed, ground floor opportunity
  2800. Progress
  2801. BEST ASS thread.
  2802. No one has died of a marijuana overdose?
  2803. AnabolicMonster's freak Thanksgiving accident while carving the turkey
  2804. Site Problems
  2805. I'm doing funny shit because the news brings me down.
  2806. Wtf is everyone doing?
  2807. Sex with wife while she sleeps
  2808. autoimmune
  2809. How you were cheated on?
  2810. This site is fucking badass
  2811. Black Friday
  2812. Getting more ink work....
  2813. Red bull and pre workout!
  2814. New gym fab?
  2815. Crock Pot chicken ideas... or others.
  2816. Jewcawklabs dot org
  2817. 2 weeks off now back at it
  2818. This crazy midwest weather
  2819. I told you so...
  2820. So Watson produces Tren huh?
  2821. Tren Life
  2822. Who's the greatest bodybuilder of all times?
  2823. You ever have a F'd up day at work....
  2824. Will this make me fat??
  2825. Medrol
  2826. My poor little nuts
  2827. California Attack
  2828. Celebrity - Oops Hot Collection
  2829. Orgasm by asphyxiation
  2830. Holy fucking shit
  2831. Sex drive....
  2832. Anyone use fitbit
  2833. Guys please help. very serious question.
  2834. Money Gram debacle
  2835. Pit Boss Status 5,000
  2836. Natty for 20 years
  2837. Anyone with "swole" in their username really needs to gtfo
  2838. You can Still use MoneyGram.
  2839. PO Box or Personal address?
  2840. Colonics.....
  2841. Tough pin?
  2842. TheCaptn' told me that Jeff Seid and Sadik Hadzovik
  2843. Merry Christmas BIGVNYC!
  2844. Vape Pen Explosion.
  2845. Thunder-aka-Kratos-aka-Viking-Pharm-aka ADVANCED LABS
  2846. Steak Is For Taxpayers
  2847. My prophesy...
  2848. girlfriends christmas presents
  2849. What is this shit?
  2850. crabs and seafood
  2851. From DRSE HQ to you
  2852. ever make love to a fat woman?
  2853. I went on a date this morning and I think I fucked up
  2854. the Lips versus The Lips
  2855. Montego you whore!
  2856. A lot of middle eastern combat age males in commercials and network tv
  2857. Velociraptor
  2858. Farva this is for your eyes only.
  2859. Adderall while on gear
  2860. Nuttz needs to get sober.
  2861. To bro or not to bro ?
  2862. Trapstar went to the doctor today...
  2863. Shit... pulled something in left pec.
  2864. how do you get motivated
  2865. What was your starting weight?
  2866. Michelle Obama caught....
  2867. Who carries a gym bag?
  2868. wife gets headaches? not sure the cause
  2869. When you hard AF
  2870. mother fucking fuck it
  2871. Strictly Pharma.....?
  2872. I got ripped me off!
  2873. is lucky 7 trying to make a comeback?
  2874. h-as.pharma@safe-mail.net
  2875. Craig Wright, aka BITCOIN developer
  2876. Www.jebbush.com
  2877. Teenagers! who on here has any?
  2878. Who's Tren is this?
  2879. Cardio or not... Don't lie
  2880. Bodybuilding belts
  2881. Free gear inside
  2882. Once more Jose Aldo Backs Out of UFC 194!!!
  2883. Unseen Noodz For Sale
  2884. Facebook, at platform for idiots
  2885. Cricket
  2886. Tranny Olympics
  2887. Cheap eats, you know you have one!
  2888. Super Bowl 50 Pool...
  2889. Eff you, eff your touchdowns, and eff minnie mouse...
  2890. IDGAF!!! I was drunk fuck you
  2891. This guy is no Lance Armstrong
  2892. xmas gift for the ASF ladies
  2893. Can anyone beat it?
  2894. Fatloss plan for wife - 50lbs in 14 weeks
  2895. Green gear?
  2896. Hand Job $5
  2897. Old jews
  2898. Fawk new years newbies gym's will be packed
  2899. So.. is this how a new sponsor should act?
  2900. Rumor has it.
  2901. Another stash storage thread
  2902. Tonight and prolly tomorrow. ...krunk
  2903. Private Messages, been off the site for a while
  2904. I wanna love ya
  2905. A message to BSR
  2906. For the Haters!!
  2907. This woman better lose weight or to the curb!!!
  2908. Who's next?
  2909. Weird shit happening at night
  2910. Did I miss something? BSR
  2911. Damn sinus infection!
  2912. Jeffpardy
  2913. Where the fuck...
  2914. Brother sentenced, 10 to life.
  2915. IDGAF!!! Cartwheel edition
  2916. Wow! Really? A Tranny for Chrismas...you shouldn't have.
  2917. Engaged
  2918. 'Twas the night before Christmas
  2919. Does anyone remember????
  2920. Facebook kills me
  2921. Dream sleepover
  2922. So..........
  2923. Rich piana 3 month aas cycle-the reasoning and theory-incredibly methodical-genius
  2924. Moneygram update
  2925. Paid Blackstar Order TD w Pics!
  2926. They just couldn't help themselves...
  2927. How to become a STAR sponsor. Step by step guide
  2928. Goddamn!
  2929. True story!
  2930. BlackStar Anal
  2931. Dear HughJassol,I want you in my team!
  2932. The black star unveiled....
  2933. Bobcat blood test results poll
  2934. Screw reality TV!
  2935. What the hell has this forum come to....
  2936. Found an ad for a Jewphone, Captn'
  2937. Strango Labs Busted
  2938. Took my dog for coffee this morning
  2939. TBJ crossfit/powerlifting/cardio hybrid style of lifting
  2940. I know what this forum needs......
  2941. Don't Know What To Do With Old Syringes??
  2942. Progress's PMs exxxposed!
  2943. BlackStar XMAS SALE!
  2944. M3SO like posting ends now
  2945. It's G2G! Get is while supplies last.... limited edition/quantity.
  2946. A public apology....
  2947. Fake tracking from BSR
  2948. guys, I'm out!
  2949. cold weather damaging gear?
  2950. So, I was over at IMF today...
  2951. Testabol.
  2952. You know what I'm gonna fuck next?
  2953. With family tonight...
  2954. Progress pics
  2955. IDGAF!!! Sleeping in the crew van edition
  2956. Kratom Kilo Auction
  2957. "You better have my rent money"
  2958. Well
  2959. I bet you guys are starting to see the light.....
  2960. Not what I figured
  2961. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  2962. MiSh fuck you I'm dtinking
  2963. Fuck it, gettin' krunk as fuk.
  2964. D labs
  2965. Badboys!!!! Where is my TD thread
  2966. keep an eye on your bank accounts
  2967. Asf needs a buy, sell, trade section
  2968. Partying with my alum's.....
  2969. Most effective way to add muscle (crossfit)
  2970. IDGAF!!! Sleeping co worker!!!!
  2971. Strong tren
  2972. kind of weird
  2973. Podcasts
  2974. How I work on my karma
  2975. So I hear....
  2976. Mods editing posts because they are having bad days
  2977. fitness teams
  2978. BSR Products -my experience
  2979. oh the irony
  2980. So I have heard!
  2981. Time to spice things up
  2982. Bad decisons...im going to eat this fucking pie
  2983. The Nigel Thornberry
  2984. Ethan Couch...
  2985. Raptors Integrity
  2986. can someone please explain this to me?
  2987. Faggot thread
  2988. All i want for Christmas..
  2989. Holy shit it all makes sense now.
  2990. How do you mask alcohol breath ?
  2991. Name the best all-time melts
  2992. So won an auction!!!
  2993. When is enough ; enough..
  2994. Progress, I disapprove of your new avi
  2995. I fucked up
  2996. Officer Down!
  2997. Merry Christmas to all
  2998. AdWal99 Is A Rookie Lifter
  2999. Stop Whoring Around
  3000. I have a confession
  3001. Hey blackstar
  3002. Who is Maj?
  3003. Merry Christmas
  3004. TBJ's Autobiography
  3005. Don't matter where it came from..
  3006. Happy Holidays
  3007. Money!
  3008. Merry Christmas Punk!
  3009. A Christmas wish...
  3010. Merry Christmas
  3011. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
  3012. Fuck Christmas
  3013. A Merry Christmas message to my pals on AAS
  3014. gym today
  3015. god I feel like shit...
  3016. An observation by Poirot
  3017. Going to the in-laws!
  3018. Prescription refill..
  3019. Morning Wood
  3020. Taliban gang bang a goat
  3021. Krampus took IA gear, now has motivation issues
  3022. Half Dome hike....anyone?
  3023. Gym Thief..
  3024. come inside the lab
  3025. Gawd I feel like chit....
  3026. Chinks...
  3027. Hey Blackstar
  3028. "The Dark Side": Documentary
  3029. progress
  3030. im disgusted by all of you
  3031. Reality Check
  3032. First Order Through Basicstero....Int.
  3033. I am the glue
  3034. Should I fuck her?
  3035. klonipin
  3036. My mailbox was stuffed with goodies!
  3037. sponsors
  3038. Question for the married people
  3039. Taptalk update sucks ass
  3040. Best yet worst feeling
  3041. Self importance!
  3042. Who has not used kratom..
  3043. Fire stick? anyone have one (amazing)
  3044. The view from Reddog's perch
  3045. Please investigate how this guy does business
  3046. You have to fucking EAT!
  3047. At what age do you tell your kids to GTFO?
  3048. For my haters...
  3049. opinion of Dylan Gemelli
  3050. The Hateful 8
  3051. simple scenario so you understand
  3052. The BDC Documentary "Gym Wildlife"
  3053. Forum Friends with real info???
  3054. The day the p.ness asked for a raise
  3055. this place
  3056. Showing everyone here my huge cock....
  3057. who can guess !!
  3058. MiSh where the fuck you at?
  3059. IDGAF!!! Roid alcohol breath edition!!!
  3060. IDGAF!!! Nigger faggots trapstar's edition
  3061. Attention Progress
  3062. appetite problem
  3063. pic uploading
  3064. My new game, BUTT PUTT...
  3065. Same question as last year whats your resolution
  3066. Happy new year
  3067. Seriously tonight
  3068. Smart ass, juvenile remarks. ....
  3069. Happy new years
  3070. Things You Will Need..
  3071. Roll tide !!!!!
  3072. glory hole
  3073. Mighty Mouse #1 offical vid
  3074. Hillary...Tranny or not? You decide.
  3075. With all of science's advances...
  3076. Happy New Year!
  3077. Happy new year mutha fuccas
  3078. Sure quiet this am????
  3079. Collecting Money From Deadbeats...Ideas???
  3080. Im on my way to the top...
  3081. Need some tech advice
  3082. Cecil, GA
  3083. IDGAF!!! New year motha fucca
  3084. Who is never drinking again?
  3085. All i wanted for Christmas ..
  3086. Whatchu think about this?
  3087. Fuck you wisdom tooth
  3088. Best/Worst Purchase to date
  3089. i am VIP
  3090. Marriage counseling
  3091. Wireless security cameras any suggestions ???
  3092. Lawler or Condit??
  3093. if you were going to jail what would your cycle look like.
  3094. Kratom
  3095. Back progress, I think? Is this stupid thing growing?
  3096. Who has Netflix?
  3097. How much to buy the administration?
  3098. Oral surgeon
  3099. kratom vs. good weed.
  3100. Free Kratom
  3101. Free Pussy
  3102. How much to burn a cross in Admins Yard
  3103. In the last 48 hrs, I....
  3104. A shout out to my boy, PROGRESS
  3105. I'm getting gear like errydays my birthday!!!
  3106. Formal Apology
  3107. Last 4 cruising lab results
  3108. Perfect?
  3109. I never win
  3110. Trap... I am your father (not me, the dude in the video)
  3111. Dudes Got Guts..
  3112. Racist terms that offend me...
  3113. Roid
  3114. Let's get animated
  3115. Let's see you bad assness....traveling the Atacama Desert...
  3116. BSR... Fire your shipper
  3117. Hey Blackstar!!!!
  3118. My Free Gear: The Confession of Guilt
  3119. Free Gear Apology Thread:Mod
  3120. BSR Anavar
  3121. The *OFFICIAL* who actually works out thread
  3122. Favorite WWE Actor/Athete/Tranny?
  3123. rapt
  3124. Progress's BSR blood test poll!!
  3125. not again...
  3126. Making a Murderer--Netflix
  3127. Pillow talk in the locker room..
  3128. Girls of Vimeo :daydream:
  3129. Gay enough?
  3130. Hair Drug Test
  3131. Poirot is in the dog hause. ...over butt sex
  3132. moderator and admin packs THE TRUTH
  3133. Bad Ass Movie!
  3134. No replies to emails or pm's
  3135. Stop giving Biggs free gear...
  3136. "what are those"
  3137. Pharmacom Xmas TD
  3138. Clemson v.s. Alabama
  3139. Muslim refugees gang rape hundreds of women all across Europe on New Years night.
  3140. DQ gave 2 mods free gearz...
  3141. Muslim tries to assassinate police officer in the name of Islam
  3142. Anybody here on OUTLAW MUSCLE also?
  3143. Problem with the Dream-n-Grow
  3144. powerball
  3145. Mod view
  3146. Worst pip ever
  3147. I got bled on...
  3148. LabMax: what are your thoughts ?
  3149. I wonder what the poor people have for cheat meals?
  3150. Soooo this raptor...
  3151. God damn foot injury..
  3152. Glad to be back..
  3153. The secret to a good gimmick account...
  3154. Hey Padawan
  3155. Dating a stripper (advice)
  3156. Check out this ass!
  3157. Ambien Experiences
  3158. What would you do
  3159. Sheriv avi is giving me wood
  3160. T4 Auction from F'n Labs Here
  3161. What I hate about kicking a Chinaman's ass.....
  3162. Safety Razors
  3163. Yo Trap.....
  3164. Love Thailand
  3165. Real Rap
  3166. 35 & over crew
  3167. fuck xyz you bitch
  3168. xyz melt thread
  3169. Cruising sucks...
  3170. Spy Cam Of Mighty-Mouse's Workout routine
  3171. Cheap oil is a bad thing now...
  3172. Car shopping today, yay.
  3173. let's talk tattoos
  3174. 2014 vs 2015
  3175. The 1.4 billion dollar answer!!
  3176. One on one family time...
  3177. Steroid bust!!!! Heads up Oklahoma
  3178. Not today...
  3179. Got my truck back yesterday, going back to the shop in the morning!
  3180. dawg16 needs intervention and encouragement
  3181. Lottery winner was the 3rd richest man in cal already
  3182. fucking fags
  3183. Ornithologist I am..
  3184. shaving
  3185. well fellas
  3186. 38 yr anniversary
  3187. Sota
  3188. Fair Warning
  3189. Politicians are a joke
  3190. Shit hole dives
  3191. How bout ya flowhand1
  3192. El Gato Rojo
  3193. Ouch, Bitcoin dropped roughly $40 overnight
  3194. What's my problem?
  3195. Anybody gonna watch Bellator 149: Shamrock vs Gracie and Kimbo Slice vs DADA 500
  3196. Raptor says...
  3197. Another Netflix find
  3198. Candy flipping
  3199. Excuse me, can I have a moment of your time?
  3200. Playoffs
  3201. Mighty-Mouse fucking his imaginary girlfriend.
  3202. That motherfucker called MightyMouse...
  3203. any machinists here?
  3204. It's been brought to my attention that Roid Boy....
  3205. Mighty mouse!!!!
  3206. Would you hit it for free gearz?
  3207. Idgaf!!!
  3208. Seahawks... WTF!!
  3209. Cardinals
  3210. Steve Austin Broken Skull
  3211. Hey Roidboy
  3212. 15$ a barrel is my prediction..
  3213. Today's post missing?
  3214. How to keep a outside dog warm ?
  3215. Tile question for all you hands on people
  3216. These shoes are wild
  3217. new year new me
  3218. Y'all bout some quite mutha fuccas!!
  3219. What is your job and what do you WANT to do?
  3220. Who's used a coach?
  3221. Words of wisdom! Mutha fucca
  3222. Found a picture of ROID
  3223. Rich piana
  3224. Anyone had a vasectomy?
  3225. Kratom, drug tests and false positives..
  3226. Sex appeal music
  3227. Might not be around as much..
  3228. Possible Dillema
  3229. Free my nigga Trap[emoji92]
  3230. Take a guess who this is---
  3231. Trapstar
  3232. Income tax time again so its time for me to bitch
  3233. Trapstar rules
  3234. Original Nintendo for sell.
  3235. Pre paid phones for...
  3236. to whom it concerns
  3237. Korean BBQ, one more time!
  3238. My New Little Toy
  3239. pretty girl
  3240. So... Ann Coulter?
  3241. Top Porn Stars GIF : Peta Jensen
  3242. I'm predicting, big, hard things from Mighty Mouse..
  3243. Best why to mix kratom?
  3244. increasing back width.
  3245. The GH15 Bible
  3246. I sent a dick pic
  3247. Little Patriots
  3248. Anesthesia Please
  3249. Sex secrets
  3250. Dollar of the month shave club WINNING!!
  3251. I Need a New Show....
  3252. I have 192 days
  3253. Powerball Auction???
  3254. IDGAF!! Big thangs!!!
  3255. Cycle Support High Blood Pressure
  3256. s2h..
  3257. First Cycle Before/After
  3258. Say cuz!
  3259. Joel Osteen packs the TRUTH
  3260. NFL Playoff Pics Today
  3261. Insomnia, what works for you?
  3262. clonopin sublinguals
  3263. :coffee:
  3264. I'm packing my bags.....
  3265. There's a new video master in town..
  3266. The "official" roast thread
  3267. Where is dawg16 ?
  3268. Dylan gemelli have you heard of him?
  3269. Car Insurance a Tad High
  3270. Calling out member Jrx.
  3271. Me and sheriv
  3272. Guise. Where's your favorite place
  3273. Pins, it's what we all have in common
  3274. Jerking off on the plane...
  3275. Wickr - unable to receive messages
  3276. Worst gym songs
  3277. Gorgeous Shoulders
  3278. This is what I have to deal with..
  3279. Need help!
  3280. Dumb Cop Will Learn From This I am Sure
  3281. Cam Newton plays the race card.
  3282. Live chat
  3283. My bitch
  3284. find me your favorite lingerie
  3285. Gear and stash
  3286. Free streaming movies sites Star Wars and other new movies
  3287. The no bullshit log!
  3288. Daily Injections
  3289. Faggot bikers gangs
  3290. Dirty Grandpa
  3291. Caitlin Rice is fuckin HOTT!!!
  3292. 60 degrees the last two days!! What motorcycle do you have or want?
