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  1. NEW SPONSOR Praetorian Gear (LOCAL Suppliers)
  2. Our 1st promo and it's a good one (Primo or Tren Hex)
  3. Design our banner and get a choice of 4 products FREE
  4. Someone is going to get 5 free vials just tell me why
  5. Our new board rep CUSTOM
  6. Blood work is always rewarded here at Praetorian
  7. Praetorian Gear Reps
  8. List of Praetorian Gear available (Local Line)
  9. World Series Contest
  10. Intro Sale 20% off
  11. If you would like to do blood work for us
  12. Praetorian TD and feedback thread
  13. PROMO Saiyan 350mgs best mix blend around
  14. Enough to give you a hard ON
  15. Use Bitcoin and.....
  16. Tell me what you would like to see as a promo
  17. Praetorian Gear background check
  18. Important info please read
  19. Halloween TD w/porn
  20. Throw shit
  21. PROMO This week only-ANAVAR 50mg
  22. Your thoughts on Mtren
  23. Test Enanthate blood work
  24. WOW check this out
  25. Bad news from the Praetorian Queen
  26. Jeez now I'm feeling guilty
  27. The divisible by 3 PROMO until Thanksgiving
  28. Amazon has Prime...ASF has PG
  29. VS. Praet Gear
  30. Mix blend for the ladies?
  31. Pigs Blood
  32. Praetorian TD
  33. Price list
  34. You might not be around tomorrow so Happy Thanksgiving
  35. Short review of Praetorian's TS PWO
  36. Full product line?
  37. Throw shit
  38. POLL: Your thoughts on what should go into promotion
  39. Pig's Blood reserve yours now
  40. Coming soon to an ass cheek near you
  41. So I come home to this
  42. Free Anavar50mg or free Throw Shit with every order
  43. Pig's Blood on sale now
  44. Praetorian does it again
  45. "SNAP" sale tomorrow
  46. One day snap sale TODAY ONLY
  47. Brazilian Bombshells dot com
  48. Burreaux to Jefferson for the TD
  49. New GEAR'S DAY Sale!!!
  50. Contest: Super Bowl Box Pool
  51. Mick is our new board rep here at Praetorian Gear
  52. A word of thanks...and a TD of course
  53. Happy New Years !!!
  54. Praetorian Gear ASF FF Prize Winnings TD.
  55. Td
  56. Sorry Custom
  57. Win an extra box in our Super Bowl Box Pool right now
  58. "Mick's promo" Buy 4 and get 1 free. + Squares.
  59. Win a free box in our Super Bowl Box Pool Contest
  60. New contest for a free box in our super bowl box pool
  61. Another way to win an extra Super Bowl Box in our contest
  62. Guess the pic for a free box
  63. Another opportunity for an extra box right now
  64. Free box in our Super Bowl Box Pool up for grabs
  65. McGregor vs. Cerrone live in our forum Saturday Night
  66. Super Saiyan will be back in February
  67. Another chance to win a box for our Super Bowl contest!!
  68. Here is the link to watch tonight's fight for free McGregor/Cowboy
  69. Promo on top of Mick's promo
  70. Our final promotion of January 15% off
  71. This is your last chance at a free box in our Super Bowl Box Pool
  72. Please don't waste your time sending confidential email
  73. If you are in our Super Bowl Box Pool please read
  74. Another TD in the books with *porn*
  75. Grab your free superbowl square
  76. Halo or Throw Shit?
  77. 💉💉"Pins & Needles"💉💉 What a sight to see..
  78. Praetorian's Super Bowl Box Pool final numbers
  79. Pre Super Bowl Promotion
  80. Members in the Super Bowl Box Pool ATTENTION
  81. Anyone want to place a bet on the Super Bowl?
  82. Ronin543 is the winner of the Super Bowl Box Pool
  83. What can 1 gram Test solo do???
  84. New addition to our list VLKRY 149mgs
  85. "Promo"
  86. This weekend orders paid with bitcoin ship for free
  87. Shout out to mick and praetorian!!!
  88. BONER Promo now until February 17th
  89. Great td great service!!
  90. Flawless TD
  91. No trest?
  92. Praetorian TD
  93. Shipping delays- A must Read
  94. All Orders Ship Free!!
  95. I'm thinking of a fun contest starting tonight
  96. $150 off your order if you can........
  97. Test Cyp 300 TD w/ porn
  98. Boston Loyd using Pig's Blood
  99. Vrkly
  100. JBN24 wins the bean contest
  101. Promo for Pig's Blood, Viagra and Cialis
  102. Sr9009
  103. Touchdown
  104. We don't take orders through PM
  105. Pigs blood ?
  106. Td
  107. This week's promo not to shabby
  108. Bitcoin payments ship for free this weekend
  109. Promotion: Buy some get some free
  110. Pay with MG or WU gets 10% off your order
  111. Throw shit
  112. Stick around tonight and lets have some fun with a contest
  113. Finally it is here! The release of Saiyan Plus
  114. Lock down contest, lets have some fun
  115. Congrats to Frank Zazz he wins the Praetorian Lock Down Contest
  116. Fun weekend
  117. 15% off all orders using Bitcoin as payment form
  118. Suggestions for Lifter916's cut log
  119. Piggy blood
  120. 3 promos going on right now with Praetorian Gear
  121. Our 6th month anniversary sale
  122. 1st TD!
  123. Hat tip to Praetorian and Custom.
  124. Corona lockdown
  125. Praetorian td
  126. Praetorian TD part 2
  127. A couple questions about sublingual
  128. Divisible by 3 sale ends tonight don't say I didn't warn you
  129. Praetorian TD
  130. Praetorian bitcoin deals going on right now
  131. 1st TD for me!!
  132. Praet TD part 3
  133. 6 pack promo you can now pay with WU or MG until Sunday night. Bitcoin too
  134. Td landing
  135. Praetorian 6 pack deals are now permanent promos
  136. gibbs
  137. Praetorian anavar tests positive.
  138. SR9009 is coming soon
  139. Free dick bombs now till Sunday with bitcoin payments
  140. Sorry guys but Pig's Blood is now sold out
  141. T.............d
  142. My honest Preatorian review of Var, proviron,pigs blood, late night, girl crush
  143. Now until Sunday Anavar promo buy 4 get one free