  3293. Mary jay jay
  3294. Body Goals....
  3295. Coaches meeting for kids sports... What a joke
  3296. If you could meet 3-4 member who would they be?
  3297. The Forest
  3298. Most disturbing
  3299. ok. off the wall topic
  3300. Would you have beat this guy
  3301. Next time you feel like complaining... watch this
  3302. How to be a whiny little bitch
  3303. Kicking off Black History Month...I just don't know where to begin with this one.
  3304. Black Phone 2
  3305. Fuck, Marry, Kill
  3306. MiSh make room in your inbox.
  3307. Where's your chubby???
  3308. Body Builder dead at 39..
  3309. So my wife got pissed at me for showing....
  3310. martin shkreli
  3311. Amazon now
  3312. Condom sizes
  3313. WHoz into sport bikes
  3314. Now This is One Hot Pussy
  3315. somebody
  3316. For my friends at ASF.
  3317. Would've made perfect sense...
  3318. The Good Life
  3319. i entered a wrong account for my tax direct deposit
  3320. What negative pbysical effects do you have personally..
  3321. Denver or Carolina? $3,000 Ticket(avg) or free Home Theatre?
  3322. anyone notice
  3323. The young guy needs women advise
  3324. Starting pix
  3325. Damn it, Mish!
  3326. Where is Kuda?
  3327. Half time show
  3328. Broncos win!
  3329. commence shit talking
  3330. escaping from wrists bound with duct tape
  3331. vacation
  3332. Beware of EBay
  3333. Should steriods be legal?
  3334. Cost ratio
  3335. Orgasm obtained through vaginal or clitoris stimulation?
  3336. Jerseydevil you're a liar!
  3337. Auto loan...
  3338. Torn abdominal muscle.
  3339. Saxon
  3340. tax returns
  3341. Chime in real quick.
  3342. Prostate tickling!!
  3343. So I got into a car accident yesterday...
  3344. Secret Admirer
  3345. Large Cock Causes Ass Pain
  3346. trensomnia chronicles
  3347. Pax
  3348. Now this is dedicated to the lift!
  3349. diarrhea treadmill
  3350. Boring!!!
  3351. Football
  3352. valentines day
  3353. Hey roamer in here
  3354. Valentine's dilemma...
  3355. girlfriend gaining weight...
  3356. Valentine's Dilemma
  3357. keto
  3358. !!!Mother Fucker!!!
  3359. What's your go to porn site?
  3360. Need drol
  3361. Kinky Torture
  3362. Bad Boy Bubby
  3363. BSR Pink Anavar Issue....
  3364. hammer test e issue.
  3365. Hate not pinning gearz...
  3366. any dippers out there?
  3367. ima hurt some feelings with this
  3368. Domestic source for caber or pram
  3369. removing glands from nipples
  3370. Happy Valentine's Day Bitch!
  3371. Lifter's jeans
  3372. i forgot i took some laxatives and now...
  3373. Priceless Gift for Cheaters on VDay
  3374. republicans
  3375. the show lucifer
  3376. No longer an Advanced Labs rep
  3377. No longer with Advanced Labs
  3378. No longer the administrator...
  3379. Im the new rep for Advanced Labs
  3380. RIP Nasty Girl
  3381. whos gonna win
  3382. Fucking sheep....
  3383. Really farva !!!
  3384. I was fired from my reply spot.
  3385. New business venture
  3386. 11.22.63
  3387. favorite reps past/present
  3388. A good penis pump
  3389. scratching your balls for extra euphoria
  3390. Idgaf!!! Fyi
  3391. Advanced crackhead.
  3392. Ronda Rousey Interview
  3393. Who will be the next rep to step down thread?
  3394. Leggings or capri's on guys?
  3395. question for lady help
  3396. Yo DEMA!
  3397. Perfume
  3398. BlondeBeautyBri throws up over judges in the front row during competition
  3399. Friday Brothers..
  3400. Prom queen and queen
  3401. Pro level
  3402. Fridays are gay.
  3403. Heavy Sighting..
  3404. BSR vs Advanced
  3405. Dearest Trapstar
  3406. Why Is It So Hard For Modern Man To Commit To Fitness?
  3407. The official list of types of pussy found throughout the land
  3408. I'm such a fat worthless whore
  3409. W-18
  3410. Any Army Vets Online Right Now?
  3411. cigarette smoke
  3412. Extreme sports or other hobbies
  3413. to all my wickr friends..
  3414. Goodbye,Trapstar :(
  3415. stayhungary-getbig lift today grow tomorrow
  3416. Prescription slips?
  3417. this is a killer prank !!!
  3418. sativas or indicas
  3419. is this you
  3420. fucking debt...
  3421. Free gear pt. 2
  3422. The war is over!!
  3423. Went off my diet for 2 days and feel like a champ now
  3424. E n o u g h !
  3425. Why are you guys such negative cunts?
  3426. Shit
  3427. Lord help us all...
  3428. ROID your boy stabbed us in the back!
  3429. How to burn your pecker
  3430. Wtf is wrong with me..
  3431. Bitcoin question
  3432. how many of you can relate
  3433. How dumb are your gym meatheads?
  3434. Insurance companies suck
  3435. Now What?
  3436. ?
  3437. Who shall I ban today?
  3438. The Truth Members beware
  3439. Coffee!
  3440. Murf, please clear your PM box !!!
  3441. Getting hitched tomorrow wish me luck lol
  3442. Goodbye, cheapthreads :(
  3443. Who will I unban today?
  3444. Postin to much info
  3445. I hear bsr and advanced are gtg
  3446. Do you believe in god or meta physics ?
  3447. fuck the captn
  3448. This guy wins Dad of the year...
  3449. theCaptn banned for 24hrs
  3450. Waiting 10 days for tracking from Advanced Labs
  3451. Security and posting vids
  3452. Calling all keyboard warriors !!
  3453. take a minute
  3454. Stole my fucking bike
  3455. i need help deciding..
  3456. New exercise?
  3457. Thin skin and the Pit
  3458. Diversity at the Oscars
  3459. Jeff spotted in anahiem
  3460. Just started a job at my gym.
  3461. My experience w/ basic
  3462. With all the shit talking about gearz...
  3463. Nudes.
  3464. off the sc ale............Yea, yea, yeaaa, yee, alright!
  3465. For the wine guys...
  3466. Best way to pin
  3467. Barbell brew new beer could be a game changer
  3468. It is time
  3469. If anybody in here is into stocks or making money..........
  3470. The Sky is Falling!
  3471. My new vasectomy procedure
  3472. Bsr
  3473. I'm back
  3474. Forum issue?
  3475. BSR is MIA according to reps
  3476. Happy bday Dr. Seuss
  3477. Anyone take tramadol ?
  3478. Bring back Trap
  3479. deemoe81
  3480. I wanna fuck her
  3481. Re-hash of my day....
  3482. Took a PT test while on 100mg var
  3483. Big news is coming!
  3484. I found him guys
  3485. Maj gave me a boner....
  3486. Why? Just why..
  3487. Would you bang a hooker?
  3488. I'd like to hear what the mods and supporters think....
  3489. Caught on camera, the demise of BSR
  3490. Post count
  3491. An arrest was made
  3492. BSR theory
  3493. proud day. hopefully the tide will turn
  3494. Blood pressure question???
  3495. Anyone here at the Arnold?
  3496. 2016 Arnold Classic Webcast
  3497. IML Arnold Ad jacking up your browser?
  3498. Karma
  3499. Tonights UFC fights free?
  3500. BSR azazel warning!! Read now !
  3501. Melting Pot? what's the deal
  3502. Hey BSR ball lickers...
  3503. Gyno??? Bitch tits???
  3504. Whatman syringe filter
  3505. Advanced reps
  3506. Sexy dancing on the dancefloor with my buddies from the gym.
  3507. Prom help from my interweb friends
  3508. Name the top 3 shops that you think have the best reputations
  3509. Duh Fuq You Been????
  3510. IDGAF!!! Unmeltable mutha fucca
  3511. Dmaa
  3512. I don't think many of you guys realize how big you are ...
  3513. TD from Contest
  3514. Shake down
  3515. In case you forget your key at the gym...
  3516. looking for a way to spend my time and earn money
  3517. My dream date finally happened...
  3518. She makes my butthole wet
  3519. The wife found my stash
  3520. Negging a source into the Red!
  3521. Am I a cunt?
  3522. Trolling
  3523. 420
  3524. Lab Results while running Hexarelin
  3525. my online confession!
  3526. Kicks
  3527. Bitcoin
  3528. PowerLifter03 = twinkies. Call out!
  3529. Domestic Policing
  3530. Don't fuck with Trump..
  3531. finally found out whats wrong
  3532. Heroin
  3533. Saaayyyy Whuuuuuuuuut!?
  3534. Disk Problems and Heavy Lifting Survey
  3535. Yep, Jeep Built a 707-HP Hellcat-Powered Wrangler..
  3536. I only post here when?..
  3537. Fuck dish washers
  3538. Shipping Question
  3539. What do you do when it's like this?
  3540. Super high concentrations...
  3541. Time for that "BREAK CHECK."
  3542. New Mod
  3543. March 14th!
  3544. Rumor control from Sherk
  3545. Don't forget...
  3546. BSR-rep says he passed away
  3547. theCaptn's kindness thread
  3548. BMW or Mercedes?
  3549. BSR cheerleaders
  3550. In light of all the recent drama here...
  3551. People giving advice
  3552. power source labs
  3553. which one of you sick bastards did this
  3554. Dear Franchise...
  3555. Last minute reminder
  3556. blackstar?
  3557. Got Pinz
  3558. Diindolylmethane
  3559. for all you oil drilling folks
  3560. Deadpool
  3561. Fuck a thief
  3562. Why you have chosen your screen name & the meaning behind it.
  3563. My March madness bracket
  3564. Are you HARDCORE!?!?
  3565. IDGAF!! For my haters
  3566. Favorite irish stuff
  3567. Unbelievable (SMH)
  3568. What do you do, to take the EDGE off?
  3569. SlappyTX RIP
  3570. Midget sex
  3571. GMO and D-Lats
  3572. I want mcdonalds
  3573. When the "Tren" kicks in...
  3574. grannies
  3575. Think everyone needs to watch this ..
  3576. charity ideas.
  3577. Uber!!
  3578. Muscle Knot's in Upper Back
  3579. Broke drank.
  3580. Yoga for the brain (any info please share)
  3581. Tesla - holy shitballs!
  3582. Franchise24 NEGGGGGG TRAIN!!!!
  3583. Rumor has it Franchise
  3584. My service was Questioned.
  3585. Does Muuuddafucka?
  3586. Stars and stuff
  3587. I just want my asshole licked
  3588. Hbo go
  3589. First Cougar Experience
  3590. Strange message!
  3591. UV Sterilization
  3592. Muslim attacks
  3593. Security Warning!!
  3594. Ya'll take food stamps? Man steals BMW he tried to buy with food stamp card
  3595. Name Your Gimmick
  3596. Thought I'd give it a shot!
  3597. Captn'
  3598. Sleep issues
  3599. Can you have too much sex
  3600. Patience?
  3601. Prison G/F
  3602. Steroidsguy ?
  3603. Going on a Cruise
  3604. RIP Phife Dawg
  3605. The new Boneman?
  3606. Why is rap melting?
  3607. Broke up with gf
  3608. Another fucking post deleted?
  3609. EQ for appetite
  3610. How to upload video from your phone?
  3611. Tapatalk Notifications
  3612. I just seen yawn of justice
  3613. What a bitch.
  3614. Walking out of the doctor's office...
  3615. Staright fire gear
  3616. Favorite part about your girl being on anavar?
  3617. Bustin a nut
  3618. Is this a bad idea?
  3619. Coffee anyone?
  3620. I know something you don't know...
  3621. Jboxer91 is a cop
  3622. Insulin
  3623. Jewelry Appraised?
  3624. basskiller, catch and release
  3625. Mighty Mouse, this is a game changer
  3626. Do you respect my coyote head???
  3627. I'll just put this here.
  3628. For sale...
  3629. Aries
  3630. I fuck more than all you fags
  3631. Its done..
  3632. Awww....SUCH A CUTE PUPPY!
  3633. Just look at these fucking animals.
  3634. bitcoin help
  3635. Dance with a Wolf
  3636. Rich Piana on Tosh.0
  3637. Fake super xannies
  3638. Cocaine for cutting
  3639. Top Torrent Sites
  3640. Cheapthreads .....
  3641. How long till REDDOG's a mod here?
  3642. Tattoo ideas??? (GOOD DRAWER NEEDED)
  3643. British Dispensary fake?
  3644. Got busted by the cops
  3645. I wonder...
  3646. Millenials are a pain in the ass
  3647. Question on hcg
  3648. A message to the mod father
  3649. Question for the guys
  3650. question, Sher / TBJ other medical proffesionals
  3651. Get this shit outta here!
  3652. What happened to reaching out to a source first.
  3653. Earbud headphones
  3654. Pimp Juice everywhere
  3655. Muscle cramps? Spasms? Wtf
  3656. Wrestling
  3657. She got you!
  3658. Personal Trainers
  3659. A lot of sex....
  3660. Smart black man!!
  3661. Divorce????
  3662. Will the PIT be on the new web design?
  3663. Chevy hd 2500 suspension lift
  3664. In case any of you were wondering
  3665. Mexican word of the day
  3666. Where's Big Ronnie at?
  3667. Alcohol after blood donation
  3668. Wet seduction the slayer.
  3669. What do I do now?
  3670. Lust
  3671. Evo
  3672. Patching up the past..
  3673. Shaved and ready to party
  3674. Essential oils
  3675. Mlg td!!
  3676. Heavyiron Banned!
  3677. muslims march for peace and humanity, Obama did it!
  3678. Any day traders here?
  3679. Why does beer cost so much in Canada?
  3680. Becoming a REP!
  3681. Hey Trap!
  3682. Has anyone taken ambien long term?
  3683. Quit having sales at the same time you dicks
  3684. Looking for a real man
  3685. Hobbies. Lets hear em.
  3686. Bitcoin use.
  3687. Where is World Pharma ??
  3688. What's your preferred pro wrestlers?
  3689. !! Hey Mighty Mouse !!
  3690. DJ Smokes Salvia
  3691. Infection or abscess
  3692. Dumb Question
  3693. LHJO or RHJO?
  3694. Hospitalized with abscess
  3695. POS nypd cop kills inoffensive puppy
  3696. SuperMod auction
  3697. ASF members working out
  3698. Are you fucking kidding me?
  3699. deemoe81
  3700. Anyone experience IA ship issue?
  3701. tell me what......
  3702. Investment opportunities
  3703. Baddest fawkin phone i ever owned galaxy s7 edge
  3704. Auction idea.
  3705. Free shit
  3706. Disappointed
  3707. Is it me or????
  3708. You ever binge watch tv?
  3709. AAS aren't magic pills!
  3710. HELP! Pinned yesterday tren extreme delt pain swollen hot......
  3711. Dear jeffy
  3712. Circle pay removed their limits
  3713. I'm back bitches! Send me free gear!
  3714. oil prices low for a while now?
  3715. Pimpin Going To Court
  3716. Prebed snack
  3717. Gym wife
  3718. Ray Lewis speaks the truth.
  3719. Panhandlers
  3720. Slevinsbrother's wife....
  3721. Who wants a Kratom Kilo auction?!?!
  3722. AAA abscess auction associations : Free Gear
  3723. Friday! Heads down please.
  3724. Young Trapstar
  3725. Is your favorite athlete from your favorite sport?
  3726. Lube
  3727. Cop shot stupid black woman
  3728. 1am update hahahha
  3729. Estrogen
  3731. Detective Gordon
  3732. Korean Jesus?
  3733. Infection Update?
  3734. Need help can't remember log in information changed phones
  3735. Gif Disabled :coffee: :winkfinger:
  3736. Bigger by the Whey
  3737. Progress pictures. So much work to do
  3738. UGLs merge
  3739. Calling MiSH
  3740. guess my destination for 3 ounces of PR Bali kratom
  3741. Cruz / Trump Thread?
  3742. Lab work?
  3743. Open Road..
  3744. Anyone have their 201 file?
  3745. So I just got busted...
  3746. Celebrity - Poops Hot Collection
  3747. What sponsors carry B-12?
  3748. Instructables: hiding spots
  3749. Sinus surgery today, any movie suggestions?
  3750. Do you guys remember these guys?
  3751. Anyone else like these vids?
  3752. ★★★★★ The 5% (or lower) Bodyfat Club ★★★★★
  3753. Fillet and strip anyone??
  3754. Pickle Park
  3755. Russia thinks this administration is fucking weak...
  3756. Europa Games in Orlando, Fl
  3757. This place is starting to look like ..
  3758. DJ's Angels
  3759. No You Dont...
  3760. How to be a crossfitter
  3761. Disney World
  3762. 40lbs in 90 days
  3763. Suboxone?
  3764. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in musicals
  3765. Vegas bitch
  3766. When gimmicks argue with themselves...
  3767. if you think this is directed at you, it probably is
  3768. isis compound found at texas border in mexico
  3769. Thunderstruck
  3770. Need random IP address, info? Long sorry
  3771. Help with cycle selection
  3772. stop deleting threads,thanks
  3773. 75mg or 50mg anavar ed?
  3774. Hugh
  3775. insulin and kratom protocol: The Event Horizon
  3776. Where else you gonna go?
  3777. Rep points
  3778. Politics and religion
  3779. Hi Hugh!
  3780. Farting during sex
  3781. Do you guys Shit in the gym?
  3782. Buy sell and Trade P2P !
  3783. Kobe Bryant's final career basketball game "air"
  3784. Any fishing guys here?
  3785. theCaptn's list of weird cunts
  3786. what i be telling the young gym hoes....
  3787. Any welders on this forum?
  3788. Any felchers in here other than....
  3789. Colonic Who's had one?
  3790. New Lab at ASf
  3791. Now This is being true to your faith...
  3792. Functional kettle ball training
  3793. Happy 420
  3794. Building me a truck
  3795. $13,000 stolen - Who said crime doesn't pay??
  3796. Anyone use the Acorns investing App?
  3797. Prince the musician reportedly passed away
  3798. You know you're dieting when
  3799. xanex, valium, somas
  3800. About to head to...
  3801. fawking mini vans
  3802. Random email from anabolic ace?
  3803. How fat is HEAVYIRON?
  3804. I haven't shit for 3 days
  3805. Am I being fucking stupid?
  3806. Careful With Your P.O. Box
  3807. My Gym is shit
  3808. 22 inch arms
  3809. Ballzapalooza
  3810. How to spot a rich guy....
  3811. Are fanny packs making a comeback?
  3812. where are the head hunters...
  3813. I think the politically correct shit has to stop...
  3814. Anyone else spend entirely to much $$$$ at home depot
  3815. Havent been around much
  3816. 1 hour till Game of Thrones
  3817. theCaptn's Mobile kindness!
  3818. Ha! Wtf
  3819. ?!Target?!
  3820. Addict
  3821. Them feels
  3822. Where's KOS and AZZA?
  3823. Fucking Allergies
  3824. American Test
  3825. Prince = American Testosterone
  3826. Catabolic Anonymous..
  3827. Scammer Insurance
  3828. New lab gonna pop up soon
  3829. You can't trust Anyone!
  3830. American Testosterone True Body Count Revealed!
  3831. To all the haters....
  3832. I have a speshal prize for the winner
  3833. Attention Shellsfit.
  3834. AT Nolva dosage concern
  3835. Guess who's the next scammer game.
  3836. Does Shellsfit have a cawk?
  3837. Where is gearhead blends?
  3838. Attn: Unlisted
  3839. Steroids???
  3840. Anyone live in New Orleans? Looking for a gym while on vacation.
  3841. Ayahuasca/DMT
  3842. Honda grom practice stand up wheelie
  3843. Last nights protocol
  3844. Traffic Blow Me!
  3845. Don't get back with exs...
  3846. Just got this email from AT
  3847. Safe-mail
  3848. Know Your Rights
  3849. What's the payoff..?
  3850. Well that was fast
  3851. Fuck, they're too young for this!
  3852. Is this faget 272lbs?
  3853. Anerican test
  3854. We were wrong about Labmax /RoidTest/ Reagent Testing
  3855. Stolen Valor
  3856. why are y'all so short?
  3857. Moto Compilation vid 2016 triplesevenization
  3858. Forum showdown
  3859. Supplement stores...
  3860. Piana slaps Genova
  3861. Financial planner/organizer
  3862. 2 in 1 tablet / laptop
  3863. Gear Addicts, Sex Addicts, and the Sluts United thread!!
  3864. These fools lost their minds!
  3865. Help Please!
  3866. Captn gimmicks
  3867. selling my regular cat tower for some crossfit style cat tower
  3868. Natalya Trukhina - wank bank material
  3869. Poisoned
  3870. Lifter vs fighter?
  3871. The fucking sweats
  3872. Caber as a general prolactin blocker, non-cycle related
  3873. #3 killer, medical malpractice
  3874. I'm 1.5 days alcohol free!
  3875. Already late...
  3876. Tramadol
  3877. Another labs gear in the trash can..
  3878. Wife holding out on the poon
  3879. blood work is in and I'm on the way to the ER..
  3880. blood work is in and I'm on the way to the ER..
  3881. So sexy..
  3882. Anyone watch this kind of shit before the gym?
  3883. Smf....
  3884. Wrecked My Truck Today!!!
  3885. Presidential RACE: Step Up or Shut Up.
  3886. Doc visit. Wtf
  3887. If you had 3 wishes..
  3888. My spinchter hurts
  3889. Walmartians
  3890. I was gonna go to the gym
  3891. Ready for this!
  3892. Going out took a triple XXX pill
  3893. what kind of bed do you have
  3894. Palmetto classic
  3895. F¥%# yo cheat meal
  3896. How far did Amy Shirley go?
  3897. Chasing Heroin
  3898. Fug Rob is a BEAST!
  3899. Awhile ago with current GF
  3900. Fuck a Bitcoin
  3901. Mothers day
  3902. Pinned my Trap today
  3903. Why?🍎
  3904. Choo choooooo
  3905. Brought my wife to strip club
  3906. Woman chases perv out of Target
  3907. Happy mothers day
  3908. Ate too much for Mothers Day.. help!
  3909. "Under construction 2"
  3910. Motivation Monday
  3911. Dispensing Solutions, Inc.
  3912. #[emoji251]Gang
  3913. #PoodleGang
  3914. Tired of choking down Orange Triad's horse pills...
  3915. Hammer[emoji8]
  3916. Muscle & Fitness Chicks Pictures
  3917. Artistic ability
  3918. Sausage Party!!
  3919. Who's got the good gear around here?
  3920. Best Nootropic mix out there currenty - NSX6 by SMA LABS
  3921. I know the guy is dumb, but this is ridiculous
  3922. I cant
  3923. When ASFers fight...
  3924. A History or Porn
  3925. Stretch Marks
  3926. Contest time!
  3927. Hitting your girl with an open fist?
  3928. Is Prince going to jail?
  3929. ? What Are Your Thoughts ?
  3930. Fuk it, I'm out...
  3931. I dont think bsr died
  3932. Almost Perfect
  3933. Fuck bitcoin
  3934. International Anabolics donation/auction
  3935. Help
  3936. Asf
  3937. I have a confession
  3938. Weekend morning routine
  3939. favorite levi's down
  3940. Can anyone tell me the secret??
  3941. Who saw Bautista take one to the jaw!!!
  3942. For All You Dumbfucks Out There Listen Up!
  3943. forum settings
  3944. Answer me!
  3945. Under Construction The movie/film Review
  3946. New posts not showing up???
  3947. Do you agree?
  3948. This Guy Really Just Stole My Set.....
  3949. Anyone heard form that faget rapt
  3950. 2 for 1 Test
  3951. 2nd Amendment
  3952. George Zimmerman's gun for sale
  3953. Can't we all just get along
  3954. Dumb parents.
  3955. Bball Fan's. Cavs or Toronto pick
  3956. Better Call Saul
  3957. Check this out dudes!
  3958. Favorite Muscle
  3959. TRade.???
  3960. Anyone else pissed they started late?
  3961. She's been hitting them squats
  3962. Safe space....
  3963. Got a letter in the mail today they cracking down on the over seas shipments
  3964. Scammer
  3965. Do any of you fuckers diet?
  3966. It's Friday.
  3967. Mod's here who arent active members
  3968. For you guys looking for Cals
  3969. What does anyone's elses girlfriend/fiance/wife
  3970. Destined to become more valuable than George Zimmerman's gun
  3971. Bang fit
  3972. Pho
  3973. Losing bitcoin
  3974. Burrfoot1313
  3975. This just in
  3976. Tren vampires! Where ya at?
  3977. you cant help those who dont want help
  3978. bar rescue
  3979. Clean eating ang high protien
  3980. Thermogenic effects
  3981. Fucking mail man
  3982. DADDYDAwg?
  3983. While you fat fucks...
  3984. Anyone from Colorado?
  3985. Skipfoursome
  3986. Crossfit dudes...
  3987. Big balls
  3988. Might Be The Funniest Fucking Thing Ever
  3989. Anyone get or have tremors?
  3990. marriage anniversary coming up
  3991. HEAVY DUTY Resin!
  3992. My Motivation
  3993. Tom Platz Quads
  3994. Fire!!!!
  3995. Future of Rap
  3996. Motivational Gym Music
  3997. Seasonal lifters ...💪
  3998. Does your gear do this?
  3999. Anyone else
  4000. Tattoos you love or hate
  4001. Fatballs got arse raped
  4002. She Said Yes!!!!!
  4003. New Mod: Cheapthreads !
  4004. No Longer Repping For Divine
  4005. I think I spotted theCaptn'
  4006. Any one watching the Mets games?
  4007. Please Tell Me
  4008. A Little Motivation
  4009. Am I losing it..?
  4010. Don't Act Like You Fucks Have Life's.
  4011. Memorial day
  4012. It's goin down in the town! Oakland baby
  4013. War movie weekend
  4014. What you don't ever want to do is
  4015. Severe pip
  4016. Smacks
  4017. Not sure if e2 is high...
  4018. ? For the Lebron James lovers
  4019. Marriage counseling
  4020. What does you church say
  4021. Anyone ever have marble...
  4022. It was bound to happen..
  4023. 6.5 Grendel
  4024. If the gorilla would have been white you think they would have shot him lol
  4025. 10% right?
  4026. Hitch Hikers
  4027. Backpage
  4028. Roots
  4029. Discount codes for rentals car
  4030. Business owner
  4031. Damn Costco!
  4032. Stairway Stair Climber
  4033. making Bitcoin easy!
  4034. Gearz whore
  4035. Friday..
  4036. Get hyped for your workout with this new single
  4037. best place for weeny steroids?
  4038. For a lifetime supply of..
  4039. Olive Branch to Jeffy
  4040. This Crap
  4041. Sort of update
  4042. Muhammad Ali Dead
  4043. Krampus
  4044. Scourge bottom feeding crew represent!
  4045. Chicks with Tattoos
  4046. Chicks with dicks
  4047. Vericose veins..
  4048. The question "Are you on steroids?"
  4049. safe-mail issues anyone?
  4050. Guys with Tatts
  4051. If you're in Tampa...
  4052. Advanced?
  4053. Mouths bigger than knowledge
  4054. I fuckin did it.
  4055. Kimbo Slice dead
  4056. hard gainers rejoice
  4057. Join two gyms?
  4058. Pharma Var for my chick...
  4059. The real dog pound bitches!
  4060. MM comes out of hiding and returns to UFC
  4061. I need anger management
  4062. Other Hobbies
  4063. So I helped this woman loose 74 pounds
  4064. How many entrepreneurs on here?
  4065. Dont know where to post this, check it out
  4066. The Hillary and Trump Conspiracy..
  4067. Bho
  4068. Today is my birthday where is the free pharma gears gdi???
  4069. Anyone else need hookers and blow?
  4070. Driving and Jerkin
  4071. Vision issues on Ralox
  4072. Just got through watching the conjoring 2 fawk demonic shit
  4073. HAPPY birthday MiSh
  4074. Just look at em
  4075. Expo freebes
  4076. Detective Gordan
  4077. Anyone else seen 13 Hours?
  4078. Site isssues
  4079. Stepping Down
  4080. Orlando
  4081. Going on my 1st cruise next month anything special I need to see??
  4082. Body armor
  4083. Truck gun
  4084. So I turned this kid into a man
  4085. The Barlow shirt
  4086. Most embarrassing thing you did at the gym
  4087. Married men with the side chick
  4088. 6 pages of...
  4089. Unicorn Gang
  4090. Russia hacked democrats database looking for trump info
  4091. if your a gay jihadists what will your virgins be?
  4092. Just got back from doc with pricing of gyno surgery
  4093. This fucking guy Advanced
  4094. Fuck thunder labs
  4095. Strange pms!!
  4096. Gear then workout then diet...in that order
  4097. 5 dozen eggs 2.99
  4098. Fug customs got me
  4099. ITT: we post how many Twitter followers you have (be honest) (no homo)
  4100. Need a new lab
  4101. Banned yesterday?
  4102. Glad PED challenged this douch #4
  4103. Ambien
  4104. What do these have in common?
  4105. 16 Year Old Black Trump Supporter Destroys Grown Ass Black Lives Matter dumbass.
  4106. question about pain pills
  4107. Totally off color but hilarious
  4108. For you internet bitches....
  4109. Urination problem.
  4110. The entire season comes down to one game... Cavs VS. Warriors
  4111. Alimony
  4112. Oh Shit! Friday!
  4113. just a FYI
  4114. Fuck it
  4115. Back from the land of the Banned
  4116. Don't skip head day
  4117. Wow
  4118. Summer: do you guys sweat constantly?
  4119. Riddle me this...
  4120. Blood pressure meds at 27 years old. Damn
  4121. Blood pressure meds at 27 years old. Damn
  4122. How I get when I drink alone in the house
  4123. Sorry honey, didn't mean to almost knock you out
  4124. ProHormones > Gearz
  4125. im back mother fuckers
  4126. Ufc fans
  4127. What do you guys use for laundry?
  4128. Europa
  4129. Happy Fathers day
  4130. Post yoar noodz!
  4131. Mick and Trap?
  4132. Brother in law
  4133. Well...well...well.. FUCK GOLDEN STATE.!! We got the TITLE BITCHES.!!!
  4134. Scientists in China Have Discovered That Creatine is a steroid!!!!!!!!!!!
  4135. if you are unmotivated
  4136. Pharma Bitches!
  4137. One compound/product that was your FAVORITE..?? Something STANDOUT.!!
  4138. Going for my pro card.
  4139. Check your Ticketmaster account
  4140. Rotator cuff peeps...step inside
  4141. Big ole girls! ! !
  4142. So the CIA wants me back to run shit......
  4143. Surgery FML
  4144. Thoughts??
  4145. So its Morphine now to stop contractions at 35 weeks ?
  4146. Wouldn't miss this for my life.!!! Off to...
  4147. How will the (imminent) sale of the UFC affect the sport?
  4148. Trump Big in Japan?
  4149. CLEN and drug test.
  4150. You're all dead!
  4151. Fucking bitcoin
  4152. Crystals
  4153. Going out bitches!
  4154. Pit has gone soft
  4155. Which would you pick?
  4156. Is the green dot gone for good?
  4157. Aw shit shes testing me!
  4158. A most unfortunate scenario for ASF members...
  4159. Am I fucked? Getting a girl on bc pregnant on tren?
  4160. My crack head mom.
  4161. HGH gut anyone?
  4162. Bho/420
  4163. Butt Play.
  4164. What's the highest your BP has ever been?
  4165. Do I fake it or what?
  4166. Forgot about this dumbass statement.
  4167. When is enough just enough ??
  4168. Umbilical hernia
  4169. Chinese HGH is good
  4170. Have you guys seen these smart helmets?
  4171. Anyone ever take career aptitude testing?
  4172. Sumner is an idiot - neg train please
  4173. Chicago or no ?
  4174. My ASF Birthday
  4175. That's it, throwing in the fuckin towel!
  4176. Hell yes!
  4177. The KKK
  4178. Favorite cities and states
  4179. Yes!
  4180. Loose skin
  4181. Can someone post me a link to peoples fav sponsor. tx
  4182. Recipe Mega Thread
  4183. Non stop work
  4184. Why was the AY thread closed?
  4185. for TBJ, everyone else watch at your own risk
  4186. It's Friday, Happy Fourth Cock Suckers.
  4187. I don't have anything against nobody..
  4188. Where are you watching fireworks at?
  4189. Lab results in....
  4190. Aenergy Mod
  4191. TD Bitches!
  4192. who else is at work and hating it right now
  4193. Then vs Now
  4194. Permanently Scarred
  4195. Happy 4th
  4196. TargetX (glycyrrhetic acid)
  4197. Nitroglycerin - source ideas?
  4198. My log
  4199. Auction!!!!
  4200. Drunks?
  4201. Any Travel hackers?
  4202. Im getting a tattoo
  4203. Marry your computer?
  4204. Coke challange
  4205. I'm leaving the forum. Nudes inside.
  4206. My gear my be from Asian
  4207. Tapatalk don't work with this forum?
  4208. Cruise
  4209. Ufc 200 its time!!!
  4210. Lingerie?
  4211. Just Saying
  4212. Farva
  4213. What do you guys think of this?
  4214. This thread is not about Franchise
  4215. Rich Piana called out to a fight and now accepts
  4216. 16 Staples and stiches
  4217. Love this!
  4218. Help! In the middle of a test cycle and I keep getting boners at the gym
  4219. Franchise24 those ones for you
  4220. An honest answer from the boys (pic attached)
  4221. Withdrawals
  4222. SHIt
  4223. how do you guys care for hand Calluses?
  4224. Advanced rep is a winner
  4225. Most disturbing movie you've seen
  4226. TBJtropin
  4227. Bent needle
  4228. Super talented
  4229. Wtf went on in Dallas tonight?
  4230. Black lives matter
  4231. Who deleted my thread
  4232. Help find fitness chicks....
  4233. 20 year anniversary next month
  4234. Ufc free fights right now fox sports 1
  4235. Franchise24
  4236. YO!
  4237. How to get removed as a mod at ASF
  4238. Legend pro
  4239. Tantalising offer!
  4240. Who's buying guns
  4241. Holy shit...the website is scummy through and through
  4242. Here's the deal children
  4243. Memo to All Former and Current Snitches
  4244. Choose who you share your info with carefully
  4245. Someone's brewing
  4246. If your black or gay don't travel to the US
  4247. Legs every day
  4248. What do you wash shoulders with on cycle?? Slight acne prob.
  4249. Trip OT
  4250. Prophet muscle "steroid police...."
  4251. Police Brutality
  4252. Hmmm..
  4253. hello....
  4254. ASF gangbang
  4255. How come in some pictures I look like a little baby back bitch?
  4256. Dont go barefoot in your house
  4257. Hair follicle testing
  4258. Warning
  4259. Can't Sleep...
  4260. How you become wokverine
  4261. Any Kimber firearm owners on here?
  4262. Pokémon Go....
  4263. IDGAF! Reversed scammer
  4264. Dnp itchy
  4265. Steroid Detransformation
  4266. What do you think about my physique? (thread got deleted)
  4267. Scar Tissue? Heres an idea
  4268. HAHAHA the best
  4269. So who are the cool kids around here
  4270. Gdawg - this one's for you.
  4271. 4 Days 4 Hours Sleep
  4272. Another attack in France
  4273. black crimes matter, tomorrow is national day of rage
  4274. Do you guys think IA is really Mass Specing all of their gear? ..or ANY lab..
  4275. The Secret 28 Pages From The 9/11 Commission Report
  4276. Man shes lookin good!
  4277. Sos. Help.
  4278. 17
  4279. Raw Footage of SeattlesBest Home Workout
  4280. Mod Dick Riders & Whores!
  4281. missed connection..
  4282. Currently cutting and looking flat as fuk.. do I even lift...
  4283. Need to buy
  4284. 3 more cops shot
  4285. Why?
  4286. Ok so..
  4287. Talking
  4288. Did not seeing that coming
  4289. Vision
  4290. Duracap labs indicted by feds
  4291. How much micro-trauma can you cause in a session? Is there a limit?
  4292. Im back!!! Again...
  4293. Everything you missed out on.
  4294. Today is the day
  4295. ASF Climate as of late?
  4296. Not sore after leg day anymore...
  4297. How big are ya gunz?
  4298. Private anti aging probably g2g
  4299. Wife gave me some shit today
  4300. TBJtropin first cucle
  4301. Anyone drive a Prius?
  4302. Psa!
  4303. Throat stomp
  4304. Shit I just bought some dick pills
  4305. This is who the mods are defending
  4306. Oh yeah.. experiment day!!
  4307. Weaning off an SNRI
  4308. Some of you may Remember..
  4309. F&$k you guys are boring anymore...
  4310. Bitchtits
  4311. Thank you AAP.!!! Very nice care pack.!!! You guys still rock.!!!
  4312. Thank you AAP.!!! Very nice care pack.!!! You guys still rock.!!!
  4313. What's Today?
  4314. "Let's Make ASF Great Again"
  4315. Are there really any undecided
  4316. Ar-15
  4317. Maybe I could get rich off of stupidity?..
  4318. Is this woman ugly?
  4319. Tren and traffic
  4320. For bulking
  4321. What's your preferred drink of choice?
  4322. She counted today
  4323. Pokémon go fuck yourself.
  4324. Cigars
  4325. The REAL FRANNY.!!! Iranian ISIS HULK.!! Can't fool me.!!!
  4326. Pontocain
  4327. Caribbean cruise
  4328. Free TBJtropin
  4329. Mighty Mouse
  4330. Heavy
  4331. Holly Holm
  4332. Chul soon
  4333. Piana is a midget
  4334. T4
  4335. Injectable bcaa
  4336. Big ViC ComeBack
  4337. Pokémon go broV funny af
  4338. Whoop some ass
  4339. This Is What Happens When Your Boy Tries To Get On That Vegan Kick...
  4340. #factsareracist
  4341. Wal-Mart
  4342. Any computer gurus here?
  4343. PTSD and depression. How a hormone imbalance makes shit 1,000,000 times worse.
  4344. Whites ordered to the back during BLM march
  4345. My PSA. Stress will kill you
  4346. Rap Music
  4347. That side smell
  4348. Good Morning
  4349. Le-vel thrive
  4350. WTH (DemoCrack Convention)
  4351. scammer or not ?
  4352. Mandela Effect
  4353. Which member is this?
  4354. App for logging?
  4355. Jabaar plays the racist card
  4356. Sweet Baby Rays!
  4357. Superdouche74
  4358. 5150 is back!!!!
  4359. wrist wraps?
  4360. 2016 USA's
  4361. Td on TOY NON aas related!!!
  4362. Levrone in May
  4363. Fran
  4364. What do you guys wear to the gym, far as foot wear these days?
  4365. I'm going to start selling My own Energy drinks!!!
  4366. Hilary puts Bill to sleep
  4367. How to secure yourself while on ASF and why the NSA threat is real
  4368. Customs Crackdown
  4369. Compression wear
  4370. it will make you better
  4371. Booked for vegas for bellagio, Ceasars and flamingo
  4372. Tudca for drinking?
  4373. Another fucking abcess WTF
  4374. Tied the knot
  4375. Coke and aas
  4376. PureWhite
  4377. Myostatin vaccine
  4378. Oldschool!!!!!!!!!
  4379. Very important information
  4380. I'm back.. what have I missed?
  4381. The struggle is real....
  4382. Received my first online bloods back | Need help
  4383. My Gorilla PHARM mod pack came in....
  4384. Progress - I found your video brah!
  4385. Any single fathers on here?
  4386. Booby tattoos
  4387. When was your golden years?
  4388. Must've been lots of weed and big scary dogs..
  4389. Fark you ever get pissed off at the wife?
  4390. Don't read this
  4391. It Comes Only Once A Week..
  4392. AAS and CHICKS!!
  4393. I just banged this
  4394. Ya win some, ya loose some...
  4395. Cologne!!!!!
  4396. everything you wanted to know about eating ass but was afraid to ask
  4397. Seattlesbest.. Found your cats.
  4398. Post in here if you've never been asked to be a board rep or a mod
  4399. LHJO and the Olympics
  4400. new sponsor coming, reps needed
  4401. Mike Tyson - piece of shit
  4402. Why I can't get into having my ass licked
  4403. New Porn
  4404. this is why people hate politicians
  4405. Good Credit, No Credit, Bad Credit...
  4406. Just pinned tren for first time, am I gonna die?
  4407. Funny video
  4408. What is your favorite night time snack besides pussy.???
  4409. What do you guys/gals do to look younger?
  4410. 3 rules here that need to be implemented ASAP
  4411. Which VPN
  4412. a little feel good news for yall
  4413. Why is this not happening to the Hillary Supporters?
  4414. Moustafa ismail
  4415. PF gives no fucks.
  4416. Bye ASF!
  4417. Is Advanced labs Hammers bipolar self?
  4418. Just got my DD214
  4419. Reverse Racism?
  4420. What razors do you use for the Face/body (expensive or inexpensive?)
  4421. Friday..
  4422. ASF Gimmick checkin thread
  4423. So where do you guys buy clothes?
  4424. Cuban Cigars
  4425. Hammer being bunk
  4426. WHEN and WHAT..???
  4427. Ugls, why?
  4428. Rehab (drug)
  4429. I need to unlock a iphone 6
  4430. Monster rep
  4431. PINNING 1 whole vial at a time!!!!
  4432. muslim pride
  4433. Too bad this stuff doesn't happen in my neighborhood
  4434. Tell us your fight stories....
  4435. This is pretty much how I feel
  4436. Gear in Oman?
  4437. Grand rapids?
  4438. DAMN... One hell of a lab.
  4439. Anyone make over 200k? Value of mba or masters advice
  4440. To all my wickr friends. ..
  4441. WHAT do you like and NOT like to know when following someone's cycle log????
  4442. 22 year old with low testosterone
  4443. AR- or AK-
  4444. Big Thanks to everyone
  4445. Olympic Talents
  4446. I had a sit down with my tren last night!
  4447. HTML5 /Jquery experts?
  4448. Fucking Pitbulls and the Police....
  4449. AnabolicLabs/simec BS coming to light
  4450. True or false
  4451. Subaru BRZ
  4452. Subaru BRZ
  4453. Finally something good
  4454. Disturbing
  4455. Pre-season football ball.???
  4456. Fuck it !!!!!! :; ()))
  4457. Watch "The Ohio State University Marching Band plays “Hang on Sloopy” in 2014" on You
  4458. How do you tan.???
  4459. Jay is coming!!!!!
  4460. Lmao!!!
  4461. Found a great back saving leg machine
  4462. Mighty-Mouse New Video?
  4463. One year of gear?
  4464. Went nuts at costco
  4465. Dick's broke.
  4466. The things women say
  4467. my CIALIS review over the recent AL dispute
  4468. Ufc 202
  4469. Wow!! I feel great again.. the gym is my savior!
  4470. KISS tonight MoFo's!
  4471. Detroit hood at night
  4472. Has Anyone Noticed
  4473. So Raptor sends me a pic
  4474. Your 2016 Olympia winner pic?
  4475. Pgp help for darnet
  4476. Is Mish still beating his wife?
  4477. Want to annoy someone that has PISSED you off????
  4478. KRONIKS SAUNA TALKS and misc.
  4479. MAD fuckin MONDAY.!!!
  4480. I like this guy
  4481. Pony Boys cooking
  4482. Complete disappointment.!!!!
  4483. Too much.!!!
  4484. Steroids.
  4485. Net Worth 90 Billion..
  4486. Presidential Election - Anonymous Poll
  4487. I thought all Asians were small?
  4488. Pharmacom and Basicstero
  4489. Peptide help? Sermorelin
  4490. Fuck You Life!!!! Car jacked!
  4491. Waaaaaa boo hooo wahhhhhhh cry cry
  4492. Bogners pranks
  4493. the fuck is wrong with USPS?
  4494. Post something here that you are not proud of
  4495. DEMA owned everyone at meso
  4496. Gym bunnies
  4497. Help wanted add.
  4498. Where's Custom?
  4499. Car for sale
  4500. My favorite motivation video
  4501. This time next week.................
  4502. Dont know how I did it..... but I did!
  4503. Mary Jane
  4504. Kiddie is away its time to play!
  4505. 2 mexo employees at my work tried to throw me under the bus
  4506. HOW can I help???
  4507. Drones
  4508. Apple cider vinegar
  4509. Don't Breath..
  4510. Is Hawaii a shit hole?
  4511. Dmt. The spirit drug.
  4512. Bottle of tren for a donation
  4513. Progress is my hero...
  4514. Personal DQ gear experience
  4515. Alpha
  4516. Brother's chick pic.!!! Need honest reviews.!!!
  4517. ASF Sunday Church.
  4518. OFFICIAL Challenge Thread UP!
  4519. Primo gods.
  4520. Kaepernick Refuses to stand for the National Anthem
  4521. Kaepernik sits during National Anthem
  4522. I liked Asf more when...
  4523. Phentermine
  4524. My before and after | Photo | C&C welcome
  4525. For my fellow 12th man
  4526. Entrepreneur
  4527. Safemeds4all
  4528. Which was the MOST embarrassing moment of your life?
  4529. Yeah this happened. (Funny)
  4530. HD streaming if NFL games
  4531. "Marriage is buying a house for someone you hate."
  4532. What goes around comes around
  4533. Kratom Schedule 1
  4534. Less than 5 posts complaints, that time of the year again?
  4535. Anyone getting any messages asking to join wicker from strangers?
  4536. In Shape, Fat or Skinny?
  4537. 3rd week back at the gym 2nd week back on blast
  4538. Exploding sea vagina
  4539. How many shits do you take a day?
  4540. Piece Of Shit Stole My Gear
  4541. How to get more vascular?
  4542. I need someone I can trust to log into my playboyplus account and change the password
  4543. Kevin Levrone is back.
  4544. This Is Some Of You Guys....Actually Probably Most Of You LoL
  4545. Tren Junky :/
  4546. Anyone bounce?
  4547. Steroid to heaven.
  4548. Food!!!!!
  4549. Man camel toe
  4550. Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where $6.5 Trillion Dollars Has Gone
  4551. Making out with strippers
  4552. Going through some things...
  4553. The Part of BB Most Don't See.
  4554. Epic Fathers Day plan!
  4555. You guys think this is real?
  4556. Boxing fans, Tecate girl
  4557. Why you should believe every word from an infomercial..
  4558. funny or fav quotes from BB world
  4559. Kids multivite
  4560. Rui products
  4561. Gear Porn/ stash
  4562. Can't remember the name
  4563. Stripper/Hooker stories?
  4564. Dude this bitch hoarding poop!!
  4565. "168" A Mouse Trap Production
  4566. advise me
  4567. 1.3 Billion to Iran
  4568. Suggestions for 65yr old
  4569. Need free gearz....
  4570. Lolz buddies wife found my stash
  4571. Where did TBJ go?
  4572. Place your bets
  4573. Bitcoin
  4574. What are you listening to?
  4575. Visiting the pup at Kitsap WA
  4576. Love this
  4577. Fellow procrastinators where art thou?
  4578. Depression as an illness and not some sign of weakness
  4579. Anybody from Colorado?
  4580. Needing a roommate asap
  4581. Can CM Punk get out of 1st rd?
  4582. You know this place is fucked when . . .
  4583. Designer(the rapper) juice bust
  4584. Help me help out my friend. Please
  4585. Top 10 Artists, bands, producer/djs on your list
  4586. Got me a lil spa action today
  4587. A True Cinderella Story!
  4588. Watch "Gimme The Loot - Biggie (Original Version)" on YouTube
  4589. This is what nightmares are made of!
  4590. What's you crazy fuckers favorite lift?
  4591. Shes done Today 9/11
  4592. I'm about to be assainated
  4593. Testviron is some thick shit...
  4594. FUCK depression
  4595. Fuck it, I will say it.....
  4596. Bitcoin using Coinbase App
  4597. Pmma
  4598. First time | Fail | Amps
  4599. Police Chasing a Semi in LA live
  4600. No Excuses.. No Fucks Given..
  4601. Legit poker online?
  4602. Today's lesson! ONLY THE GAYS MUST WATCH!!!
  4603. Gotta try it of u haven't yet!!
  4604. WHY do you use AAS.??
  4605. Lol new kitten is funny
  4606. Dating a chick with kids
  4607. When you find your soulmate [emoji23]
  4608. Coagulated blood in pores?
  4609. DatbTrue
  4610. Free shit
  4611. What are your goals
  4612. My road to Mr Olympia ...
  4613. Nootropic
  4614. Trey Gowdy
  4615. Media Tries To Get Lil Wayne To Join The Race Bait Game and BLM...He Shuts Them Down
  4616. Don't be low-hanging fruit.
  4617. Getting back into the awkward stage with clothes
  4618. Swinger clubs/ orgy clubs
  4619. FBI Stonewalls Congress
  4620. Is it just me or
  4621. Amazon broadcasting the Olympia
  4622. 2016 Olympia Press Conference: Kevin Levrone Posedown
  4623. Anyone have luck taking a dmt trip recently?
  4624. Cycle critique?
  4625. How do you guys take Exe
  4626. Max dose
  4627. The fuzz on asf
  4628. Excuses for rapid growth
  4629. 2016 Olympia under way!
  4630. Breakfast of Champions
  4631. DEMA ( I am here )
  4632. DEMA ( I am here in Vegas )
  4633. Attraction changes?
  4634. I think I'm a hoarder lol gun guys come in.
  4635. I felt like a stud last night
  4636. Who can bench?!?!?!
  4637. Jay talks gear
  4638. Just a heads up, UFC on fox sports1
  4639. How steroids ruined my life
  4640. This Guy
  4641. This sums up my first cycle lol
  4642. World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw Takes 100M Rowing Record on a Whim
  4643. Thats some goooodddd shit!
  4644. Cholesterol wow
  4645. SADLY this is ACCURATE As FACK!!
  4646. Time to cruise...
  4647. Anabolic Chicken
  4648. Advanced ??
  4649. Depression/appetite loss
  4650. Anyone have an engineering degree in here?
  4651. Choke me?
  4652. 2 orals
  4653. Nac
  4654. Post count
  4655. Test with Slin Pin
  4656. What a score....AAP var
  4657. WTF is going on here?
  4659. Homecoming
  4660. Yay!!!! Anal and questions about passports.
  4661. Fake nattys....
  4662. Engagement ring advice needed
  4663. Public Service Announcement for AL Customers
  4664. Building a outdoor bbq ect?
  4665. Lil update
  4666. Pink dbol
  4667. Friday..
  4668. Donating blood?
  4669. Where do you hide yo shit
  4670. The secret to a bad day..........
  4671. Home Invasion
  4672. Holy Shit
  4673. Fall in north east USA = perfect tren weather.
  4674. Blue hearts
  4675. Ok ITS fRIDAY
  4676. Michelada?
  4677. Threads content not displayed on Tapatalk
  4678. I need a fucking vacation
  4679. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  4680. Hgh Measurement on 1ml insulin syringe
  4681. What The Fuck Is Going On In The World..
  4682. Operation get Advanced has begun!
  4683. Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett
  4684. Presidential Debate
  4685. Order the JIZZLE now!!! LMAO
  4686. So who all got fucked by ADVANCED
  4687. How AAS changed my life for the better!
  4688. Dont be an askhole
  4689. Why do Norwegian women have such a beautiful smile?
  4690. WTF is wrong with kids?!
  4691. What has happened to this place?
  4692. This is a gay site isn't it?
  4693. why do people protest without the facts for dumbass people
  4694. New mods? Dafuq
  4695. 5'10 and over
  4696. Passing a Drug Screen
  4697. Iphone copies Samsung Note , new exploding feature!
  4698. Renaissance Festival
  4699. Headaches?
  4700. Fuckin car insurance
  4701. Asf. Gay forum?
  4702. Podcasts
  4703. Oculus VR
  4704. Up to 500k ballots found
  4705. owning gimmicks minds
  4706. Go Blue! Michigan Wolverines
  4707. People to be banned immediately
  4708. lets help fannie with a new gimmik name
  4709. Tasteful nudez earned banning
  4710. Of Course......
  4711. Cowboys
  4712. Apology
  4713. Politics is all about your T level
  4714. Saliva Test (mouth swab)
  4715. Has anyone else noticed trump seems to be less orange?
  4716. Anybody ever tried Bain?
  4717. Hillary Supporters
  4718. Clinton foundation emails
  4719. I'm now a perv
  4720. My Kel Tec went boom
  4721. Whew!
  4722. Vice President Debate
  4723. For those that are married
  4724. John Meadows v Prime Nutrition / PJ Braun vs Aaron Singerman?
  4725. Chick-Fil-A Restaurant..
  4726. Creepy
  4727. The big bust in Florida
  4728. Does anyone else have prostate problems on blast
  4729. Stepping Down
  4730. I'm sorry but lol
  4731. Wtf coinbase gave me the boot
  4732. coinbase closed my bitcoin account after placing an order
  4733. Liver detox.
  4734. ?
  4735. is it Friday or chest day you decide.
  4736. Coinbase shutting down accounts?
  4737. Fresh ink and working out
  4738. Does it hurt?
  4739. Back from out of town work. Looks like I've missed things.
  4740. Cure for going bald?
  4741. Where to Sell Computer Components
  4742. Letting Loose..
  4743. What happend to advance labs
  4744. What to say to nephew?
  4745. Nasty Arm Bar on UFC
  4746. Hgh... Massive pain in side when I sneeze!
  4747. So....
  4748. Who would you trust more?
  4749. steroid hate site
  4750. captn is a scammer
  4751. Need to clean things up?
  4752. testosterone undecanoate
  4753. IA Faking simec
  4754. Favorite cuisine?
  4755. How Long are Test levels elevated
  4756. Depression
  4757. Need "Music" Help
  4758. Stolen identity
  4759. Moving!
  4760. Great news for Kratom users!
  4761. Note 7..
  4762. Karma Is A Mother Fucker!
  4763. Egg Whites
  4764. truefreedomsupplements
  4765. Coins
  4766. Introducing new anomynous browser
  4767. Whack job...
  4768. Where's my buddy bogner?
  4769. 1 million posts!
  4770. A Question For a Chemist
  4771. Who not voting
  4772. Twerk
  4773. Trama kit
  4774. Pssssst
  4775. Custom Made Avatars FREE
  4776. Got it... I think.
  4777. Most unbiased members?
  4778. Who are the dumbest members?
  4779. new lab sent me to ER
  4780. Do sources hold grudges.??
  4781. Alabama football
  4782. What members are viable for the true Illuminatty
  4783. Anyone else get a disturbing pm?
  4784. IA Faking Simec Part 2
  4785. Best TWERK vid!!!!
  4786. Senior Sources
  4787. Dirty Democrats
  4788. IA
  4789. Muscular back pain
  4790. things to not google
  4791. Need help from Mod or admin
  4792. Wtf!! Lol
  4793. What Up Hammer why u Deleting
  4794. Question about bitcoin?
  4795. Don't you hate it
  4796. Other gear sites?
  4797. Morning motivation
  4798. Meme war
  4799. Do hast MiSh
  4800. Guys Pissing and Moaning Over Test Levels
  4801. I think my estrogen is High..
  4802. Samson
  4803. Workout music + earplugs
  4804. iA packs
  4805. Changing user name
  4806. New sub forum - politics and religion?
  4807. I don't ask for much..
  4808. wickr and android
  4809. Meds for old dogs
  4810. Old gear old sources
  4811. I think I just met MiSh
  4812. Progress is dead
  4813. TSL dropped out?
  4814. The New Age UGL
  4815. Ahh...the weirdos of Berkley
  4816. Issa..the powerhouse
  4817. Example of How To Publicly Treat a Customer
  4818. Things I liked about imf
  4819. Will dicks be measured?
  4820. Election time calls for a new poll---
  4821. World series!
  4822. New Insurance....
  4823. FML! I need help
  4824. What the fawk is a Luke Bryan?? I'm ashamed
  4825. Walking Dead?
  4826. now that charely is here
  4827. @johnjohn
  4828. Kratom and Paranoia
  4829. Merica
  4830. The opposite of Trump support
  4831. Site Malfunction???
  4832. Where's that chart that shows what test levels should be after a pin?
  4833. Tendonosis Anyone?
  4834. Shaving, I've reached that point
  4835. Fyi reopening clinton case
  4836. Joe Bidon is an idiot
  4837. IA Clomid LabMax, fake?
  4838. Cruising is BORING.!!!
  4839. My own little poll here!
  4840. Adderall and AAS.??
  4841. I'm in trouble fellas!
  4842. I miss Socal and he's shoe collection
  4843. thank you obama
  4844. Getting her to give up the poop chute.
  4845. Some bad luck.
  4846. Mick
  4847. Boo's
  4848. Male contraceptive shots
  4849. Fighter Before and After Steroids
  4850. Why are women always right:)
  4851. The Clen jitters
  4852. Pct sex life
  4853. get your shit together
  4854. Was I wrong?
  4855. You mean like steroids?
  4856. What Grinds Your Gears (in the Gym)?
  4857. Android tapatalk
  4858. Clinton done?
  4859. Some shit Shelby Starnes said a yr ago
  4860. LiL Wayne...Props to this guy
  4861. AR builders???
  4862. terror threat monday
  4863. Are we really alone?
  4864. Bust
  4865. Possibly Bunk
  4866. Breaking news
  4867. Hiding your stash
  4868. Oldschool another year closer
  4869. Betting Tip Thread?
  4870. UC and Crohn's
  4871. Totally off topic but......
  4872. Shit! I'm not missing 205!
  4873. Generation Iron Movie
  4874. Can someone please help me?
  4875. Heads up UFC on fox sports 1
  4876. Gun Just Pulled On Trump (possible)
  4877. Wrist Wraps
  4878. Anyone here have a unique talent?
  4879. This is truly some BS and not cool at all!
  4880. Clintons in satanic cult
  4881. My favorite song!
  4882. Kaprinack
  4883. Please Explain
  4884. Funny or sad?
  4885. Body Count
  4886. Broncos vs Raiders
  4887. is everyone here
  4888. Hugh Banned Again?
  4889. So I'm on pinterest am I gay??
  4890. The mental game
  4891. I must be the only one having issues on here
  4892. would you pull out? That is the question...
  4893. Fire wood
  4894. Best beef jerky ever!!!
  4895. Auction for mod sex tape vids
  4896. Its been fun
  4897. Would you smack the fuck out of a kid you were babysitting
  4898. Idea
  4899. Election Prediction
  4900. !!! Crazy Doser & Carlos Castaneda Dream Contest !!!
  4901. Megyn Kelly - Fox News
  4902. Ladies and gentlemen I give you President Trump!!!
  4903. DieselJimmy is.....
  4904. You know what they say
  4905. Is DJT a Satan worshipper?
  4906. good deals
  4907. Hahaha the end of the MMA share video
  4908. One of the most important parts of this Election!!
  4909. What is the longest you went without seeing your child?
  4910. Who drives lifted trucks here?
  4911. Crying on cue.
  4912. Trump has plans for 2A supporters
  4913. Tren is Overrated
  4914. Circle Pay
  4915. Im Black And I Voted For President Trump
  4916. Kids on try
  4917. HCG for TRT
  4918. Where does it end?
  4919. No domestic or rec drug discussion
  4920. Lib tears
  4921. Trumps wife
  4922. Who's your Super Moderator
  4923. Have a Blessed Day!
  4924. Hai!
  4925. Finally got prescribed test!!!!
  4926. Vasectomy
  4927. lets talk beer
  4928. Hillary's legacy
  4929. Will Trump pick the right type politician tp Make America Great Again'
  4930. Electric Razors
  4931. ******* chicks *******
  4932. Holy Sh!t
  4933. Hmm
  4934. Diamonds
  4935. you cant help people
  4936. Gears abuse the third coming
  4937. Just for you Riverghost you jerk off.
  4938. MUSIC needed!!!!
  4939. Supermoon
  4940. Screw the flu!
  4941. Help for distraught liberals
  4942. Kovalez Vs Ward (Saturday)
  4943. Alcohol and Blast and Cruise
  4944. Legandary black sock photos
  4945. Hammer Is Gone?
  4946. Bullying/cyber bullying (This upsets me) what do I do?
  4947. Wtf?!
  4948. Xbox vs. Xbox1s
  4949. Dnp
  4950. Post Injection Peak Times
  4951. How many years to reach max?
  4952. Looking to build a AR
  4953. How do yall keep your motivation
  4954. What have I missed?
  4955. Nfl is taking a dive... And i know why
  4956. First day executive orders
  4957. Dear ASF
  4958. I am a shameless Tim Ferris groupie- and a forward by the ahrnohld
  4959. I have something to say 2.0 - little britches
  4960. Lolz need a coupon?
  4961. What Are U all Thankful Tomorrow
  4962. Tren is kickin
  4963. Happy Thanksgiving
  4964. walgreens steroid test... got 'em
  4965. Thanksgiving issue...
  4966. Happy. Gobble gobble
  4967. home gym equipment
  4968. Do I Really Need A Prescription for ReliableRX and SafeMeds4all?
  4969. Castro dead
  4970. Jerseydevil.!! Good luck brother.!!
  4971. Clinton joining recall effort
  4972. My Backyard w/rain
  4973. Message For All You Gym Liars
  4974. Started not to post this but maybe it will help some noobs
  4975. Guilty pleasures
  4976. Have any of you tried this ice cream?
  4977. Wife equals NO affection?
  4978. Can't even believe how LONG this is ;)
  4979. No fuckin way!!
  4980. Smash it?
  4981. Trestalone aka Ment
  4982. Listen to this and tell us what u think
  4983. Shakes
  4984. Advice from the ASF crew
  4985. Oh boy libs going to be pissed
  4986. Crazy fuck
  4987. First day back...
  4988. Injecting 3cc a day
  4989. Kanye West
  4990. Fuck work. . .
  4991. imporium
  4992. Craziest Thing Said During Sex
  4993. Pizza Porn Thread
  4994. Chanel... Rich Piana's new girl
  4995. A Fight Broke Out At My Gym Today....Got it All On Video!!
  4996. Happy Friday bitches!
  4997. MM tren rage caught on video
  4998. 3 day Facebook ban
  4999. Complete and utter ignorance
  5000. Recount, aw shit
  5001. Squatty potty
  5002. Can anyone help me with my HORRIBLE cholesterol labs?
  5003. I need some fire ass test suspension ASAP
  5004. Chubby mfker
  5005. You Dont Ever Mess With Mans Best Friend...
  5006. Thanks Tren, seriously (Now she won't talk to me)
  5007. New York City seeks U.S. funds for $1 million daily security costs for Trump
  5008. Need some serious help.
  5009. You know who you are!
  5010. Cross fit games
  5011. Tapatalk
  5012. Any ideas?
  5013. Making America great again
  5014. Threads being deleted from the pit.
  5015. What is wrong with people? Prepare to cringe
  5016. Anybody having Wickr issues
  5017. Tsl
  5018. Went and dug up my stuff
  5019. Do you have before and afters?
  5020. GMP lab , BUSTED in greece
  5021. Perfect Day
  5022. Origin of gear
  5023. My Christmas gift to ASF members
  5024. Is ASF going downhill.?? What's the status.??
  5025. Is your UGL 'sust' Prop + Cyp?
  5026. gdawg
  5027. GGT liver value. .
  5028. Can't stop eating
  5029. Are you sex deprived????
  5030. Obama trying to push Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act
  5031. How to tell her she stinks... down there.
  5032. When women say Size Doesn't Matter
  5033. Reading material
  5034. TheCptn mod no mas
  5035. No politics/food
  5036. How Far Can You Shoot Your...
  5037. Trumps Master Plan (Energy industry, EPA, Foreign Relations, Trade)
  5038. Does any on hate doing pr bloo d
  5039. The real Santa
  5040. Am I a dick
  5041. I reset my Tapatalk password
  5042. Anyone ever used wax for hair removal??
  5043. Sleep tracking bracelet
  5044. Workout Song You Love, But Wont Admit to...
  5045. bitcoin
  5046. Prince spam
  5047. Love this chick
  5048. I dont give a fuck
  5049. Techy people, I've got a question for you.
  5050. Napsgear
  5051. Is there a law against shooting your sister in law?
  5052. Fuck the inlaws
  5053. Song name?
  5054. Blood pressure meds
  5055. Fluid buildup on elbow
  5056. Where is what's his face?
  5057. Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov 'wounded' in gun attack in Turkey
  5058. Fucking Slut!
  5059. Russia To US Over Alleged Election Hacking: ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’
  5060. It's over you fucking whiners
  5061. Question For The Mechanics On Here.
  5062. Someone find trapstar for me!! Mighty Mouse?!?!
  5063. DEA Trying to Ban CBD Oil
  5064. THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS Trailer (2017)
  5065. 7 most dangerous vaccines
  5066. Off Duty Cop Uber Driver Shoots, Curb Stomps, and Kills 3 Attackers
  5067. Cancun Mexico stack
  5068. Open for business
  5069. She wants your abuse
  5070. Can they ever make up their minds?
  5071. Do you carry?
  5072. Obama's newest executive order
  5073. Fox News babes
  5074. UFC Cyborg gets popped
  5075. Melania trump - the first lady in our nude photo shoot
  5076. Hope she likes it!
  5077. Court Rules Police Can Legally Execute Your Dog if It Does Anything But Sit Silently
  5078. MTV Offers NYE Resolutions For White Guys
  5079. Cops tase 91 year old Alzheimer's patient for not going to Dr and leads to death, vid
  5080. Are you ready?
  5081. ***** post up your favorite Trump pics *****
  5082. Social media vs forums
  5083. MARTIN SHKRELI LEAKS LIL WAYNE'S 'CARTER V' TRACK ... Wayne Launches Investigation
  5084. Jailbroken Firestick
  5085. Merry Christmas
  5086. ***** post up your favorite Hillary pics *****
  5087. Prince
  5088. Christmas bonus
  5089. Office Christmas Party Official Trailer - Hilarious!
  5090. So today I finally got on the dark web
  5091. Pinning horror stories
  5092. George Michael: Pop superstar dies at 53
  5093. Old friend on the news
  5094. Adderall
  5095. Rip Carrie Fisher
  5096. Adding in T3
  5097. Notable deaths in 2016
  5098. New exercise? seems legit..
  5099. Hoban Law Group responds to DEA on CBD oil
  5100. Need free Tren
  5101. UFC 207
  5102. I Just Don't Understand It
  5103. What does everyone do for work?
  5104. 2017 Goals
  5105. Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes | UFC 207 Weigh-In
  5106. P.O box note
  5107. Bouncing butts
  5108. Miss glass chin!!!
  5109. Damn Rousey
  5110. U Bitches what's ur New Year Resolutions
  5111. Fertility
  5112. Nunes vs. Rousey Results: Winner and Knockout Reaction from UFC 207 By Alex Ballentin
  5113. Krav Maga vs BJJ
  5114. Ronda Rousey's Mom BLASTS Ronda's COACH after LOSS!! UFC 207
  5115. Bitcoin price hits $1000
  5116. Original Steroid go under?
  5117. What do you do to stay grounded?
  5118. I Must Be An Asshole
  5119. Celebrity Apprentice who watched it last night?
  5120. I've been threatened. ...
  5121. I think everyone should be REQUIRED to attend this course.
  5122. Ronda Rousey Finally Breaks Her Silence After Crushing UFC 207 Defeat
  5123. California legalizes child prostitution
  5124. Ahh...Chicago (Planet of the Apes)
  5125. Another informative news report
  5126. ROID: Darkest Secrets Exposed. A Jersey D compilation
  5127. Go elsewhere?!?!
  5128. $$ on items
  5129. Was reading the news app on my phone, this is in Time magazine. Anabolic steroids
  5130. Shrooms
  5131. Hobbyist woodworkers
  5132. Dat ass tho!!!
  5133. I've been doing it wrong all along
  5134. This kid just got a ear full
  5135. Anyone?
  5136. Labs
  5137. Being congested and BBing
  5138. judge jeanine pirro
  5139. Best Motivational Videos Compilation for 2017
  5140. Rich Piana Crew Fight Vs Mac Trucc Crew
  5141. WTF is going on with Rich Gaspari's physique?
  5142. What do you think of this?
  5143. Getting negged...
  5144. Having great day just got haircut done aces
  5145. Female Fitness Motivation - Tattoo Ladies
  5146. Porn Stars Weigh In On Penis Size
  5147. Hot Ass
  5148. Is Ronda Rousey living Rocky III?
  5149. Grab em by the pussy
  5150. Pins
  5151. Roll tide fawk clemsux
  5152. Kim Kardashian - Breaking News!
  5153. Jesse Ventura on CNN w/ Piers Morgan Sept. 17th, 2012 Full Interview HD
  5154. Suggestions for abs
  5155. SARMs lawsuit smdh
  5156. Credit When Credit is Due IA
  5157. Fake tits!?
  5158. Breathalyzer tells you if youre burning fat.
  5159. Fitness/Lifting documentaries
  5160. PO Box
  5161. Trump butch slaps the press
  5162. hey.... guess who
  5163. why?
  5164. David Blaine Shot In The Mouth As Trick Goes Horribly Wrong
  5165. Thoughts on a "Tren Only" run?
  5166. Favorite Quotes
  5167. Trading post
  5168. Hello!
  5169. Kava
  5170. The Photo Gallery is Back!
  5171. Dana White Makes Mayweather vs. McGregor Offer
  5173. Advanced labs??? Where'd he go.
  5174. Favorite Joker?
  5175. This is totally laughable.
  5176. Greatest football weekend of the yr
  5177. Question
  5178. What a night
  5179. Any pro fighters here use AAS and got away with it?
  5180. Is it a cheat meal
  5181. ASF Cuckold Round Table
  5182. 39th
  5183. DEA Final Rule on CBD takes effect
  5184. Need offensive pics
  5185. The "I Am VIP" jingle...
  5186. Never pin when...
  5187. Some items for sale
  5188. DEA Final Rule on CBD takes effect
  5189. California Freshman to Cut off Penis if Donald Trump builds wall
  5190. Bikers for TRUMP
  5191. Can a mod please let me know?
  5192. Floyd Mayweather is spitting more venom at Dana White
  5193. Donald Trump with Prostitute Photo Leaked!
  5194. RIP
  5195. Trophies
  5196. BJ Penn got Destroyed!
  5197. John Lewis
  5198. Hemp Industry Sues DEA Over Marijuana Extract Rule
  5199. Brave or Stupid? Russian Teen Daredevils
  5200. Chelsea Manning: majority of prison sentence commuted by Obama
  5201. Where does all the MONEY GO.??
  5202. What a pain in the ass
  5203. hit and run
  5205. If your white your shit outta luck!
  5206. Gang banger reps can fucc off.
  5207. Have alot of pins to trade
  5208. Millennials
  5209. Breaking: It's Official! CNN's Press Pass Was Just Denied
  5210. BTC help
  5211. Trump Is Now The President
  5212. I thought I saw Bane working out in my gym today
  5213. This girl has this forum believing she a dude
  5214. Just a heads up
  5215. Sick and fucking tired
  5216. Bath tub gearz
  5217. pacquiao says he will fight conner is mayweather wont
  5218. Fav blast
  5219. messages
  5220. whos' ever been to a shrink? i went and talked about my feelings..
  5221. Trump hater removed from airplane
  5222. Video games
  5223. Mad Dog Mattis orders 31 air strikes on ISIS
  5224. Secret Service Launches Investigation Into Madonna After Controversial Comments
  5225. EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Iggy Azalea reveals her curves in a red bikini
  5226. Mercedes Morr BIG BOOTY
  5227. Seattlesbest
  5228. I get mad and break things..
  5229. Uh oh unions supporting trump
  5231. The possible future of gear injections?
  5232. TRUMP - Real American
  5233. How much sleep do you average?
  5234. Hemp Industries Association Files Petition Against DEA Marijuana Extract Rule Impleme
  5235. Gang Banger Pardoned by Obama Executed
  5236. Kodi warning
  5238. Board Rules Question. Are labs allowed to create Gimmick Accounts?
  5239. Where are all the members going?
  5240. obama,,obama,obama...
  5241. "Split" the movie...
  5242. Teacher assasinates Trump w/water pistol
  5244. Devastating KO Knee......Paul Dailey
  5245. ROIDS heart cath results:
  5246. Cancelling a moneygram
  5247. Does Cancer?
  5248. Gender pronouns
  5249. Prince and botox....
  5250. Fuck thieves!!!!!!
  5251. Skinny with huge distended abdomen?
  5252. Headed to Church
  5253. Obstructing Justice, Destroying Records–Time To Move Against CA “Sanctuary State”
  5254. Chucky Shummer crying on que
  5255. Bitcoin Security?
  5256. Oil not Viscous.
  5258. Heroin Ringleader Arrested In Florida Is An Illegal Immigrant On FOOD STAMPS!
  5259. You're fired!!
  5260. Trump fires acting Attorney General
  5261. Trump has fired the acting attorney general
  5262. You guys wanna see some stock?
  5263. Got vascularity?
  5264. How do you do it?
  5265. Americans, pussies?
  5266. Going to Atlantic city anyone been??
  5267. Which email service
  5268. Mick's true colors surfacing...
  5269. Feminist/ PC culture
  5270. Nothing Better
  5271. The Army has just declassified how the PT belt works
  5272. ER bound last night
  5273. I heard that!
  5274. Hey Rapt it's me MiSh ur Buddies are LE
  5275. I just opened my IRA
  5277. Nicki minaj’s l.a home was burglarized
  5278. Chubbs
  5279. Teacher Placed on Administrative Leave After Her Past as an Adult Film Star Was Expos
  5280. Piss test...
  5281. Buying a house for the first time
  5282. Prostate Issues?
  5283. Robert De Niro: Trump Is a Bully, We Have to ‘Bully’ Him Back
  5284. My first board ban
  5285. Bitcoin?
  5286. finally a leg day workout for hard gainers
  5287. Super Bowl contest.
  5288. Get your labs in order people, seriously..
  5289. viagra for all
  5290. Strango test cyp 750 week lc-ms labs
  5291. BSR's House exposed and sold
  5292. KANYE WEST DELETES ALL TRUMP TWEETS I'm Not with Him Anymore
  5293. Melissa McCarthy Mocks Press Secretary Sean Spicer
  5294. Athlete's., sports., weights...
  5295. Woman kills her husband by poisoning his steroids
  5296. This is why we can't take cross-fit serious (record attempt)
  5297. Bulker Needed - Lol
  5298. Coinbase...WTF?
  5299. Funny Article
  5300. Favorite Sponsor
  5301. BREAKING! Elizabeth Warren has meltdown after being booted from the Senate floor
  5302. TRUMP'S NOT GONNA LAST IN D.C. ...His Tweets Ain't Cutting It
  5303. Yo Mick
  5304. Almost got into a fight at my gym last night
  5305. Tech companies file a court motion against trump
  5306. cajun897
  5307. MEDICAL ADVICE PLEASE for shredded knee.??? Info PLEASE
  5308. Joe Rogan and Alex Jones Break Down #Pizzagate and the Coming Takedown of the Pedophi
  5309. Being mean to porn stars
  5310. All the Retailers Who've Dropped Ivanka Trump's Line
  5311. This kid knows
  5312. So.....trannys
  5313. Experienced Accutane users
  5314. Letter
  5315. Cash Me Ousside' Girl Trashes Dr. Phil: You Were Nothing Before Me
  5316. Sean Hannity interviews a retired U.S. Marine
  5317. FINALLY I am done...
  5318. How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency
  5319. Whats up bros?
  5320. That head movement tho!
  5321. DildoesRus valentines sale!
  5322. Have a Good Day
  5323. So what's everyone's valentines day gift plans??
  5324. Western Union to Texas Warning
  5325. The Captn' at the gym
  5326. Bank account fraud
  5327. who said it best
  5328. You guys ever consider this??? (gear related)
  5329. Buying Bitcoins made easy
  5330. Flynn Resigns?!?
  5331. Need some relationship opinions - Don't know if I am crazy
  5332. I cant wait
  5333. Harrison ford misses runway ... Faa investigates
  5334. 'howard stern show' woman sues after her irs convo airs
  5335. DANA WHITE On Connor vs. Floyd: 'THERE IS NO DEAL'
  5336. Carlos Santana on Beyoncé’s GRAMMY Loss: ‘She’s Not a Singer’
  5337. Extreme vetting
  5338. When does loyalty shift...
  5340. Lifting stoned (weed)
  5341. No more gear for me I guess. Kidneys
  5342. Gear Porn from Sleepy's sponsor
  5343. ********** Labs Raided
  5344. Looking at buying an Audi A7
  5345. Man With Rifle Livestreams Himself Threatening Stranger Over Trump Sticker
  5346. MILO Confronts the Panel | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)
  5347. Joint and Tendon Pain
  5348. So..
  5349. Prime pharma might be hammer anabolics...proceed with caution
  5350. TransGender Teen on Steroids Wins Wrestling Championship
  5351. Random - Pics from new 900 86x zoom camera
  5352. RONDA ROUSEY RETURNS TO ACTING ... Guest Role On 'Blindspot'
  5353. Donald trump's star dodges jail in plea bargain
  5354. Sleep aids
  5355. Starbucks CEO: “If You Support Traditional Marriage We Don’t Want Your Business”
  5356. Bombshell: Wikileaks leaks ‘lost’ clinton email
  5357. Iron Addicts Gym Raided in Miami
  5358. Fuck Muscle Factory Labs, and cocksucker Ricky, and any douchebag that defends him.
  5359. Northern NJ
  5360. UFC veteran Josh Burkman present during multi-million dollar steroid raid
  5361. Where is Pars and RNM?
  5362. Money Gram
  5363. Dear Kong....
  5364. Meet the 16-year-old Canadian girl who took down Milo Yiannopoulos
  5365. Arnold expo: anyone going?
  5366. Bayer Anadrol
  5367. Bill Gates, World’s First Trillionaire, Wants Income Tax for Robots
  5368. We Have Updates on What Cocaine Does to Your Sex Life
  5369. Pricewaterhouse employee accountant is oscar envelope culprit
  5370. On new anti depressant (trintellix)..I think I have brain damage from tren
  5371. Hair loss prevention
  5372. Coinbase...WTF
  5373. Seems to happen a lot
  5374. Can't deny this
  5375. Porn Stars Explain What They Think The 'Perfect Penis Size' Really Is
  5376. Prostate puncher and taint tickler
  5377. Man spends $50,000 on over 100 procedures to transform into a 'genderless' ALIEN
  5378. 50% off Sales
  5379. Bitcoin Assistance
  5380. Benzos
  5381. Top 5
  5382. Make sure you take this with your tren!!!!
  5383. I beat up a woman trainer at the gym.
  5384. Who lives in Florida?
  5385. Bizarre question ( allergic to chicken? )
  5386. Questions
  5387. Wtf
  5388. Who's next?
  5389. By By Hammer!
  5390. Obama's wiretapping
  5391. WikiLeaks VAULT 7- Regarding the CIA
  5392. Heath evans whacha think
  5393. Thousands fight to keep kratom legal
  5394. Bodybuilder -vs- athlete
  5395. Women, how to live with them....
  5396. PSL EP Gear
  5398. Caution...Strange email.
  5399. ASF Hall of Famers Coming out of Retirement?
  5400. Tim Kaine’s Son Arrested At Anti-Trump Riot in Minnesota
  5401. lol Chinese lab pmed me this.
  5402. Motivation
  5403. I'm the victim!!
  5404. Floyd Mayweather coming out of retirement to fight Conor McGregor
  5405. Steroid bust
  5406. White girls twerking to Make it Look Easy
  5407. The Rock!
  5408. Obama Spent $36 Million In One Year Trying To Keep Government Records Secret From FOI
  5409. Trump gun vid on secret service's radar
  5410. Best place to get slin pins
  5411. Best high five ever
  5412. Who hits like that?!?!
  5413. Injectable D-bol and Test blend?
  5414. Anyone Else Using Multibit?
  5415. Textures..I'm getting sick of it!
  5416. Gettin this option on my new ride
  5417. Coinbase
  5418. Oil Change
  5419. Happy St. Patrick's Day
  5420. Superdrol!!
  5421. just when I thought I was good at something..
  5422. How often does this shit happen to you?
  5423. And the winner is...
  5424. Cialis vs Viagra?
  5425. Officials Warning Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion..
  5426. Kuda, Selios, BlackOps, Blackstar
  5427. Settling in
  5428. Why do people hate on Winny?
  5429. Would you smoke with one?
  5430. Steroid for Sinus infection
  5431. Tough Mudder--TNE/Tren Base
  5432. Vince mcmahon bentley crash near wwe headquarters
  5433. War Machine guilty of 29 counts in beating of porn actress ex-girlfriend
  5434. Anyone else having problems sending pms?
  5435. Earthporn (random pics)
  5436. Basic?
  5437. Amped Music
  5438. Watch: Tommy robinson rips liberal reporter at scene of london attack
  5439. B12 Injectable
  5440. Thread trouble
  5441. Thumb the pic... Would you smash it?
  5442. I wish I were a kitten
  5443. Fagets
  5444. The war on kratom and our returning soldiers
  5445. I'm losing my shit. On tren
  5446. Rocky Marathon
  5447. ASIAPHARMA Production Video
  5448. I need size 9.5 oly lifting shoes
  5449. The Kiss of life!
  5450. Read the Rules
  5451. Hgh
  5452. Fucking assholes in grocery stores
  5453. NFL owners approve Raiders move to Las Vegas
  5454. Mr. O 2017
  5455. Dbol or Tbol
  5456. Confession
  5457. RACISM :coffee:
  5458. JustSomeMotion (JSM) - Parov Stelar - All Night
  5459. Need some hammer....
  5460. Congress just killed your Internet privacy protections
  5461. Flat Earth
  5462. ;)
  5463. diesel jimmy
  5464. Dude says he can get ANY girl
  5465. Mike Tyson Actually Beat Buster Douglas...
  5466. Baraka
  5467. Trestolone
  5468. School Golf Tournament & DECA Fundraiser
  5469. a solution so you fags can use the womans bathroom
  5470. Blender..Mine sucks!!!!
  5471. Prescription Thugs
  5472. Can't stop watching this wtf! Lmao
  5473. Whats up slackers! Im back!
  5474. Mtron187
  5475. Truck for sale
  5476. conspiracies?
  5477. Imporium Labs?
  5478. Trump Donates First Quarter Paycheck
  5479. UNC vs ZAGA
  5480. Matt Ogus at my gym today
  5481. Firestick problem
  5482. Ok who's running Kodi?
  5483. Tbol Experience
  5484. Sexy
  5485. Thank You Members
  5486. Shrunk head???
  5487. Accomplishment
  5488. NAPS Right on Target
  5489. I need to make a confession! :(
  5490. Goddamn unions
  5491. Edible candy
  5492. American Psychiatric Association: It Is 'Natural, And Normal' To Be AROUSED By KIDS
  5493. Assad wakes the sleeping giant and learns Trump is ready to put boot up his ass
  5494. Syria, here we go
  5495. I'm sorry
  5496. FUCK the
  5497. I wonder what's happening in the Mod's Lounge
  5498. Syrian survivor thanks Trump and says he does not want to come to USA as refugee
  5499. Gyms in Downtown Atlanta
  5500. How coka cola reacts with stomach acid
  5501. UFC Weigh In Cheater?
  5502. Shaq is pretty strong
  5503. Did you know there is no walmarts in Syria...
  5504. Here we go guys... War on Drugs phase III: This Time We Win!
  5505. Mia
  5506. Too 10 YouTube jerk offs !!!
  5507. Naked and afraid.
  5508. ships heading to korea
  5509. Bay area
  5510. Jersey Shore's "The Situation" Indicted on Tax Evasion
  5511. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says the US wasted trillions on warfare
  5512. SHOCKING CLIP: Passenger violently pulled from United flight
  5513. Russia knew about sarin gas attack and tried to cover it up
  5514. Hobbies
  5515. My new license plate frame
  5516. Check out this price list
  5517. Anyone laid stone?
  5518. Stocks and Investments
  5519. Best piece of ass ever....
  5520. Personal Stash Research Chems for Sale
  5521. Why the DEA intentionally lets drugs into communities
  5522. Dark Circle under Eyes
  5523. Steroid bust
  5524. Musclehead320 aka onyx got busted
  5525. We're coming for you!
  5526. Personal stash auction!
  5527. Taxes - I got killed this year
  5528. Musclehead busted...
  5529. Self Lobotomy
  5530. Tren
  5531. Cholesterol and AAS
  5532. mother of all bombs just dropped inAfghanistan
  5533. Shopping for a suit
  5534. Training advice needed
  5535. RIP WP - You will be missed
  5536. How the freaks ruined aesthetic bodybuilding
  5537. Healthcare?
  5538. Bostin Loyds friend busted
  5539. New England Patriots Hernandez Found NOT GUILTY in double murder trial
  5540. Old but funny.
  5541. Yeah
  5542. Primo Ace
  5543. #tbt
  5544. Happy Easter
  5545. I have a question about an asf member..
  5546. Family time with the kids.
  5547. Calling out BC123Jm ( Sumner is calling )
  5548. This VICAINE is something to use if you'd like to end up in real trouble
  5549. Help reading labs
  5550. When a good night turns real bad!
  5551. Mail Covers- Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in U.S.
  5552. Starling Marte Busted.....Deca LOL
  5553. Glenn Beck Fires Back at Tomi Lahren in Countersuit, She Wasn't Fired
  5554. Dana White Says Mayweather vs McGregor Is Still Not Close
  5555. El Chapo Pissed Prison Won't Let Him Get Fit While Watching TV
  5556. Postal monitoring
  5557. Calling out bc123jm ( thegame is calling )
  5558. TOPshop Teams up with Didos R us
  5559. Happy Natural Medicine Day
  5560. Bloods...Over-rated?
  5561. Golden Eagle 84 Olympia
  5562. Under Armour alternative?
  5563. Image posting issue
  5564. TA Times
  5565. Blood shooting out of my ass...
  5566. Operation save TG's life
  5567. Operation Cancun smuggling
  5568. Aldi - Grocery Stores
  5569. The Best Bill O’Reilly Bloopers And Freakouts Ever
  5570. Pedophiles Rule the World
  5571. Erin moran 'happy days' star dead at 56
  5572. based stick man, crushing SJW's at Berkeley
  5573. What does everyone do with their LEFTOVERS.??
  5574. Report: Iran Arrests More Than 30 Suspected Gays, Will Perform Anal Exams For Confirm
  5575. Reason I train at home ( gym douche bags )
  5576. Like'a boss..
  5577. When SHIT starts going wrong. Wtf!
  5578. Instant Death (2017) Uncut Official Trailer - Ara Paiaya Movie HD
  5579. Feels good to be back!
  5580. Coinbase ditched me
  5581. U.g.l HGH vs. Pharma
  5582. What happened to WP
  5583. Have to watch. This is funny as hell
  5584. Sick like clockwork...
  5585. Toppharm aka cop pharm
  5586. Ted Cruz El Chapo Should Pay for the Wall
  5587. Operation Gear Grinder - DEA
  5588. people wasting your time
  5589. Can we get this one added?
  5590. Egg whites
  5591. Fuck you craigslist
  5592. Got someone else's order....?
  5593. DNP experiences?
  5594. anyone here have a VA covered disability?
  5595. Vape Cartridge THC
  5596. OG gets
  5597. Cut success or just starved?
  5598. check out this dipshits cycle dude went full retard
  5599. Calories or Macros?
  5600. BloodSport - The movie
  5601. Which super car would you drive?
  5602. Satellite vs Cable?
  5603. 100 Days
  5604. No more Tbol
  5605. Good morning ☀️
  5606. If you do shit like this you are a fucking POS
  5607. Another ass bleeding thread
  5608. Trinity and Beyond
  5609. Primo labmax!!!
  5610. Will musclehead ever learn?
  5611. What happened to the porn gif thread
  5612. Anybody have any skills or trades here ?
  5613. Gear memes
  5614. BREAKING: Fox News Co-President Bill Shine Resigns
  5615. Sony is Suing Applebees for not paying royalties on music
  5616. Exclusive: Tomi Lahren, Glenn Beck settle lawsuit
  5617. Biggest Fear
  5618. Worlds oldest person dies
  5619. h-aS Pharma
  5620. This MILF gave me crack!
  5621. Carb Refeed on Keto Question
  5622. Vyvanse
  5623. ADHD Medication
  5624. What is the best bitcoin route?
  5625. skanky is hot
  5626. Never before seen footage of BSR
  5627. OMG I've got gyno flare, what do I do...
  5628. Chris Bell: Kratom Is the Cure for the Opioid Epidemic
  5629. Diabetes cured in mice.
  5630. It's Friday nigs!!!!!!!!
  5631. Base experts!!
  5632. Cycle
  5633. At casino just drinking and thinking (MY THOUGTHS)
  5634. The Dark Web
  5635. Name that singer
  5636. What day is it?
  5637. Tyron ( the fitness addict ) must watch YouTube
  5638. Hammar?
  5639. Your motivation when things go south
  5640. Donald Trump's Hollywood Star Vandalized with Golden Toilet
  5641. Insomnia...
  5642. Car Accident Settlement Advice/Suggestions!?
  5643. Concerned about potential gyno and need some help.
  5644. spring cleaning !!!! Research Chems to go
  5645. Abdominal spasms
  5646. BALCO Snitch...
  5647. F-250 "MegaRaptor" Jesus Christ!!
  5648. Trump fires FBI Director James Comey
  5649. Question....
  5650. Question Everything - Largely believed conspiracy theories
  5651. Even the comics had it right back then
  5652. Back at it..
  5653. I have no comment. Wtf
  5654. Reps. Do they lift?
  5655. MG changing their protocol?
  5656. I am married, there is a smoking hot woman coming on to me
  5657. Wikileaks reveals Shattered - Clinton's made up the Russia/Trump narrative
  5658. 20yr old dominic triveline going for jr nationals 8 weeks out
  5659. Kratom is a SYNTHETIC OPIOID!!!!
  5660. Karate vs bodybuilder
  5661. Someone just had to screw up Mothers Day
  5662. What happened to Naps?
  5663. Pics before advice
  5664. UFC 211 - Saturday May 13th 2017 @ 10pm EST
  5665. I think my dogs a democrat
  5666. Hope you dicks.....
  5667. Advice From The Greatest Generation!!!
  5668. Etizolam
  5669. Help with my anxiety..
  5670. AI at it again!!!!!!!!!!
  5671. Home Gym Sourcing
  5672. Trump Leaks Intel during Russia meeting hides the true story of the day....
  5673. Who is this? And is it 800lbs?
  5674. Stocks, easy question...
  5675. This will put nurses out of work
  5676. Ammonia sweats
  5677. Knee sleeves suggestions
  5678. Cheated!
  5679. Clonidine, who uses it?
  5680. McGregor signs Contract to fight Mayweather
  5681. Horse Stall Mats
  5682. Who pee's sitting down? Show of hands
  5683. If I still drank...
  5684. Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty and Cries Like a Baby
  5685. How do you wipe?
  5686. ISSA or NASM or .... Which do u have and why?
  5687. Getting rid of the garbage
  5688. Saw this gem on fb, need to rant.
  5689. Anonspeech
  5690. Boston Celtics
  5691. Struggle
  5692. Ancient Aliens (tv show) - debunked
  5693. Jim Jefferies
  5694. Just saw this and thought I'd share...
  5695. I'll just leave this here for you...
  5696. Death wish coffee
  5697. Dnp?
  5698. 70's and early 80's tittys
  5699. Tapatalk
  5700. WU asking for ID of sender now?
  5701. How well do you tan?
  5702. Concrete slab advice
  5703. ⚠️⚠️attention brothers⚠️⚠️
  5704. suicidal friend
  5705. Gym ceiling height
  5706. Sex and tren.
  5707. Your weekly grocery list.. (cutting and bulking)
  5708. Questions for you guys who are on blood pressure meds
  5709. BitQuick
  5710. Test your strength
  5711. Street fight in ONE week!
  5712. House calls?
  5713. Days you feel like a soft piece of shit..
  5714. Gordon Ramsay and Kevin Spacey Go To War in Epic Swear-Off
  5715. Dick pill paradox
  5716. What is your prefered gender pronoun?
  5717. Boom!
  5718. Looking for under hand close grip lat pull bar
  5719. Sumner is looking for a cute pool boy apply in person!!!!! " Dema, BC, Intense!!!!!!
  5720. A True Southern rock blues Legend has died
  5721. Sumner is looking for a cute pool boy apply in person!!!!! " Dema, BC, Intense Prt 2
  5722. Thief attacked by dog
  5723. Shitty Day Songs
  5724. Sumner's Goat
  5725. Has anybody seen JRotten ??? Called out
  5726. Just another shitty day in my LIFE!!!!!
  5727. All these veins, Emberasing!!! Only 1st Class> Home Gym Sumner
  5728. This may be my last post peace
  5729. they say women are super emo...
  5730. Custom
  5731. Heros
  5732. What are you cooking today ?
  5733. Memorial Day.....
  5734. XRP/Litecoin
  5735. Memorial Day
  5736. Why do a lot of sources on here have dumb names?
  5737. Is anyone doing a garden this year?
  5738. Tiger woods arrested ?
  5739. Why do guys flex with thumbs like this?
  5740. Tiger Woods, arrested on suspicion of DUI
  5741. Kathy griffin beheads president trump
  5742. Should Sumner be Banned. Vote!
  5743. Going to Evergreen University to finish my Masters
  5744. Bitcoin correction sees nearly $4 billion wiped off value of the cryptocurrency
  5745. May I see your titties mam?
  5746. First night of trensomnia.
  5747. Report: Secret Service Opens Investigation into Kathy Griffin Beheading Photo
  5748. Court Criticizes Obama Admin for Illegal Spying on U.S. Citizens
  5749. Ten Years Ago Today (Jan 27, 2016) Al Gore Said The World Would End
  5750. Traeger
  5751. PlayStation 4 VR Headset..
  5752. 87 weeks out !! Update pic
  5753. women who marry guys in jail
  5754. Shit boner
  5755. Celeste bonin (ex wwe's kaitlyn) leaked video
  5756. Major complaint ( THE CAPTAIN ) WTF
  5757. Quick vial
  5758. Garden hose veins, 9% BF, My dog, and what's in your fridge)???
  5759. What would you do
  5760. My new granit stack !!! Peeled inside out stack
  5761. Who is your favorite and least favorite YOUTUBE FITNESS PERSONALITY???
  5762. Training one time per week ???? 🙋*♂️🤦🏻*♂️
  5763. Firestick, roku, android box!!
  5764. Crossfit anyone?
  5765. Why does the left conceal the whole truth? Why are they afraid of the big picture?
  5766. Can we ban Judgementalist ????
  5767. The More Straight People Drink, the More They're Into Gay Sex
  5768. CC Holster for Glock 17
  5769. Dad advice: playing with your three year old
  5770. First beer in nearly 4 months
  5771. Hey London, ready for more Muslims yet?
  5772. ‘Propaganda’: Top MIT Climate Scientist Trashes ‘97% Consensus’ Claim
  5773. Securenym email on Android help..
  5774. London man accuses another of islamophobia as they both hide from islamic terrorists
  5775. any concrete or pool guys here? have a coping question
  5776. Any golfers here ?
  5777. The Dark Web..
  5778. Ban me.
  5779. my personal conspiracy theory
  5780. HughJassol
  5781. Meso ( HERE I COME )
  5782. Man drinks his own sperm to build muscle ??? Huh
  5783. Y did somebody move my thread ?
  5784. Why are we genetically capable of building muscle tissue?
  5785. Struggles
  5786. Wrist wraps are awesomeness
  5787. Anyone else here attracted to the Bad Girl look?
  5788. You ever fuck a gym slut at the gym?
  5789. WAR MACHINE talks about his many fights outside the cage/ring
  5790. Ex-MMA Fighter War Machine Receives Life Sentence
  5791. Michael Moore Launches 'TrumpiLeaks' Website for Anti-Trump Whistleblowers
  5792. My sex life officially sucks..
  5793. Tips for added security
  5794. Doubletap in here! Sights: Glock 17
  5795. Ronnie Coleman's 1 regret
  5796. Dis the greats use gear?
  5797. Porn addiction...feelsbadman.jpg
  5798. Significant other threatens LE
  5799. Labs md question
  5800. Best mattress? Recommendations?
  5801. 16 fucking days!!!!
  5802. Homebrew and cycle group on Facebook.. (wtf!)
  5803. reliableRx phone call?
  5804. When you and the kids watch cartoons together
  5805. Bunk gear ? ( NO PROBLEM ) my fail proof protocol
  5806. What is this?
  5807. Anyone know how customs seizures work?
  5808. Favorite cheat meals
  5809. CB made memreceetify myself
  5810. Steve Kucklo ( I smoked him ) JUST KIDDING IF COURSE
  5811. Reading
  5812. Gregg Valentino is out!
  5813. Komodo dragon blood and antibiotic resistance crisis
  5814. This is war!
  5815. Cruefan89
  5816. Check this guy out
  5817. I must be tired. Cause this had me laughing.
  5818. Bellator NYC - Sonnen vs. Silva / Fedor vs Mitrione - June 24th - **Free Link**
  5819. Am I the only person that CAN'T workout without this....
  5820. Do I have an eating disorder?
  5821. The Religion of Peace
  5822. Love this response from Lee lol
  5823. Phone hack dark web
  5824. Any thoughts on Pianas rasist rant ? ( sorry if it's already been asked )
  5825. Mayweather VS. McGregor - August 26th 2017
  5826. Coinbase down...
  5827. - Why you should not go to the Night Club -
  5828. Increased heart rate from melatonin..
  5829. Connor mcgregor opponents before vs after
  5830. Cruefan89
  5831. Swiss Bar
  5832. Mike O'hearn natty or what?
  5833. White Trash
  5834. my new beer diet , 207lbs
  5835. All day every day
  5836. Pro bodybuilders ( 95% under 5'10" )
  5837. Suck it up buttercup!
  5838. Whats in your Pantry?
  5839. I'm so immature... but
  5840. Favorite beer.??
  5841. Coinbase
  5842. Firestick add-ons not working anymore
  5843. Happy Fathers Day
  5844. Who wins and who loses in Amazon’s blockbuster deal to buy Whole Foods
  5845. ANYBODY HERE DO A MEMS PHYSIQUE SHOW ? ( how did u do ? )
  5846. Daimonos ( WHAT A FUCKING PUSSY BITCH )
  5847. Man cave ??
  5848. Whatcha grillin for Father's Day ?
  5849. My Man Cave and Gym!!!!!!
  5850. More Muslim Attacks in London
  5851. I made a brewing/calculator App. for smart phones..
  5852. Anyone else get tired of discussing diet/training with strangers??
  5853. GH talk
  5854. I apologize ( yes the trolls broke me finally ) ,
  5855. That's my only reaction?
  5856. Fuk broccoli
  5857. The john wick: Chapter 2 kill counter | 2017 [hd]
  5858. My name is ROID and i am a Narcissist.
  5859. WARNING TO ALL MEMBERS ( we have a A member that has all your private info )
  5860. Tuna gives me cotton mouth..
  5861. Seattlesbest
  5862. McDonald's hits all-time high with replacement of cashiers with kiosks
  5863. Gregg valentino is back! Crazy story at the end!
  5864. Kratom withdrawls.. (what I experienced)
  5865. Oops - not the brightest drug dealer
  5866. O.j. Simpson parole hearing set for next month
  5867. Stephen Hawking: Earth is in peril, it's time to get out of Dodge
  5868. Fund Kaboddy Gym - East Uganda Africa
  5869. Connor is the ( BOSS )
  5870. Ethereum crashed from $319 to 10 cents in seconds
  5871. Congress submits bill making it illegal to hold cash, Bitcoin, or other assets
  5872. Gov't. Corruption at it's finest
  5873. Wickr and Orbot acting like a little bitch..
  5874. New Male Sex Robots With Bionic Penises May Just Replace Men For Good!
  5875. Charlie Sheen Sued for Exposing Ex to HIV
  5876. Treeeeeeen
  5877. can't log in under user id
  5878. Farts
  5879. Some Fucking People Think They can say Anything...
  5880. Another Cop Abusing his position of power....
  5881. New food documentary "What The Health"
  5882. Alcohol vape
  5883. PPV/bellator
  5884. HIP HOP W.O. music
  5885. BROOKE BURKE BEND AND STRETCH In a Bikini, On a Yacht!!
  5886. Supreme court allows travel ban - Trump was right all along
  5887. 8 week Vegan experiment with controlled environment
  5888. Ufc's justine kish craps pants during big fight
  5889. Three journalists quit CNN in fallout from retracted Russia story
  5890. New Bike!
  5891. Shame on you
  5892. Cyborg Fight JULY 2017
  5893. All sources needed to carry the following items from this day forward
  5894. I LOVE these Fidget Spinners....
  5895. Conor McGregor to Floyd: I've Got Boxing Training Video Too
  5896. Happy 4th of July ASF!
  5897. Youtube videos
  5898. Nick Diaz Suspended By USADA For Anti-Doping Violation
  5899. Knife making help
  5900. EXCLUSIVE: McCain Institute Refuses to Disclose Big Donations
  5901. Driver Hits Protester In Street, Police Arrest Protester
  5902. CNN Producer: Voters "Stupid as Sh*t"– American Pravda: CNN Part 3
  5903. It's a GREAT NIGHT
  5904. Now this guy is in great shape!!!!!
  5905. My sex doll is so much better than my real wife
  5906. Left vs Right etc....
  5907. Progress, Diesel Jimmy. Please report
  5908. Who the fuck is this asswipe?
  5909. Trump Body Slamming CNN Video
  5910. Worries, the future.
  5911. Should I just give in and get operation?
  5912. Pussy
  5913. Sanders blames Republicans for FBI probe of wife
  5914. On a holiday bender.
  5915. Living in SoCal
  5916. Which ASF member has caught the most shrapnel last few weeks on here? (lol) (vote)
  5917. Designer benzos
  5918. Finally getting somewhere.
  5919. I'm drunk in a port o potty in Monte Carlo.
  5920. Ribs
  5921. Who is the toughest MOFO here ?
  5922. Canada's newest millionaire
  5924. has anyone here completed an 80% lower?
  5925. FBI probe of Bernie Sanders' wife based on 'facts and figures,' Vermont GOP official
  5926. With DEA digging in its heels on 'marijuana extracts', legality of CBD oil on trial
  5927. Blac chyna's side piece fires back at rob with more naked pics
  5928. 2 things I need in my life..
  5929. Is your wife / gf ok with it or no?
  5930. Got my pre 1890 kukri today!!!
  5931. WTF is up with Bostin?
  5932. Anyone ever had a NDE? (Near Death Experience)
  5933. Am I wrong? Or am I just being a dude?
  5934. How's the weather?
  5935. I have a face for the radio :(
  5936. Sharpie your dick black thread!
  5937. Climate Change champion refuses to release data. End for climate change liars
  5938. Week One!!! Physique Show
  5939. Blac Chyna Says Rob Kardashian Has a Gun, Threatened to Kill Himself
  5940. Big Ballin'
  5941. Could you imagine?
  5942. Does training interfere with sex?
  5943. Conor VS Floyd presser LIVE now
  5944. More food
  5945. Food
  5946. Visible artery!
  5947. Pennsylvania woman lit boyfriend on fire, used urine to put out flames
  5948. Connor plunked Mayweather
  5949. Who has the balls ? I don't ( midsection contest )
  5950. Man sues chelsea clinton for plagiarizing his work for her feminist book
  5951. **attention** psa **attention**
  5952. Kid Rock confirms Michigan Senate run
  5953. Mr Olympia biggest screw job ( Uncrowned Mr Olympia )
  5954. REPORT: FBI's Investigation of Hillary Clinton Was 'Deeply Flawed'
  5955. How man here REALLY actually meal prep
  5956. Tall Deck
  5957. Dhl.. Wtf...
  5958. Time To Take Out the Garbage
  5959. Usps! Problems anyone else
  5960. The wife is killing me!
  5961. Mystery solved? Timeline shows how Russian lawyer got into US for Trump Jr. meeting
  5962. Intense ( a member here that always trolls me )
  5963. Here’s how to easily escape from zip ties
  5964. FBI probe of Bernie Sander's wife closely tracks Hillary's secret campaign plan
  5965. Tax Dollars Hard At Work
  5966. Bellator 181- Girtz face injury
  5967. Mad awkward situation today
  5968. Cop slaps this old man across the face...
  5969. Who owns this forum ?
  5970. Bitcoin nose dive
  5971. 53 years young!
  5972. Repost
  5973. DEAD AT 81: Republican Operative Who Tried To Get Hillary's Hacked Emails Dead
  5974. Harvard Study on Police Shootings and Race Offers Shocking Conclusion
  5975. This is CNN...FAKE NEWS!
  5976. Haitian official who spoke against Clinton Foundation shot in head
  5977. Pro-Trump singer gets death threats
  5978. Kid Rock - The Big Interview with Dan Rather (2017)
  5979. Dan Bilzerian Admits He Has His First Ever Girlfriend
  5980. Beta Libcuck hippie hits badass old guy Trump supporter and pays the price!
  5981. Best hook up websites
  5982. blood in semen
  5983. Francois Gissy Bicycle World Record 207mph
  5984. Twins With ‘Biggest Butt Surgery Ever’ Go To Doctors For Another Job
  5985. Ammo deal
  5986. How many love the smell
  5987. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every-single one of you!
  5988. Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dead, Commits Suicide by Hanging
  5989. O.J. Simpson granted parole
  5990. Removing 10 lbs of Meat Worms From a Bodybuilder's Colon
  5991. Lexington, SC Man Horrified Booking Prostitute his Wife Arrived
  5992. Bitcoin
  5993. Help with Sleep Inernia (morning grogginess, sleep drunkenness)
  5994. The Official ***WELCOME BACK SUMNER**** Thread!!! (ballin) (jaguar) (oak floors)
  5995. Meanwhile, down in Florida. Blacks tusslin at da convenience sto (thick)(no drawers)
  5996. Tgif
  5997. They let this guy drown...at a loss for words on this one.
  5998. Usher Faces New Lawsuit from Sexual Partner, He Exposed to STDs
  5999. pretty intense video you my have already seen it
  6000. 'Bud-Sex:' Casual Gay Sex Among Straight Men Is More Common Than You'd Think
  6001. The other side of Connor McGregor?
  6002. Sylvester Stallone Talks Conor McGregor vs Mayweather Jr
  6003. I forgot to say Goodbye to Sheriv, Enjoy
  6004. I don't drink often but when I do....
  6005. Life long DETROIT LIONS fan ( Mathew Stanford )
  6006. Skip Fourskin
  6007. Hey fags!
  6008. How big are your calves?
  6009. Mike tyson says conor mcgregor is 'going to get killed' fighting floyd mayweather jr.
  6010. Young men giving up on marriage: 'Women aren’t women anymore'
  6011. Schwarzenegger on the Gerrymandering problem
  6012. Jake Tapper HEATED interview with Anthony Scaramucci on Trump, Russia, Jeff Sessions
  6013. Sleep study
  6014. Haters
  6015. $120 high end rHGH kits!
  6016. Young dumb and full of gear!
  6017. free crypto money
  6018. I'm married and I'm talking to another woman way too much
  6019. Funny insults!
  6020. Big Ramy looks fucking insane 7.5 weeks out
  6021. Arnold and Bruce
  6022. Who is missing from last year ?
  6023. Dorian Yates is on Joe Rogan podcast today!!
  6024. Home gym coming along
  6025. prayers for oldschool
  6026. SEC issued a report Tuesday basically called Bitcoin a currency
  6027. California deputy attorney general arrested on child porn charges
  6028. Diver and Seal
  6029. Lawyer for Wasserman Schultz' ex-IT aide: Fraud count might be 'placeholder'
  6030. New gear for HeavyIron to rock
  6031. I Love Going On All the Rides....so much fun!!
  6032. McGregor lookin swole
  6033. scalp-aesthetics
  6034. Steven Furtick Signs 6-Year, $110 Million Contract With Lakewood Church
  6035. Meat ,..are you getting what you pay for?
  6036. Bike desk/elliptical desk, anybody tried?
  6037. KOS in bad shape
  6038. Granny tranny
  6039. UFC 214- Saturday July 29th @ 7pm EST
  6040. Who the fuck is tommy gunz ?
  6041. Who wants to see my new shredded look ?
  6042. Who is going to win tonight ?
  6043. China is about to get jerked
  6044. Worth buying bitcoin right now?
  6045. JRE: Dorian Yates
  6046. Woman Living With 'Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder' Has 180 Orgasms A Day
  6047. Gym hoes confused
  6048. Has This happened to anyone else before?
  6049. Ass Like That...
  6050. If a fag wants to be a girl legally he can get estrogen, if a bully dike wants to be
  6051. Who was answering GBL GHB questions in pm?
  6052. Picture says a thousand words.??
  6053. Al Gore's house uses as much as 34 times the energy of the average house
  6054. Dorian Yates on Joe Rogan, good i nterview
  6055. Double Trouble in the Bar
  6056. Reps!!!
  6057. We Are Seeing the Largest Conspiracy Unravel Before Our Eyes
  6058. BUSTED: New Hillary Emails Show Clinton's 'Pay-to-Play' Scheme with Donors
  6059. Sylvester Stallone: I'm Definitely Fighting Drago In 'Creed 2'
  6060. gear trade for fight!
  6061. Waiting for a meltdown
  6062. Looking for my friend
  6063. 'Pharma Bro' Shkreli trial verdict: Guilty on 3 counts of 8
  6064. AndroGel Lawsuit Plaintiff Awarded $150 Million For False Testosterone Advertising
  6065. Who have we not seen ? ( IMAGES OF TROLLS) )
  6066. Message of love!
  6067. mosque bombed in minnesota
  6068. Real jeweled pistol customization
  6069. Dragon pharma dude on most wanted list.
  6070. Old Yates training vid
  6071. ASF member who looks like Michael Stipe
  6072. Guns N' Roses-Not in this Lifetime Tour
  6073. Lynch used email alias 'Elizabeth Carlisle' to write about Clinton tarmac meeting
  6074. Anybody watch the Tampa Pro ?
  6075. great exercize
  6076. What razor do you use
  6077. BADASS dumbbell FLIP
  6078. WU trouble
  6079. Blood results came in girls
  6080. Vaxxed - Documentary
  6081. Who is Winning the Populartity Contest?
  6082. Coinbase - sued by the IRS
  6083. Strango - TBT
  6084. Pissing blood
  6085. O.J. Simpson's Ex-Agent Takes Getaway Bronco to 'Pawn Stars'
  6086. North Korea plan to attack the USA
  6087. UH OH: Federal Judge Orders New Search for Clinton-Benghazi Emails
  6088. Emergency supplies
  6089. North Korea Becoming a Major Threat All Started With a Deal Made by Bill Clinton
  6090. Piana hospitalized
  6091. Do you want to learn new skills?
  6092. Watch suggestions?
  6093. Pip question
  6094. Suits
  6095. My blood pressure
  6096. Sumner really is balling
  6097. Japan Sends Surprise To US Fleet In Massive Show of Support For President Trump
  6098. Movie Icarus
  6099. I got robbed, super bummed
  6100. U.S. Shoots Down Target in THAAD Anti-Missile Test
  6101. Holy shit.... So this just happened!
  6102. PHALANX - last ditch weapon for missles, mortars, artillary etc
  6103. Why America's missile defense systems are the best in the world
  6104. Trump keeps another campaign promise- state of emergency declared for opioid epidemic
  6105. bitcoin
  6106. tommygunz in hospital
  6107. How the f*** does BITCOIN work?
  6108. So this is happening
  6109. As we get older ( fat )
  6110. Every GD song
  6111. WTF is wrong with me?!?!?
  6112. no one seems to be shocked by the recent terror attacks
  6113. Heel Contusion
  6114. "Babe you're losing your ass!"
  6115. anyone know how to hack gmail
  6116. Android Playlist
  6117. Swingers
  6118. looking thru animal shelters for a dog
  6119. Money Gram
  6120. They blame Trump for the WHITE backlash ??
  6121. Visiting Chicago...what to do?
  6122. Why you have best friends with dope jobs
  6123. Nothing racist about Trump's immigration plan: Dinesh D'Souza
  6124. Did anyone catch the eclipse today??
  6125. The Path of Totality - Eclipse 2017
  6126. Dallas MCARVER Passes away
  6127. Bitcoin help
  6128. Jon jones tests positive
  6129. Fucking Jon jones
  6130. Back problems
  6131. Do any of you get massages? (no happy ending LOL)
  6132. Reintroduction
  6133. What the health
  6134. 2017 Olympia
  6135. Holding Mass Experiment
  6136. Mcgregor Maywhether fight!
  6137. RIP Rich Piana
  6138. Wickr is Locked Up
  6139. Texas is taking it on the chin
  6140. Wasted life
  6141. Regrets?
  6142. well I'm heart broken
  6143. New stack
  6144. I dislike days like this
  6145. Boldenone at high doses
  6146. Ok Vets chime in
  6147. Blasting through leg day (needed this one)
  6148. Trump Pardoned An 85-Year-Old Civil Servant. Obama Pardoned Over 1000 Drug Dealers
  6149. Best food creations/ recipes you've made!
  6150. Antifa
  6151. Sleeping pills
  6152. Addictive behavior?
  6153. Resident uses AquaDam to protect home from floodwaters
  6154. Trump hasnt done shit!
  6155. North Korea
  6156. Is Franchise24 really Jason Blaha?
  6157. Where is BC 1234
  6158. Reflection on life...or, death.
  6159. Prince you need to upgrade than the 9.95/month bargain hosting plan
  6160. Joeseph aka KOS fund
  6161. I believe gun control is necessary.
  6162. Now this really frosts my balls....
  6163. Powerful Oatmeal & Most powerful Yogurt - any good?
  6164. Jre #1006
  6165. KOS out of sight, not out of mind
  6166. Olympia has new ownership
  6167. Anyone else preparing for the hurricane??
  6168. Burn out
  6169. Just wondering
  6170. Drop Kicking Little White Kids...soccer practice?
  6171. Bodybuilder dies after botched backflip attempt
  6172. Boulder Shoulders and my little Buddies! 6ft 1" 221lbs 32 inch waist
  6173. Licking my new simple stack ( good for me anyways )
  6174. Fucking TapaTalk
  6175. How an off-duty sheriff's deputy's poolside joke turned into an undercover drug sting
  6176. Armed Taco Bell Employees Kill Robbery Suspect
  6177. Get some you slacker's
  6178. Who is the best troll ever ?
  6179. Pick one ( it's free )
  6180. ADD meds (help please)
  6181. Got shot down today from Money Gram
  6182. Advice: post-op
  6183. Franchise
  6184. Save the Gulf Coast
  6185. Shannon Sharp is a racist BITCH 🐒
  6186. Sumner....
  6187. Maryland and immigration! Wtf!
  6188. DieselJimmy RIP
  6189. Question about switching To a new gear and ED
  6190. Velociraptor..RIP
  6191. Increased spider activity
  6192. Where's the hunters?
  6193. BTC nightmare ahead
  6194. Why do they do this and why is it so infuriating to me?
  6195. My BTC dash board wtf really
  6196. Question
  6197. Mr.Olympia Classic Physique
  6198. Bet
  6199. People Won't Always Catch You When You Fall
  6200. Phil VS Big Ramy 2017 Olympia
  6201. Officer Farva neg party
  6202. Bitcoin: make sure you aren't getting raped
  6203. The struggle is real!
  6204. Phil Heath WINS Olympia 2017
  6205. Nightmare in Rotterdam
  6206. Computer Forum Suggestions
  6207. VPN Options
  6208. Need to vent
  6209. Grade Flex at Olympia
  6210. Aint that a bitch!
  6211. PSMF cutting diet for quick fat loss
  6212. Good Girls / Bad Girls
  6213. Don’t upgrade Tapatalk
  6214. Anabolic Services
  6215. Jason Genova talks about The Ruby & Explains Himself
  6216. Coming after SARMS?
  6217. I hate people i`ve never met
  6218. The Bubble Gut Gate !
  6219. Frustrated
  6220. Bitcoin to rise to 20k in 3 years...
  6221. Hulkamania
  6222. deep thoughts friday
  6223. Witches casting spells on Trump
  6224. I am a stoner
  6225. Buy sell trade
  6226. ever?
  6227. Big Ramy wins BIG!
  6228. cajun897
  6229. President Trump's message to the NFL players
  6230. Judge jeanine pirro" telling it like it is"
  6231. Keyboard BADASSES with no avi but want to talk smack??? Zero cred in my opinion
  6232. The walls are closing in, again.
  6233. Mrsa ( serious )
  6234. Puretropins
  6235. Chad Frazier...
  6236. What's a myth/wive's tale that you believed for wayyy too long?
  6237. Any elevator mechanics or helpers in here???
  6238. Hugh Hefner, iconic founder of Playboy, has died at age 91
  6239. Racism...this could have been your wife or sister. Think about it.
  6240. Kneeling Protests in Soccer handled properly
  6241. R.i.P Hugh Hefner sad times I tell ya!!
  6242. this is what you filthy, worthless disgusting faggots deserve
  6243. When your running tren!
  6244. Oldschool
  6245. Dead rat in my pants!!!!!
  6246. Standing for the flag
  6247. Short story of my gym session yesterday (You'll want to hear this)
  6248. Badboys here.
  6249. Death by KRATOM! This should have some interesting talks
  6250. jihad on goat anus, a real problem in backwards cultures, big true
  6251. The Punisher
  6252. An honest question/concern
  6253. O.J. a free man again
  6254. Guess what?
  6255. Shooting in las vegas
  6256. Steroids:World's #1 cause of death.
  6257. We just lost a Rock Superstar
  6258. Monte check your pms someone's in my gd wood pile
  6259. Tom Pettys daught about his death
  6260. Calling all dabbing experts!
  6261. November 4th?
  6262. Just When You Think it Cannot Get Any Worse for the NFL....
  6263. Backpage
  6264. how to use bitcoin?
  6265. Vasectomy
  6266. Gun Control Nazi's
  6267. Since the NFL is now a joke
  6268. Medical marijuana
  6269. Rap expose's his love
  6270. Possible mid life crisis toys ???
  6271. Big day for me thanks to everyone here
  6272. Happy slave owning rapist day!
  6273. DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)
  6274. Good video on time restricted diet
  6275. PTSD bros
  6276. Leaked Audio from Rich Piana selling gear and confronting Sarah from stealing
  6277. Miami offensive line coach
  6278. Dealing with bi polar disorder.
  6279. Old school
  6280. Supermod 45rps
  6281. Tits
  6282. Opioid Crisis
  6283. I COINED THE PHRASE ( top shelf gear )
  6284. Reliable research chem site?
  6285. Running Deca while on Avodart / Propecia ???
  6286. BC .... to answer your question
  6287. NFL boycott
  6288. Mushrooms are the reset button
  6289. Old Sad Songs
  6290. Bentley or Aston Martin
  6291. Shitty day
  6292. What is Rock!
  6293. Cheat meal?
  6294. Selling Personal Items
  6295. dildos r us new product line
  6296. Where are all the OGs ?
  6297. Dom Mazzetti vs. Eating Ass and Gun Control
  6298. High reps
  6299. Tren hard!
  6300. Morning motivation
  6301. Holy shit
  6302. Let's put our bullshit where our mouth is !!!!!!
  6303. Memories
  6304. Pain killer that doesn't impact gains
  6305. Youtuber Enhanced Athlete Busted?
  6306. What does signature violation rule mean ?
  6307. PM for friends ????
  6308. It has begun!
  6309. Decent QA Session
  6310. Tough guy's ya right!!!
  6311. Ignorant People
  6312. Gym Membership
  6313. For all you jack-offs
  6314. Water-based Suspension
  6315. Swimmers bod
  6316. Reddogg
  6317. Classic Physique or Monster?
  6318. New "Weider"Movie will star Calum Von Moger
  6319. Addicted to working out ???
  6320. The best part of being in great shape
  6321. Mike Ohearn
  6322. Bust in Hattiesburg
  6323. F’ed up movies
  6324. ASF homo association welcomes
  6325. When your high
  6326. Stoned
  6327. I can't bust.
  6328. Who lives in Arizona ?? Sun city / Surprise
  6329. Implants
  6330. At home prp?
  6331. Whats Up faggotts?
  6332. Please ban this gay talk ( WTF????) take that shit to a gay forum
  6333. I like cotton candy and Carmel apples in the fall
  6334. New friends on ASF
  6335. I think I am going to do a Monster blog
  6336. Pure liquid proteihttp://78.media.tumblr.com/0f56292a314822e459dd318c984c1b99/tn diet
  6337. Summer
  6338. Camel Crew takeover
  6339. Upping the training from 3 days to 5 per week
  6340. Sweat blood
  6341. Where are the Super Mods ????
  6343. MINDLESSWORK ( gym BG 101 )
  6344. Other forums
  6345. Kelly Ryan Released on Parole- **Breaking**
  6346. How to Fix a Bulging Disc
  6347. Little wing and Sheriv
  6348. Sumner or bomb_r2?
  6349. So I brewed pot...
  6350. Today is cheat meal ( my favorite )
  6351. True story about yourself that would keep you from ever being President...
  6352. Did you know math is racist?
  6353. Asf gym apperal ???
  6355. Levrone
  6356. Why bulk ????
  6357. Dolphins vs Ravens ( who would u take ? )
  6358. Gawd Damn!
  6359. Chicago bears vs No saints
  6360. Tgif
  6361. Let's talk Fellas.... enough Bullshit!
  6362. JFK - Blown Away, what else do I have to say....
  6363. Vegas conspiracy nuts making death threats
  6364. Got your Protein?
  6365. You Florida people are nuts!
  6366. This is what happens when you pin Pumpkins with Tren
  6367. Denver Colorado
  6368. Any other good forums out there??
  6369. Muscle Factory Labs
  6370. Anyone looking to build a budget AR
  6371. GE lost $23 billion in a week
  6372. Dallas Cowboys
  6373. Dad loses Court Battle over 15 year old daughter Gender Switch via Testosterone
  6374. Bomb
  6375. Fighting off suicide
  6376. Richest and most powerful man in the world ...
  6377. Pics for skip forsome
  6378. Random tips and life lessons, AAS or Not doesn't matter
  6379. Music and chemicals
  6380. Funny Shit
  6381. Manafort
  6382. Who's on PS4 r6 tonight?
  6383. Kevin Spacey apologizes for alleged sex assault with a minor
  6384. Justice department to pay conservative organizations targeted in obama irs scandal
  6385. Racism is it really happening or is the media doing its baiting as usual
  6386. Fucked Up Stories written by Little Wing
  6387. Halloween costume
  6388. Court orders tiger woods to take 137 paternity tests
  6389. Fake news
  6390. Russia prepping for WW111
  6391. Good places for family in Hawaii?
  6392. 8 dead after truck plows into people in NYC in 'cowardly act of terror':
  6393. Nuclear musslcels
  6394. Oldschool
  6395. One for the team.....
  6396. Yanet Garcia
  6397. Now I remember why I stay in...
  6398. Putin outlaws use of VPN's in Russia
  6399. another Bust...
  6400. GPZ data breach
  6401. Anyone from Arlington tx
  6402. You only get one choice
  6403. I like Draculaman
  6404. Who are the top 10 Swole jacked MFs on this forum?
  6405. Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC
  6406. DNC rigged the Primary against Bernie via Hillary-
  6407. Fffuuuccckkkk!!!!
  6408. north korea should be quit for a little bit
  6409. Fuck you midterms
  6410. Happy birthday Oldschool
  6411. vice news on bbing
  6412. Who hates me ???
  6413. Food poisoning
  6414. Graduated College Today &
  6415. Special Thread PSA
  6416. Spokane, Washington, USA
  6417. beer and keto
  6418. Mass Shooting at Texas Church
  6419. dutasteride/avodart
  6420. U GUYS TAKE ME SERIOUSE ????? Come on now
  6421. How much do u spend on gear ????
  6422. Anyone Watching Hockey tonight?
  6423. Somebody PM me there phone #
  6424. Shredded
  6425. 31
  6426. Wanna share a story.
  6427. Free steaks
  6428. Ric Flair
  6429. Animals
  6430. Enhanced athlete
  6431. Striated Chest 221 LBS
  6432. Sprained knee
  6433. Always around upper shoulder light acne. BE GONE
  6434. Gun rack and azza are spinless trolls
  6435. What do you want
  6436. Sumner
  6437. Rich Piana Autopsy Results !
  6438. Awesome shows
  6439. Who's got the best racist memes!!?
  6440. Veterans Day Recognition
  6441. Kidnapping investigation leads to biggest cocaine bust in Onondaga County's history
  6442. Honest question
  6443. Snow
  6444. Newbs and fagets
  6445. Wtf
  6446. Louis C.K. CONFESSES ... My Accusers Were All Telling the Truth
  6447. IFBB Pro's
  6448. Conor UFC
  6449. Fuck these mother fuckers!
  6450. WOW ( Boring ?)
  6451. Place Your Bets!
  6452. bigtime916!!
  6453. Good ol jeffrey
  6454. Dylan Gemelli
  6455. Whatever it is, it's living in the walls!
  6456. Job
  6457. Bass head needs help
  6458. Imagine a drug that
  6459. Video for everyone
  6460. 63
  6461. Another shooting in california
  6462. Kratom
  6463. Who wants to see Bomber ???
  6464. Ghrp
  6465. Will someone help
  6466. Trump vs Kim Jong Un
  6467. Anyone tech savy?
  6468. Donald Trump Says LiAngelo Ball, UCLA Players Were Headed for 10 Years in Jail
  6469. Encrypted Email
  6470. Check this out
  6471. Anyone ever had contents stolen from pack
  6472. Best thing about this time of year..
  6473. Bomber started his first day on the job ( FIRED YET ? )
  6474. Kratom advocates MUST READ
  6475. Porn threads
  6476. Pork - dirty Jews are missing out
  6477. Car guys need advice
  6478. Netflix and Chill
  6479. Netflix original... Stranger Things 2
  6480. So sexy playboy!
  6481. Eyewitness Accounts
  6482. White dating is apparently against rules of internet?
  6483. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Clone
  6484. All the CCW folks:
  6485. Hey fagets what did i miss?!
  6486. Thanksgiving 2017
  6487. Tesla Semi truck and Roadster event in 9 minutes
  6488. Going Crazy
  6489. Sylvester Stallone Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Teen in 1986
  6490. That one song
  6491. WHAT WOUlD YOU DO ????? Grrrrr !!!
  6492. I have the biggest shoulders here !!!
  6493. What is your name ?
  6494. Cheapthreads Share your ear knowledge
  6495. What is your social security nr?
  6496. I have the biggest dick here
  6497. For those about to rock.... RIP Malcom Young
  6498. whats your pin number
  6499. Wife fucking hates me.
  6500. Payment
  6501. Sylvester stallone rambo discusses injectable HGH charge
  6502. What would you do
  6503. Banned for harassment lol... Really..
  6504. Let's talk gas or electric Smoakers who has them?
  6505. Dear ASF Members, your input is requested/needed.
  6506. How many times?
  6507. Van door fail (cracked me up)
  6508. Cheapthreads ???
  6509. Project Thread! Home/work/side job - What do you have going on (Pics)
  6510. Dead serious advice/opinions. BEAT a woman.?
  6511. Sumner
  6512. electrical help..
  6513. Blood donation
  6514. FYI bomb_r2
  6515. But Check
  6516. Matt porter
  6517. "Would you rather" questions, pass it along
  6518. Bloods section is gone ????
  6519. SWOLE Meme's
  6520. Need advice who to take ( falcons / seahawks )
  6521. Greendot/reload it
  6522. Florida men
  6523. Thanksgiving
  6524. I just realized !!!!!!!
  6525. Fuck i hate training ( time to go now )
  6526. Is Mighty Mouse still here?
  6527. Kodi
  6528. Photobucket Replacement?
  6529. 200
  6530. Just found out, she's pregnant
  6531. Working out on Thanksgiving
  6532. David Cassidy, 'Partridge Family' Star, Dies at 67
  6533. Cross fit ???
  6534. Black friday
  6535. This is why
  6536. Strangest movie you banged yo
  6537. Farva needs MOAR respect
  6538. Happy Thanksgiving!
  6539. I crushed my thumb
  6540. polaroid link
  6541. 45rpm/ Fravra
  6542. Uber monster
  6543. waiting on that post thanksgiving poop
  6544. Good Parenting? Or Good ole fashion beating? Your call
  6545. One chip challenge!
  6546. Lab testing section
  6547. Anyone else watching fortitude?
  6548. Alcohol/liquor
  6549. How does it feels to know....
  6550. the internet is not for you
  6551. Sicko pervs
  6552. Wow
  6553. Rant to the Mods!
  6554. Big and swole or lean and shredded ???
  6555. Jack Webb schools Obama
  6556. 6am abs
  6557. Ww111
  6558. New laptop suggestons (MAC)
  6559. Its that time of year
  6560. Happy holidays.
  6561. Bitcoin
  6562. Cyber Monday
  6563. Dallas McCarver: Autopsy
  6564. Be carful guys
  6565. Bitcoin NOW
  6566. Do you smoke pot?
  6567. Joe Rogan Experience #1044 - C.T. Fletcher
  6568. What’s up boys !!!!!!!!!
  6569. Germany
  6570. What up!!!
  6571. Who can get their T levels to 75000..
  6572. Jose Zarate found NOT GUILTY of murder of Kate Steinle
  6573. 4" Clitoris
  6574. I miss Slevin/Progress.
  6575. Vis Vires Labs busted
  6576. TV Chicks you wanna bang
  6577. WTF Tone and ASF
  6578. Tattoo removal?
  6579. Trunk monkey
  6580. Odd jobs you've done,but actually had fun?
  6581. You guys know what these pills are?
  6582. Coinbase down
  6583. Warriors, Vikings, and Gladiators and shit 1000 years ago: were they scrawny/small?
  6584. Don't worry, he wouldn't grab your pussy.
  6585. Lets talk Hemorrhoids
  6586. Winning! Trump travel ban upheld by supreme court. Libs drown in tears
  6587. I am getting soft like a marshmallow????
  6588. Mac Trucc
  6589. I bet Suckerburg is chapped..
  6590. Almost died today lol
  6591. How to make a delicious gluten free, sugar free, fat free, vegan dish
  6592. I’ve returned
  6593. Fetlife
  6594. Why?!?!
  6595. Bme pain olympics
  6596. Hair
  6597. tren sweat
  6598. Watch: Knights Templar
  6599. Warren Moon
  6600. Miocic vs. Ngannou for UFC heavyweight title
  6601. August Ames
  6602. This ugly cunt right here...
  6603. I wonder what Scumner and DumberR2 eat ?
  6604. Insert foot in mouth
  6605. Got me a nice 6 point
  6606. Winter
  6607. Food
  6608. Anybody got it all? Perfect?
  6609. Damm USPS...
  6610. 60 Minutes and California gov Jerry Brown
  6611. ALLLLLLLL TALK !!!! Alllllll Talk !!!
  6612. What's in your mini fridge!!
  6613. Snow
  6614. Fedcoin vs bitcoin
  6615. I am not racist
  6616. Victory pharmisuticles ( spell check )
  6617. Charles Manson's Death Certificate Released
  6618. No one knows
  6619. Ohhhhhhhhh boy
  6620. Manny Pacquiao says talks with Conor McGregor have begun for boxing match
  6621. CC's
  6622. Not sure what happened
  6623. Poirot
  6624. Pics
  6625. People Who Constantly Point Out Grammar Mistakes Are Pretty Much Jerks
  6626. This Police Officer was found innocent of wrong doing.
  6627. Bubble Gut Bonanza is Coming to an End
  6628. Once again, lifting songs..What's your go-to
  6629. Plasma donation
  6630. Liter bike
  6631. We are probably in the 10% of the population 💪🏻
  6632. Perfect rice every time!
  6633. Well
  6634. Espresso/cappuccino
  6635. Using BTC question
  6636. Woman in handcuffs brutally abused by cops
  6637. I was wrong about Sumner and Bomber R2...my apologies...
  6638. Lyme disease
  6639. Net neutrality
  6640. Go away 2017!!
  6641. Put your money where your mouth is
  6642. "I won the lottery"
  6643. Guns
  6644. Another "Let's see your watch" thread
  6645. Isis and Bitcoin
  6646. Wtf???
  6647. Website designer needed (will compensate)
  6648. Forum
  6649. UGL vs Amazon
  6650. Middle age guys ... WHAT WORKS ?
  6651. Pain
  6652. North Korea hackers steal bitcoin by targeting currency
  6653. Sponsors VS Customers
  6654. Handicap parking at the gym
  6655. My 2 week Hawaii training plan ???
  6656. Entire Family Turns Transgender
  6657. Cryptocurrency Mining?
  6658. McDonald’s Confession
  6659. Who has a Firestick? question
  6660. The Boneman....ruff, ruff.
  6661. Fuck Iowa
  6662. Mast Mix 300 FINALLY showing results ???
  6663. Merry Christmas Mall Brawl
  6664. what happened to the guy who got a call from the post office
  6665. Cbd cream
  6666. Stupid people out fucking smart ones again!!
  6667. Let's finger this shit now, right fucking now...
  6668. I got propositioned today $$!
  6669. Super cool
  6670. Oakland Company Develops Breathalyzer to Test for Marijuana
  6671. great wolf lodge?
  6672. Really?
  6673. War in 2018?
  6674. Top Prospects BOXING 2017 (kid is a beast)
  6675. Can’t wait to get serious !!!!!
  6676. When you give me confidential credit info...
  6677. Bitcoin. Wtf?
  6678. Real life POPEYE!
  6679. Herpes
  6680. The Richest Man in the Middle East Might Be Forced Pay $6 Billion for His Freedom
  6681. Makes sense
  6682. Merry Christmas or happy holidays?
  6683. Bitcoin issue please help
  6684. Shopping for clothes and being a freak
  6685. 🎄🎄Dear Community (please read)🎄🎄
  6686. Did you accomplish your fitness goals for 2017?
  6687. Holy Fuck!
  6688. Don’t breathe
  6689. Cheesecake
  6690. The diet in Xmas days
  6691. Bitcoin rises 10 percent, recovers from last week's brutal selloff
  6692. Bitcoin/litecoin question
  6693. Who has or wants gyno surgery?
  6694. Comedian
  6695. Cook in the office
  6696. bio and heavy metal testing experts in here?
  6697. Need a light?
  6698. Guy gets a beating for hitting his wife, her in-laws are cops. Pay attention Raj
  6699. Programmer or Chip?
  6700. Shoes: Why are they either fugly, or over 150 dollars
  6701. CCTV of thieves stealing a vehicle without the key by using a relay box
  6702. Bitcoin for beginners
  6703. Prayers for Iranians
  6704. Skull cap in the gym?
  6705. The biggest crisis right now.....
  6706. Happy new year
  6707. Fuck methadone!!!
  6708. Fucking starving
  6709. Who has a new year's resolution!!!
  6710. Just Woke Up, what year is it?
  6711. Rate your genetics ..
  6712. You guys look like dog shit
  6713. Trumps' response to Un
  6714. Cell spy software
  6715. Stop being an askhole
  6716. Mia
  6717. My new Muslim throat cutter...show me your defensive knife.
  6718. How to increase your FICO score....
  6719. Happy New Year
  6720. Drugs Gear ?
  6721. Being a straight white man is shameful ??
  6722. Cruise Confession
  6723. Food Log
  6724. Sumner vacation
  6725. Bitcoin Alternatives
  6726. Resting nuts